Posted on February 9, 2010

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Neo-Con Sarah Palin's "Tea Party" 16:22:09
Medina Bringing the HEAT! Perry 39%, Hutchison 28%, Medina 24% 13:04:04
Tea Parties Start to Look Like MoveOn deja vu 10:32:23
Don't be Weak! Now is not the time to fall back. Now is the time to make our move! 11:25:32
The Southern Avenger@TAC: Sarah Palin's Bad Tea 06:22:25
Maddow: Is The Tea Party Movement Trying To Get Rid Of Ron Paul? 14:08:20
Last Chance: CPAC Posters - Conservatives Against War! 09:16:18
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Oklahoma Congressional Candidate: Constitutionalist - Tea Party Speaker - Wants to see Obama's Birth Certificate. 23:45:54
KVUE Austin Newscast: New Poll Shows Medina Surging; Hutchinson Just Trying To Survive 23:27:45
This makes pot laws cruel and inhumane, and withholding medicine 23:25:00
INDIA seems to get it....Why don't we?? 23:17:22
Congressman Paul on Cavuto's Fox Business show 23:16:24
SA@TAC: Sarah Palin's Bad Tea 23:12:39
Scary Bachmann Shows True Colors 23:09:59
VIDEO Ron Paul on Rachel Maddow Show MSNBC 2-9-2010 23:07:08
Manufactured crisis paves way for EU seeking expanded power 23:03:40
"Marvel Comics: Captain America says tea parties are dangerous and racist" 23:03:03
Friggin' warm fuzzies are expensive 22:56:59
Will Ron Paul stand up 22:56:51
Ron Paul on Rachel Maddow Show MSNBC 2-10-2010 [VIDEO] 22:54:44
PAUL'S REBELLION.... its time has come... 22:41:44
With A Deficit Like Ours, Who Needs Enemies…? 22:31:29
Murtha's death sets stage for marquee House race 22:27:16
Help Stop 5 more Years of the Unconstitutional Patriot Act 22:15:12
From George Vreeland Hill 22:07:28
CIA Data Shows U.S. Oil Reserves Depleted in 4.8 Years 21:57:44
2/8/2010 Peter Schiff On FOX Business: Hedging Against The FED 21:36:19
" Welcome to North Korea " CHILLING !! 21:34:57
Mark Levin does not want a third party 21:33:01
Debra Medina Interviewed by Don Harrold 21:10:46
LA Times Top of the Ticket, Is Debra Medina the Next Scott Brown? 20:57:41
Debra Medina Has At Least Three Things Going For Her 20:43:45
BJ Lawson To Enter NC 4th Congressional District Primary 20:30:47
Snow shuts down federal government, life goes on 20:29:32
Who has been polled by Rasmussen? 20:24:07
Its time to stand up Ron Paul 20:07:13
I've showed MO US senator canidate Chuck Purgason(R) to the DP 19:24:41
How Secure is the Voting System in Texas? 19:19:23
The Least-Trusted Banks in America 19:17:03
Beginning Of The End: Sarah Palin Hijacks The Tea Party Movement 19:16:41
Would the Unconstitutional Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan be legal justifications for not paying Federal Income Tax? 18:52:33
Claiming OWNERSHIP of the Tea Party Movement 18:31:07
Canada's Ron Paul? Member of Parliament Maxime Bernier on the gold standard and freezing the budget 18:14:42
Food Inc. If anyone needs a video break.. 18:04:18
The Day After US Bombs Iran 17:47:42
Survival Books (Free Downloads) GARDENING, WILD FORAGING AND SELF SUFFICIENCY 17:45:44
AIG-Gate: The World's Greatest Insurance Heist 17:37:49
Rep. Bachmann: America ‘cursed’ by God ‘if we reject Israel’ 17:36:59
Deb Medina Live on Jack Blood Now 17:35:01
Obama: Sanctions coming against Iran 17:06:26
What happens to regulatory reform bill if court rules against audit the fed provision? 17:02:10
Tancredo blasted for Poll Test idea 16:52:48
Check out Permacorps for Haitii! Read the bamboo manual! 16:23:10
Top notch communists in the EU-commission - Video with Nigel from Feb. 9th... 16:05:22
Cancel Your Social Security, and free yourself of the System 15:42:49
New 'world order' coming for docs 14:48:27
