Posted on January 30, 2010

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Weekend Watching: G. Edward Griffin - An Idea Whose Time Has Come 23:54:02
Michael Badnarik Talks About His Heart Attack And Miraculous Recovery 21:56:13
EVENT 1/30 Louisville: Rand & Ron Paul + Aimee Allen 16:13:16
Debra Medina in Texas GOP Gubernatorial Debate *Updated 10:35:37
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Rick Perry's $10 Million Rest Area by John Stossel 23:54:56
Debra Medina Wins Tarrant County Republican Fair Straw Poll - 480 Votes Cast 23:40:23
Dr Rand Paul/Congressman Ron Paul Full Coverage 1.30.2010 Event w/Aimee Allen 23:23:10
Americans arrested taking children out of Haiti 22:37:51
Peace prize-winner Obama to increase spending on Nucs 22:07:50
the prison industrial complex, corporate bankers, greed, slave labor, America's drug war, materialism, the drab day-to-day life 22:00:04
george washington and divine providence 21:23:11
Famous Musician Refuses to Pay His Taxes! - Video 21:11:39
Murray Rothbard 2 hour lecture on youtube 20:58:16
We Are So Screwed . . . John Mauldin 20:26:41
Watch The TURF (Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom) Special Edition Film of Truth Be Tolled (Toll like in Foreign Toll Road) 19:57:19
Belo Debate: My Top 10 Observations; Once again, Debra Medina was the only one with the guts to face the press after the debate 19:30:03
An old rant .. on occasion of hard to find books 19:28:10
New Video: Debra Medina The Clear Winner AGAIN 19:11:49
Kokesh Birthday Bomb Feb. 1st - "Who will stand with us?" 19:00:55
Dallas Observer: Debra Medina Tells Us Why Property Taxes Need to Be Abolished; WSJ Gives Her Ink 18:57:52
Debra polling at 19% in pre-debate poll of Texas HD 47 - only 7% behind Hutchison! 18:06:51
UN Agency Preps to License the Internet 18:00:31
Activist proclaims innocence in Landrieu Senate office incident 17:56:27
Secrets of the Federal Reserve - By Eustace Mullins - Selected Excerpts! 17:45:18
US accelerating missile defenses in Gulf 17:34:30
AIG Reveals Unredacted Report 17:34:26
VIDEO: TV reporters give bigtime props to Debra over debate performance! 17:21:54
Airplanes are spraying the HECK out of California today! 17:16:39
Free New Media Strategy Guide 17:03:11
Anger as NATO airstrike kills 4 Afghan soldiers 17:01:41
free Common Sense 16:36:27
GOP candidate Medina gains ground, refuses to back down 16:23:51
Robert A. Taft : Mr. Antiwar Republican 15:55:50
Blackwater's Youngest Victim 15:52:40
This ones for you Daily Paul! 15:18:21
Liberty Candidate John N. Hostettler for US Senate in Indiana 15:05:11
Scroogle 14:56:27
Twisted Sister - Ahead of their time 14:31:39
The slippery slide into fascism is often a voluntary sprint into it 14:29:42
Nancy Pelosi--Air Force Documents 14:20:52
AUDIT THE C4L! 14:14:20
Secret Memo exposes Bush/Blair plan for Iraq...6 months before 9/11! 13:56:39
WeAreChange calls for unity in the big Liberty tent 13:27:03
How about a Medina and Ron Paul fundraiser? 13:19:38
Eight-year-old Suspected Terrorist 13:13:54
Our Medina - [Song & Video] 13:07:44
Why isn't Ron Paul endorsing Medina? 13:06:23
C4L Survey and the GOP "Purity Test"- Similarities? 12:47:28
Tea Partier (DEBRA MEDINA) Takes Texas Governor's Race By Storm 12:32:34
Recovery??? The Banks are falling quick. 6 last night...ouch. 12:29:42
Ron Paul: We've Been Neo-Conned 12:23:46
announcement 12:11:46
Obama: Cutting deficit as important as job growth 12:06:43
Kurt Warner deserves our thanks for a once-in-generation story 12:05:38
Vancouver Olympics & False Flag Terrorism 12:00:50
RNC rejects ideological 'purity test' 11:52:34
Letter To An Awakening Friend 11:34:34
China threatens sanctions against the U.S. 11:02:07
A Letter to Sarah Palin, by Gary North 10:59:02
TSA lying about body scanners.... surprised??? 10:49:11
Debra Medina is a Ron Paul Libertarian Says Wayne Slater of Dallas Morning News 10:44:46
The challenge of rebuilding Haiti 10:27:54
Work Free 09:58:40
C4L: Please just post the dang responses from Buck? SURVEY IS NOW POSTED!!!! 09:26:01
Don Luskin: Unsuccessful People Are Anti-Bernanke 09:22:46
JPMorgan vs. Goldman Sachs: Why the Market Was Down 7 Days in a Row 09:12:49
Walter Williams : Good Intentions! 09:09:42
The State(not) of the Union 09:02:12
Debra Medina money bomb 02Feb10 08:30:01
I have a few questions about U.S. government SILVER DOLLARS. 08:00:01
Help Get "Austrian Economics" to DAVOS 06:55:25
U.S. Gov't, Host of International Bankers Hold Closed-Door Meeting 06:33:16
Someone Isn't Voting For Rick Perry - Governors Mansion Ablaze 06:12:19
Milton Friedman on Libertarianism! 06:06:15
U.S. economy grows at fastest rate in 6 years=washington post 05:04:54
Mark Kirk's Money Trails.... 04:23:05
Campaign For Liberty is selling us out! 04:01:58
Ron Paul on Christianity and Preemptive War 03:55:50
Time to do "INCOME TAXES" 03:26:55
Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Republican? 03:18:57
Debra Medina: The Clear Winner AGAIN 02:02:24
DEBRA MEDINA WINS Final Debate / Text Poll With 68%; Perry 22%, Kay 10% 00:46:39
Medina wins WFAA debate poll with 68% 00:37:30
I got pulled over tonight 00:34:03
GOP adopts platform test for Republican candidates 00:28:23
John Tate Statement on $350,000 C4L Ken Buck Media Buy Raises More Questions 23:17:30