Posted on February 12, 2010

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Letter to Congressman Charlie Dent on HR 4061 the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act 18:38:28
Debra Medina in Beaumont Texas 12:21:04
Debra Medina on KLIF 570 Feb. 11th, 2010 12:19:11
Weekend Reflection: Operation Northwoods 22:29:07
The Southern Avenger: Slandering Secession 10:07:31
John Dennis - The Roger Hedgecock Interview 06:12:58
Beck Ambush of Medina Set-Up by Perry Campaign 02:00:34
Ron Paul with the Judge Discussing the Tea Party Movement 10:07:44
QuiltingSando's St. Valentine's Day Grassroots Liberty rEVOLution Auction! 18:14:26
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Off-Topic what will happen in the olympics - Legalize come here 23:45:20
A Day with Debra Medina several AUDIO clips from yesterday after the Beck! 23:44:16
A Question for Ron Paul 23:38:02
Mike Church Interviews Debra Medina Following Beck interview 23:35:28
Documentaries / 3 theatres for weekend watchers 23:07:15
NOT a Truther - Mike Church Interviews Debra Medina 22:58:23
what's the big deal about the 911 truth stuff? 22:42:19
Beck/Medina transcript 22:38:42
Debra Medina's Post Glenn Beck Interview Comments 22:36:00
I Think Every Candidate Should Be Asked... 22:34:50
Have you seen these pics of trees on Mars from January? 22:29:08
Medina interview on ABC re: 911 22:22:15
10 minute video/interview with Debra Medina today 12FEB10 22:15:52
So it’s 28 million to Ron Paul and less than 6.5 to Karl Marx 22:09:20
Should US sell It's Gold? 21:51:49
ABC 13 video interview of Debra Medina after Glenn Beck Interview! 21:49:00
VIDEO-Debra Medina strikes back after 911 comments! 21:30:16
I just CANCELED my Glenn Beck INSIDER Subscription 21:29:24
Jim McKelvey a Liberty Candidate in Virgina's 5th Congressional District 21:16:40
Webster Tarpley ... The 2nd Leg Of The Banking Collapse Has Begun 21:12:09
What is your favourite Ron paul video? 21:11:20
Ask Beck if he wants all 912er's who question 9/11, to be kicked out of the teaparty and 912 movement. 21:10:11
How the International Bankers Financed the Nazis 21:07:20
Iceland: "A Switzerland of Bits" 20:43:04
16 on Digg: Ron Paul vs. Sarah Palin for the Soul of the Tea Parties 20:24:03
Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Questions U.S. Role In 9/11 Attacks 20:20:55
I need some positive DP content... 20:19:00
Glenn Beck hasn't fooled me...and he certainly is not a constitutionalist 20:12:59
White House sends out invites for health summit 20:02:50
Medina's Democrat rival Farouk Shami now questioning US involvement in 9/11!!! 19:56:38
Another good reason to stay out of airplanes? 19:35:49
Allied forces poised for biggest push of Afghanistan war 19:35:25
Know where "The Remnant" comes from? 19:27:54
Medina Responds to Glenn Beck 19:26:32
Michael Nystrom WE NEED A POLL ON THIS WEB SITE!!!!!!!!! PLEASE 19:20:08
ILLegal Immigration And You 19:16:04
What's with some neocons...u can tell they are evil just by looking at them? 19:10:26
Snow in all 50 states? New storm could make that true. 19:10:13
We Texans - 19 Days Till Victory 18:43:28
Excellent biographical article on Debra Medina in Austin-American Statesman - MUST READ!!! 18:31:11
Rothbard on Conspiracys 18:19:45
Becks attack on Medina is GREAT NEWS!!! 18:17:18
Jake Towne on HR 4061, the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act 18:14:15
