Posted on February 5, 2010

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Ron Paul on Fox Business Nightly Scoreboard: 2/5/10 23:57:41
What I learned from my conversation with Ron Paul - Part II, On Palin's Endorsement of Rand 18:38:04
Weekend Watching: AntiCancer - A Way of Life 11:30:41
Ron Paul - A Tale of Two Speeches 09:42:33
Ron Paul Warns of Social Unrest and Martial Law 09:30:42
Debra Medina Freedom Watch Interview 2/4/10 01:26:27
Fort Worth business owner displays flag in distress, media freaks out 00:32:16
Ron and Rand Paul Interviewed Together on WHAS11 1/31/10 10:56:57
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Ron Paul: We’re Not Safer, We’re Poorer - Fox Business (02/05/10) 23:24:07
9 secessionists seeking office in Vermont 23:06:07
Watch Truth Alliance Documentary Channel 23:04:21
Houston we have a problem! 23:01:17
Casting out the money changers 22:34:23
Security Threat From Within 22:23:36
4409:Calling Army Corps to collect $1000 21:55:04
It's raining *OFF TOPIC* 21:51:29
"War Crimes" charges filed against GW Bush! 21:49:15
RT: NSA and Google are partnering up 21:26:07
RT: Government killing Americans abroad, okay? 21:16:25
"Take No Prisoners" Sunday at 8 PM EST - know anything about it? 21:06:00
The Southern Avenger: Denmark Vesey Was a Terrorist 21:04:46
Killer Video takes YouTube by Storm !!!! PLEASE BUMP. 21:01:38
Is US bullying Toyota on recall? 20:35:15
State's Rights, Roe vs Wade, Forced Abortion in the Military 20:28:28
No joke: South Carolina now requires 'subversives’ to register 20:18:17
It Will Be as if the American Founding Never Happened 20:15:48
Real unemployment 18% 20:13:00
The Superbowl is a prime target for a staged attack! 19:51:29
Rasmussen Poll: Medina Leads White by 3% 19:29:46
Bank Failure Friday 19:06:59
KTLA: Super Bowl boycotted by book readers 19:04:39
MEDINA in Texas Tribune Today 19:04:13
Rand Paul on Fox News Cavuto 2-4-2010 18:49:51
WTVW Fox 7 Catches Up With Rand Paul in Owensboro 2-5-10 18:30:51
Should DP'ers mount an aggressive outreach to disillusioned Dems? 18:23:13
No joke: South Carolina now requires ’subversives’ to register 17:49:04
These separate puzzle pieces got me wondering.... 17:40:45
10,000 Neocons Launch Preemptive Online Strike on Anti War Website 17:17:01
NAIS dead or opposum play? 17:15:42
Jon Stewart vs. Bill O'Reilly on Ron Paul 17:09:29
Fun Founding Fathers Quiz 16:56:51
When “End The Fed” meets “Legalize It”, What will Emerge? 16:46:07
Fun Founding Fathers Quiz 16:39:44
Legalize Cannabis To Legalize Freedom! 16:29:32
License to Drive 16:16:32
The Dept of Defense briefed the president this morning.... 16:15:42
Is Our Government At All Levels Hiding Trillions of Dollars? 16:12:07
Founder of the First Modern Day TeaParty Event Creates An AntiWar Airforce? 16:11:30
The Strange Death of Franklin D. Roosevelt 16:00:42
Demon Sheep: Brilliant! 15:59:15
CNN: Rand Paul "Tea Party Movement Is About Constitutional Government!" 15:52:02
I got a ticket for going through a yellow light UPDATE 15:49:47
McCain's Dietary Supplement Safety Act 15:48:56
CNN: Rand Paul and Welcome to the tea party 15:48:32
Prison Planet 15:44:11
SOS: Palin and Brown campaign for McCain 15:42:16
DEBATE: Ron Paul Vs. Tim Graney, et al for Congressional District 14 15:35:33
Need everyone's help (again) in local (South Texas) poll: 15:16:53
Rasmussen: Americans Reject Keynesian Economics 15:13:20
E.U. on the Brink? 15:09:58
You guys are getting on my nerves! 15:07:00
