Posted on February 2, 2010

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Houston PBS Channel 8 - RED WHITE AND BLUE: "Debra Medina, Candidate for Texas Governor" 23:03:08
The Secessionist Campaign for the Republic of Vermont 22:44:01
Nystrom: What I learned from my conversation with Ron Paul - Part I 22:06:40
New Poll Debra Medina at 16%*)) 18:38:45
Founding Fathers on Democracy 18:04:47
My sincerest apologies to John Tate and his staff at C4L 22:44:00
Judge Napolitano and Ron Paul on the Supreme Court Ruling on Free Speech Rights for Corporations 10:18:23
Nystrom's Statement on the Sarah Palin Endorsement of Rand Paul 12:23:14
Jesse Benton Addresses $350k C4L Colorado Commercial Campaign 12:22:19
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Sarah Palin's Views Versus Ron Paul's 23:50:28
Did you know that the word for "Money" in French, Spanish, and Hebrew also means "Silver"? 23:48:04
Howard Zinn: on the 3 "holy" wars in U.S. history (MP3) 23:42:05
Just learning? Me too 23:32:22
HI Attorney General’s office refuses to corroborate Obama’s HI Birth 23:28:18
WE WON! The Liberty Movement won the principles battle with the C4L! 23:16:43
SNL bailout skit 23:14:12
Gold and Silver money 22:57:31
Small donors driving Medina campaign (Corporate Special Interest Soft Money Drives Perry / Hutchinson Campaigns) 22:37:45
Why dollar really went up in fall of 2008 22:29:15
LibertyBelle 22:24:20
Texas Tribune on New Polls: Medina Rises, Hutchison Falls 22:17:50
PBS News Hour: Efforts To Limit The Sale Of Medical Marijuana 22:14:06
Asian Gold Premiums Soar/Gold Price Suppression 21:53:24
Birgitta Jonsdottir - Financial War Against Iceland 21:43:20
Pennsylvania Has A "Ron Paul" Candidate Running For U.S. Senate 21:19:33
Online Poll for Rand Paul 21:06:59
FCC planing on rasing rates on cell phone sevice 20:59:17
American Economy, but The International Man's Debt 20:56:03
Good Audio Commentary on C4L Controversy and the Liberty Movement 20:44:54
2081: Everyone is finally equal...the strong wear weights, the beautiful wear masks, the intelligent wear neural disrupters. 20:44:00
Last Days of Lehman Movie (A Real Movie) 20:37:08
Who has read "Going Rogue"? 20:23:16
Outsourced Income Tax???? 20:22:18
Good Wall Street Journal editorial about Obamao! 20:17:38
RT: Will the economy get worse? 20:17:25
Head Of Fox News Busted On Glenn Beck Lies & More By Huffington/Krugman 20:04:56
Hitler Foreclosed (Vid) He should'a listened to Dr. Paul & Schiff 20:01:30
Too much govt? Australia Ban Small Breasts in Adult films 19:54:49
False Flag Alert -- Just in Time for the Big Election! 18:47:48
The American Form of Government 18:32:33
RT: Blackwater kills 17; bribes to keep Iraqi contracts 18:24:45
The Change and the “Cost” 18:16:10
Liberties oversight panel gets short shrift 18:09:52
Sen. Dan Seum (R-Louisville) endorses Rand 17:48:06
We Are Change launch TV pilot 17:30:31
Anybody alive in here? A science of sneaky? WTF just happened? 17:21:17
Secret CIA-Mossad meeting, preparation for new war? 16:42:58
Campaign For Liberty stands behind Buck score card 16:30:58
The Wrong Way to Argue "End the Fed" 16:24:12
Constitution = Scheme? 16:22:41
1/31/10 Ron and Rand Paul Interviewed Together on WHAS11 16:19:55
What happens when your money is based on gold and silver, but there is no gold 16:19:19
TEXAS-Monthly MEDINA BLOG by "BURKA" 16:15:56
Goldman's CEO to receive $100 million bonus 16:06:01
The inclusive Individual 16:00:15