The Constitution: A 14 Year Old Kid Gets It - You Won't Believe Your Ears 18:10:34
Taxpayer Funded Drilling For Oil Offshore of Brazil For China? 17:57:45
MI5, Britain's Security Service, found complicit in torture 17:57:20
Market Watch predicts global market crash 17:34:41
South Carolina now requires ’subversives’ to register 17:31:55
Deadly Mud Volcano was Man-Made, Evidence Confirms 17:25:50
Glenn... help..... Please tell me how I am allowed to think! 17:03:48
Why I am moving on from the Daily Paul. 16:52:27
Sen. McCain faces toughest re-election challenge 16:36:34
Stocks fall after China brakes lending again 16:32:23
Glen Beck was for the bail out before he was against it. 16:28:04
ROTHSCHILD on CNBC today at 3:30 EST! I think they moved it up. 16:16:54
Glenn Beck's show causes more people to become 9/11 Truthers. 16:08:15
Patriots Question 9/11 Comission Report 16:06:14
*** How's Your Fruit? *** 15:56:15
Texas Speaks Out For Debra Medina! 15:52:03
The Austin French Kiss~Brokebeck Mountain 15:48:02
I'm sorry Glenn but I will stop watching you today 15:44:59
Speaker Nancy Pelosi sacrifices civil liberties in the name of national security 15:39:13
Some important things I learned from the interview yesterday. 15:38:16
List of Beck's Advertisers Update - CURRENT! 15:37:53
Sarah Palin is NOT Our Spokesperson! NO SOCIALISM! NO WAR! NO PATRIOT ACT! 15:33:40
KHOU Houston Video (CBS): Medina At Glenn Beck 9-12 Rally The Evening Following Beck Interview 15:30:39
We need to work on changing the 9/11 semantics 15:25:07
It looks like Medina is raising even more money... 15:23:47
Impeach Obama billboard in Oshkosh Wisconsin! 15:17:44
Perry's Political Playground 15:05:40
Dan Patrick's Attacks on Debra Medina; Need Another JOKER POSTER 15:04:45
Bill to get rid of MO income tax passes out of committee 14:57:21
Why does it seem like the liberty candidates always have to catch up? 14:49:18
Dr. Paul Vs. Human Nature 14:47:49
Video: 2 Phoenix Police Officers resign after sexual misconduct with drunk woman 14:47:14
Medina vs. beck poll- vote 14:44:39
For those of you who believe the govt's (state run media) story about what occured on 9/11 14:41:28
Medina and Palin 14:35:12
Medina: Now A "BIRTHER", Too? She's So Funny!!! I Like Her Style! 14:33:13
Take back DC 14:24:38
Spyware- I hate you. 14:22:14
New Poll: Perry takes lead, Medina Surges 14:16:08
Michael Nystrom - Louder Than A Bomb 14:15:07
att: film guys, can we get some Medina videos to go top on google videos? 14:07:17
*50 Senior Military, Intelligence, & Government Officials Question 9/11 Report* 14:04:03
Mike Church Debra Medina interview 14:01:55
North Carolina Liberty candidate, 4th district 13:53:54
Glenn Beck topic is a boring distraction from where the magicians tricks are 13:42:46
If Iran is such a threat, why haven't they assasinated Achmedinejad? 13:40:04
Beck now defines what it means to be a 9/11 Falser 13:06:18
Palin is a 9/11 truther, not medina 13:00:03 12:47:04
A place for Weekend Watching 12:40:15
New Liberty Candidate State Representative Justin Amash Announces Run for Congress in MI-3 12:24:21
HuffPo: Obama's Secret Prisons Endanger Us All 12:23:13
Facebook: 912 Was An Inside Job 12:22:54
FEAR DAVOS 2010, Into The Bomb Shelter 12:19:56
Have you guys watched this video of Congressional candidate Lt. Col. Allen West? 12:17:35
Vote in Poll on KTRH Houston if you would vote for Perry President in 2012 12:17:27
