Posted on February 3, 2010

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Candidate Patrick Henry Sellers! 22:53:04
RLC-Endorsed Liberty Candidate Ratowitz Wins His Primary 20:34:01
Jake Towne Campaign Update & Article 19:22:54
Rand Paul on MSNBC 2-3-2010 16:41:53
Ron Paul Comments on President Obama Considering Killing Americans in America 15:02:49
The Peace Blimp 13:53:38
Jake Towne - Common Sense Fixes the Job Market 00:16:14
The True State of the Union: We Have No Rights Whatsoever 15:08:57
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Shedlock Predicted the Future 23:56:10
Articles of Freedom 23:50:12
How To Spend Your Federal Stimulus Check!!! 23:23:23
RIP - Eustace Mullins Passes On 2-2-10 23:20:11
Make this Medina video go VIRAL!!!! 23:18:56
New Grassroots Debra Medina Youtube Video... NEEDS POSITIVE COMMENTS BAD 23:10:35
An interesting blog post regarding AJ 23:05:58
In support of Debra 22:53:07
Something to say over here!!!!!!! 22:51:40
News 8 Austin Sets Stage for Debra Medina Victory.. "EARLY POLLS MAY PROVE TO BE VERY WRONG" 22:31:27
Your "Freedom!" That word once started revolutions 22:12:43
Gold Delivery Defaults in December 22:09:06
Major NEO-CON Website Backing Debra Medina? "Attention, Texans: Vote Debra Medina for Governor" 22:02:34
Perhaps Judd Gregg will finally now agree with Ron Paul 21:40:19
Neoconservative website switches support from Hutchinson to Medina. 21:35:46
If you want to bring the United States back to a Constitutional Republic 21:24:42
KEVU - Texas Governor: Kay 'BAILOUT' Hutchinson Campaign Not An Obituary; But More Like A Death Watch 21:17:02
FCINO: Fiscal conservative in name only 21:11:22
Barry Cooper in Maxim 21:01:47
Pakistan bombing draws attention to US presence 20:50:20
Eustace Mullins Passes On 20:38:57
Do you realize that statist-environmentalists benefit from the underwear bomber? 20:31:53
Rand's first ad buy. Watch it here. 20:25:38
NIGHTINGALE FOR CA GOVERNOR - constitution party 20:15:58
CPAC book bomb? 20:12:52
Judge's Napolitano's new book sounds pretty good 20:03:53
We need a Citizens Bureau of Instigation (CBI) 20:00:54
Politics Daily: GOP Upstart Medina Makes Strong Showing in Texas Governor Match-Up 19:51:23
A Majority of Union Members now Work for Government -WSJ 19:29:20
Mortgage lenders pursue homeowners even after foreclosure 19:29:16
"lady Al-Qaeda" convicted. Its a sad day. 19:15:28
Does Anyone Care That These Guys Are Misinforming People About Where Modern Day Tea Partying Started? 19:14:38
New Rasmussen Poll: Debra Medina Would Beat Leading Democrat Bill White 19:05:16
Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) Endorses Debra Medina for Governor of the State of Texas 18:52:20
Humor: It Starts At Breakfast 18:08:59
Issue Framework and Medina 17:59:37
Whas 11 on The Rally for the Republicans 17:50:04
Who is Glenn Beck? 16:49:34
ACTION ITEM: Teach the TEA Party what liberty is about! (Platform submissions) 16:37:00
teckticker: Ron Paulers and Libertarians makeup Tea Party Movement 16:35:43
Excellent Letter to the Editor in the BG Daily News 16:24:54
Taliban kill 3 "US soldiers" in Pakistan roadside bomb attack 16:14:42
New way to learn, text to movie! 16:04:11
Medina yard signs in D/FW 15:25:40
Government Spooks Consider Americans 'Expendable' - Detroit News 15:24:57
Murtha is a Mutha - this is how Obamao will rape us! 15:05:18
Eustace Mullins died yesterday, Feb. 2, 2010 14:53:41
F.D.R's Home was considered for U.N. Headquarters 14:52:56
Calling Michael Nystrom! 14:41:02
Dan Rather for government meddling 14:33:08
Did the Republican party withdraw support of Rand Paul? 14:16:05