Senate Likely to Be Less Diverse After Elections 14:52:26
MUSE concert in Boston 3/6 : guerrilla psy-op marketing IDEA 14:51:00
Debra Medina speaks to Log Cabin Republicans... and gets applause. 14:40:09
To All The Freedom Loving Patriots 14:30:25
Founding Fathers tell King George "its too late to apologize" 14:29:12
No joke: South Carolina now requires ’subversives’ to register 14:22:13
Gov't buys $2.5M in Super Bowl ads to boost census 14:09:58
I Just Saw Poop On My TV Screen 14:06:50
Q&A with Ron Paul from 14:04:30
Ron Paul on Fox Business at 7:00 14:03:44
Jake Towne Says John Callahan Clueless on Job Recovery 13:46:42
Chuck Baldwin: Not Your Father's Army 13:41:47
Tea Party convention hopes to launch 'counter-revolution' 13:40:32
Iraq Vet on Role of Racism in War 13:35:38
Dow under 10,000, but closed 10,012.23 up +10.05 +0.10% 13:30:57
Inspiration To Freedom Fighters! 13:12:35
Is the Republican party losing it? 12:55:51
It Is Now Mathematically Impossible to Pay Off the U.S. National Debt 12:30:46
NPR Disinformation 12:20:04
President Barack Obama responds to the BIRTH CERTIFICATE question 12:10:18
Stay Out of Yemen! by Ron Paul 11:52:44
Ron Paul:Yemen on the Brink:Implications for US Policy 11:47:08
Obama, Which One Did You Vote For ? 11:22:32
Actor/Comedian Hal Sparks speaks out for 9/11 Truth and criticizes Glenn Becks blatant lies 11:13:30
The War Card 11:05:26
New Debra Medina On Freedom Watch 11:04:16
Europe to Collapse Like Iceland? -Markets 2nd Leg Down 11:02:44
Sarah Palin and Rand Paul are having a Tea Party 11:01:35
Where do you buy silver dimes? 10:50:45
Ron Paul on Tea Party Convention 10:06:42
Ron Paul, mason? 10:01:40
Not enough FRNs in existence to pay off the National Debt 09:54:37
'Tea party' movement: Who are they and what do they want? 09:46:00
Job losses from Great Recession about to get worse 09:40:38
Indonesia moving Obama's statue before his visit - OUCH! 09:39:06
Running for Senate, Rand Paul lights a fire under Kentucky GOP 09:35:42
Awesome Article In Veterans Today 09:32:42
"You can't fix stupid, but you can vote it out." 09:02:14
Tea Party Convention Plans National Organizing Strategy for Elections 08:54:34
What Do Ron Paul 2012 Revolution Peter Schiff For Senate & 01/19/2010 Have In Common? 07:48:53
Markets Fail When Humans Are Unregulated 07:25:21
Will Obama Play the War Card? by Patrick J. Buchanan 07:21:45
Ron Paul : Rally for the Republicans Speech! 06:47:35
* Bank of America Bank of America bosses charged with fraud 06:28:54
Profound Disconnect of Congress From It's Constituents 04:40:45
Newt Gingrich claims he is not a member of bohemian grove, a freemason, or for world government 04:12:18
Video Of Tom Woods At The Mises Circle, January 23: Keynes vs. History 03:23:59
Judge Napolitano Freedom Watch Fox News: Are You a Libertarian? 03:04:15
Job losses from Great Recession about to get worse-Markets 2nd Leg Down 02:43:33
Gerald Celente was just on C2C 02:39:00
Terrorism in Any Color by Jack Hunter The Southern Avenger 02:24:15
Debra will be in Cleburne Texas on Saturday at 12;00 01:52:33
Global Warming Casualty?? 01:51:57
Government extortion at it's finest 00:55:10
Ron Paul--Prepare for the Worst 00:50:38
USA TODAY: Will the real Tea Party please stand up? 00:20:45
The Jawa Report: Shakeup in the Texas Governor's Race? 00:13:24
Obama Planning to Murder American Citizens. A Call to Impeach Obama 00:11:00
The Courier of Montgomery County, Texas: Candidates meet, mingle at South County Chamber’s Whistle Stop Tour 00:02:10