Please help me understand regarding the CFL Jesse Benton interview regarding Mr. Buck and the $350,000 15:58:00
Tell Public Policy Polling that we want their next poll to be Texas for Medina! Vote! 15:40:28
McDonalds - Why Free Trade is Good 15:35:42
Obama keeps repeating "All economists, from the left and right, agree" 15:32:18
Liberty Candidate List 15:31:50
Hayek vs. Keynes Video!!! Hilarious! 15:21:30
Obama's Doublethink Doubletalk 14:49:53
Obama plan would use community banks for loans to small businesses 14:38:46
The Air Force Academy in Colorado to recognize its first Wiccan prayer circle. 14:32:06
Ron Paul warns of Coming Social and Political Chaos 14:30:03
Who said this?? 14:16:57
Greenville GOP opens door to Tea Party and other Liberty groups 01FEB10 14:15:34
Gold fundamentals remain strong: others also 14:12:58
Vote for PPP to poll MEDINA race 13:51:39
Shocked!! But I will give DPers the benefit of the doubt. 13:22:29
Grayson Campaign Statement on Palin's Endorsement of Rand 13:19:49
Rand Paul on Judge Napolitano 13:09:40
Does anyone on here live in Texas? 13:04:37
Debra Medina on Judge Napolitano 12:52:06
Largest-ever Federal Government Payroll to hit 2.15 million employees 12:48:04
Will Obama Dump Geithner for Hoenig? 12:33:47
Why Can't I comment? 12:13:36
The only True Solution 11:47:56
WSJ In Texas, Relative Unknown Medina Shakes Up Race With Perry and Hutchison 11:34:34
Debra Medina Interviewed by Mark Davis 11:32:49
Greenville County SC GOP has a new plan to build the Republican party! 11:30:04
Debra Medina interviewed by George Butler 01-29-2010 11:19:12
Senate burglary: Cia domestic black-op team arrested 11:13:31
Thomas Woods endorses Debra Medina for Texas Governor! 10:58:29
Debra Medina stumps to voters in Lubbock 10:50:31
Talismanic Idols 10:29:40
Political Parties Platforms 10:12:49
Pat Buchanan: Bring Our Marines Home 09:52:43
LiberTEA movement. 09:46:55
Palin Calls For Rahm Emanuel To Be Fired UPDATED 08:10:22
Ron Paul was Most Upset about the "Viciousness of the Internet" 07:59:02
Palin endorses Rand Paul, says he wants to 'shake up' Washington 07:47:32
Sarah Palin: Big Tent Republican? 07:45:39
NY Times: Huge Deficits May Alter U.S. Politics and Global Power 05:33:50
Australia now requires full name and zip code to post online comments about election 04:07:40
CIA moonlights in corporate world 03:47:17
Why Capitalism And Libertarian Conservatism Are Better Than Socialism!!! 03:45:54
Light at the End of the Afghan Tunnel? - Graveyard of Empire 03:24:31
Medina “money bomb” set to ignite 03:23:18
Medina “money bomb” set to ignite 03:15:30
♥ Rick & Kay Were Seen Walking On The Galveston Beach Last Night 02:37:52
To Samadamscw: You Have Slandered Bob Schulz On My Thread! Better Deal With It Now! 02:20:54
Judge Napolitano applauds the Supreme Court ruling on FREE SPEECH RIGHTS FOR CORPORATIONS. Ron Paul likes the ruling too. 01:54:30
China warns Obama not to meet Dalai Lama (again) 01:51:41
**Houston Chronicle: About one out of every five votes cast in the Republican primary will come from the greater Houston area** 01:29:46
The Mogambo Guru Is Back!! 01:04:14
Political Lore News! 00:57:50
Barry Cooper: Stopped By A Kop? Avoid These Behaviors And Go Free 00:34:26
Colorado Survey Results 00:29:26
What about the other Texas liberty candidate?? (Barry Cooper for Atty Gen.) 00:19:34
BELO After Debate Presser with Debra Medina 00:09:38
2 District Polls Prior to Belo debate, 1 showing Medina 19 percent 00:09:17
Edward Abbey: what is the foundation of anarchism? 00:05:50