POLITICO ***Double Header***: Debra Medina Closing On Kay Bailey Hutchison 14:45:34
POLITICO: Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison Is At Risk of Finishing Third 14:40:29
Watch Streaming Documentaries all Night! 14:25:33
Politics Daily (National Coverage): Insurgent Debra Medina Shakes Up GOP Governor Race in Texas 14:24:42
Don't Mess with Medina: Tea Party activist Debra Medina threatening to stir things up in Texas 14:20:54
Pew Research Study: Republicans Smarter than Democrats? 14:16:05
A TON of research is going to be released against the grain of prohibition 14:14:31
Obama's new Drug Czar budget titled 2-1 for law enforcement vs treatment 14:03:49
CBS breaks deal with NORML over Anti-Prohibition banner in NYC! 13:57:00
Soldier is charged for shooting in St. Robert 13:56:42
Think Government Is Corrupt? You May Face 10 Years In Jail 13:55:27
Anybody Currently In State University Out There? Question and Comment 13:54:45
Anything even remotely logical about this headline? 13:52:47
GOP wary of pitfalls in Obama's health care summit 13:41:34
2-11 Iran 13:35:05
Obama will not attend Olympics 13:24:00
GOP Spurns Senate Tea Party Candidate in Indiana 13:07:53
As the nutjobs try and kick Ron Paul out of the tea party movement 12:59:43
Palin's fourth embarrassment in 3 days 12:58:56
Chuck Purgason for US senate (MO) 11:37:46
U.S. soldier 'waterboarded his own daughter, 4, because she couldn't recite alphabet' 11:36:51
Captain 'Anti' America??? 11:23:55
A New Generation Of North American Citizens 11:21:28
China understands the Jefferson approach to foreign policy 11:04:27
RT: CIA Agents For Hire 10:58:31
The Bankrupt PIGS of Europe By Patrick J. Buchanan 10:50:02
LMAO! *Colbert Report: Sarah Palin Uses A Hand-O-Prompter* 10:39:15
The apartheid will end when Israelis have to face its cost 10:36:45
Texas conservative base shifting towards Medina 10:26:59
Independent Texans Endorses Debra Medina fo Governor 10:21:55
Florida Candidate Jason Sager ? 10:21:12
"One can judge a man by the company he keeps" Euripides 10:20:51
The Southern Avenger: Sara Palin's Bad Tea 10:07:52
Hegelian Dialectic the Tool 10:05:36
30 minute easy freedom ideas... 09:37:44
Latinos say their votes could tip 40 congressional races 09:26:55
State of Emergency Declared King N.C.- No Guns or Alcohol 09:09:43
Federal Reserve hopes clear exit strategy will boost market confidence 09:09:02
"Miss Me Yet?" BillBoard 09:04:26
Federal Reserve Doesnt Know Where $1.5 Trillion Went - Analyst 08:59:46
House Committee to Investigate Obama's Modification Program 08:24:08
Stossel Show - Healthcare! 08:12:00
ABC News-Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, and the Kentucky Senate Race 07:49:28
Who Rules the Tea Party Empire? (Wall St Journal) 07:47:01
Fiat Empire - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the US Constitution! 07:10:13
Obama! Hope! German musical receives critical acclaim 05:50:41
New FDIC Payout Scam for Banksters 05:36:18
Food Matters : Official Movie 04:42:43
BREAKING NEWS: Indy Texans Endorse Debra Medina for Texas Governor 04:39:36
Who is "We"? 04:30:41
Mike Pence-US Mideast Policy should be dictated by Israel 04:06:14
Dear God, 03:07:14
We got what we wanted but... 02:17:37
ACTION ITEM - A new low - Grayson push-poll 01:56:52
State of Emergency declared in King, NC over the weekend, Residents fumming over alcohol and firearms ban as well !! 01:19:43
attorney generals death never fully explained. 01:06:57
Medina signs popping up all over town!! 00:57:13
Rep John Mertha dies of complications after surgery 00:27:32
Costa Rica libertarian presidential candiate gets 21% of vote in general election!! 00:23:34
Has Debra sent them her thank-you note yet? 00:00:57