*Joseph Farah Catches Beck and O'Reilly* 11:58:49
Forget about emailing Beck : Email and call his sponsors and tell them you are boycotting! 11:31:07
Marvel Comics' depiction of anti-tax protesters inspires anger, apology 11:23:09
Please, a list of blog sites we can make good comments on for Medina 10:53:26
Need help on how to respond on a local blog 10:48:04
Investigators declare, “Obama never attended Columbia University” 10:43:40
Debra was just on KLIFagain 10:43:37
Avatar: a blueprint for an independent, third party candidate in 2012? 10:42:59
Kick off the weekend right: "Why Don't You Change?" 10:37:32
2/12/10 Dow drops 142.39 in first 10 minutes 10:34:47
The rotted GLENN BECK IS AT IT AGAIN--Right now. 10:25:05
Video: 71% Say Palin Not Qualified To Be President 10:18:48
US & Soros Fund Offshore Drilling in Brazil 10:03:46
Deep South getting snow 09:51:07
Poll: Few Americans want members of Congress re-elected 09:45:37
Weekend Meditation: Retooling The Rationalization Of Monolithic Response For Individualists 09:43:04
FOX Wants to Know What U Think of Medina Now 09:37:24
Secession in the Air by Patrick J. Buchanan 09:30:33
Fatwah declares scanners a violation of Islamic law 09:28:33
Jim Demint talking Rand Paul with Southern Avenger LIVE 09:18:57
How to Get Fat Without Really Trying 09:17:59
In desperate need of water and electricity, Venezuela is "bombing" clouds and praying for rain. 09:16:59
Video: Glenn Beck Uses TSA/DHS Interrorgation Tactics On Debra Medina 09:10:50
1836 is the answer to 911! 08:48:35
ANOTHER Congressman says "No Mas!!!" - A Kennedy! 08:17:10
Fox news @7:00am says medina a 911 truther please record 08:01:04
Politico: Debra Medina’s Texas-size Momentum 07:48:39
Get on my knees and pray... We don't get fooled again... 07:40:51
Citi Plans Crisis Derivatives - If the economy tanks you make money! 07:08:31
Economists: Fed Independence Survives Bernanke Confirmation Battle 07:06:58
MEDINA MONEY: $9.11 War Chest - Send a message to Debra and Tea-o-con Glenn Beck! 06:58:09
Politico: “Nobody’s going to attack her. That’d be stupid; that’d give her more ammunition” 06:21:36
Debra Medina Feb. 11th Interviews + Callers *YouTube* 05:04:09
Flashback: Glenn Beck, 2007 04:41:15
Stossel Show - Energy Independence! 04:19:36
France Falls Under Internet Censorship 04:10:38
Debra Medina is a Chinese Tiger just like me! :D 04:02:10
Would it be worthwhile to politely ask Beck to have Medina on again to discuss issues? 03:31:51
Debra Medina self-destructs on Glenn Beck radio show 03:28:22
FEMA Attacks Medina! 03:20:32
End 912 03:06:08
Transcript of the Medina/Beck 9/11 Truth Discussion 02:11:17
did glen beck rape and murder a girl in 1990! 02:03:08
NATIONAL MSM NOW: "Texas gov. candidate questions US role in 9/11" 01:51:22
A Fair & Real Interview of Medina 01:39:46
Stop Your Whining and Beck Bashing And Do Something About It! 01:20:02
Perry robocalls only 90 minutes after Beck/Medina thing! 01:02:10
Don't Email Beck, Target His Audience 00:59:27
Glenn Beck is the seventh most researched topic on, it is time for damage control here is the link 00:34:51
If Mr Beck believes in state sovereignty, wouldn't you want someone who at least questions things? 00:17:35
Alert: Pelosi Staffer Leak - Healthcare Bill Done Deal 00:13:04
Giuliani moment: Medina and Beck 00:10:56
RT 9/11 conspiracy: Was it an inside job? 00:09:19