Advice / help needed, Please Read. 13:46:03
NIFA 13:45:10
A Possible U.S. Government Official Assisted Xmas Day Bomber Get On the Plane 13:44:25
Next terror strike: not a question of if, but when 13:33:48
Fun fact about the Domestic Cannabis Eradication Suppression Program 13:24:33
The Judge guest on Alex Jones 2/3 @ 12:10am ET 13:11:05
Goldman Sachs has co-opted the US Government 13:10:41
Iran sends rocket with animals into space 12:43:47
ANOTHER VICTORY! Some incumbent protections overturned! 12:38:46
Debra Medina Banners and Downloads * Spread the Message!!! 12:38:18
Ron Paul On The Tea Party Phenomenon-Interview with Video 12:19:57
Secession movements instead of running federal candidates? 12:19:19
"Tea Parties" creating platform 11:44:55
GEITNER LIVE NOW HERE Talking Budget. 7:40 AM PST 11:31:06
If BHO is losing favor, who is the next 'anointed one'? 11:29:46
White House asks REUTERS to pull down "Backdoor Tax on Middle Class" article. 11:21:07
Debra Medina raises $250,000 during money bomb event. WELL DONE EVERYONE! 10:56:09
The Truth About Flight 253 Has Been Revealed 10:44:45
More on HAARP. Check this out. 10:32:02
IRS acquiring shotguns (not just hate mail anymore) 10:30:05
How many of you knew this about Ben Franklin 10:28:16
Bring Our Marines Home By Patrick J. Buchanan 10:23:15
Obama's Wild Weekend: A Worldwide Surge in Warmongering 10:22:25
Freeze Frame: Flopsweat and Farce in the Hollow Halls of Power 10:12:40
The American Idiocracy 09:37:35
Budgets, War and Blind Ambition: The Limited Minds of the American Elite 09:28:45
Steve Forbes slams FED,... 09:13:13
The Fed's Anti-Inflation Exit Strategy Will Fail-WSJ 09:06:36
Pakistan blast kills US soldiers - BBC 09:06:04
Houston Chronicle Screws Up Medina Front Page 08:47:47
5.1 Million Homes Projected To Be Worth Less Than 75% Of Mortgage By June-NYT 08:33:56
Patrick Henry - Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death! 08:18:54
Marc Faber: Big Banks Are The "Freakish Offspring" Of The Fed's Easy Money 08:10:19
Obama Administration Vision: War Without End 08:09:25
The Crisis Is Not Over 07:59:14
Truth has lost a warrior - Eustace Mullins is gone 07:57:49
Does Ron Paul read the "DailyPaul"? 07:55:12
Oath Keepers Marine Liaison, Charles Dyer, Framed by Government? - Russia Today 07:48:38
HAMP: Treasury Weighs New Test for Mortgage Loan Modifications 07:47:59
Common Sense Fixes the Job Market by Jake Towne 07:39:43
Oscar Goodman is pissed and so am I 07:26:07
Tragedy & Hope & Progress & Poverty 06:10:16
FRONTLINE: Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier 05:50:37
CHICAGOANS -- feeling $timulated yet?! 05:48:15
Have you read this??? 05:46:23
Judge Napolitano : The Constitution and Freedom, Understanding The Constitution! 04:26:30
any other panda bear fans on the dp? 03:55:40
Murdock: destiny of News Corp in paid-for online content 03:22:38
Murdock: destiny of News Corp in paid-for online content 03:08:39
Ron Paul Bill H.R.4248 Seeks $COIN & Bullion$ TAX BAN 02:34:25
FBI Cointelpro Infiltrators in our Movement 01:53:32
You are being FOOLED, TRICKED, SCAMMED & LIED TOO! 01:45:50
Economist Debate: Is Obama failing? 01:40:41
Why Palin's Endorsement of Rand is a VERY GOOD THING 01:33:35
Lets push donations over $500,000 tonight. 01:25:38
Jesse Benton Addresses $350K C4L in Colorado. 01:21:36
Possible C4L Tactics?? 00:50:22
remote controlled beetle by DARPA 00:39:34
WBKO on Sarah Palin Endorsement 00:31:39
U.S. Agrees to Timetable for UN Gun Ban 00:29:48
The Death of Delbert 00:15:40
Medina surges 00:10:40
$1000 per oz for silver 00:05:21