Posted on February 14, 2010

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Conservative Talk Host Defends Medina; Becks an “Absolute Phony” 19:26:06
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Tea Parties line up to help defeat McCain! 23:30:54
At least 30 car Pile-Up Shuts Down I-70 near KC 23:13:39
Where's Michaelwise?? 22:12:05
Debra Medina: The Real Choice 21:21:26
Another stupid and suspicious poll 21:10:37
Medina 'slip' may help her Dallas News 21:04:02
Great Robery of the Great Depression about to be repeated 20:53:11
CPAC next week, what place will Ron get? 20:43:13
US rockets slam into Afghan home, killing 12 20:11:34
The Tide is Turning! Oh how the Tide is Turning 20:04:29
RT: Chris Hedges: Fighting corporate rape of US 19:35:51
GLENN Becks NEILSON ratings DROP on Medina Blow-Back 19:25:17
The Growing Movement to Nullify National Health Care 19:02:08
EyeWitness to 9/11 Challenges Beck to Charity Boxing Match 18:55:03
FOOD INC 3:50 mtn time 18:52:57
U.S. Congress and the EPA, new regulations for Climategate 18:40:12
Remember when Ronald Reagan was president? 18:01:43
Just for fun.... Glenn getting CREAMED on the View 17:57:56
And so it begins: Greek government makes first move toward outlawing cash 17:48:23
Funny thing is, if Glenn Beck would have approached the situation better, his little scheme probably would have worked. 17:39:34
The guitar solo that almost destroyed the planet. 17:29:33
CypressTimes~Medina, Beck and Facing the Giants 17:12:06
Olbermann~3000 People Died Because Bush & Cheney Had A Different Agenda 17:05:53
Calling Utah Patriots - Utah Firearms protection act at risk of veto 16:48:28
Did anyone attend James Traficant's Town Hall Meeting in DC on 2/13/10? 15:54:27
Obama was addressed by DOD today about Iraq! 15:37:09
Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses 15:28:00
PREDICTION: Kay Baily Hutchinson will drop out of race to prevent run-off 15:23:39
Church structure for public servants? 14:33:51
If Debra actually wins this thing... 13:58:14
Why Indymac Bank went under. 13:51:32
Bachmann: America ‘cursed’ by God ‘if we reject Israel’ 13:45:17
A Gandhian-Libertarian Activist 13:36:40
Are YOU Funding Glenn Beck? 13:13:15
Medina beating KBH in Fort Worth metropolitan area 12:58:04
Awesome!!! Jake Towne Money Bomb Video 12:29:19
THE MONEY MASTERS and "SWEET MISERY a must see if you drink diet soda 12:21:10
Wake up - Get out of debt - Make more money 12:16:00
Medina's Monday Money Bomb (MMMB) Who is Contributing? 12:15:35
Jake Towne: New Interviews 12:12:17
Texas Tea Party Message to GOP 11:52:26
Imperial Washington 11:27:03
European parliament have voted down transfer financial records of EU citizens to America. 10:56:15
Leading Austrian Economist: Some Conspiracy Theories Are True 10:47:54
"Rand Paul: this year's political surprise" 10:28:20
A little humor 10:14:10
Rick Perry Online Trolling - Fake Medina Post 10:06:11
FOR LIBERTY [Ron Paul Documentary] posted on Glenn Beck's The 9.12 Project website 09:37:16
FOX Dicusses the Leader of the Tea Party, Palin or Medina? 09:32:39
"Oh the Games People Play"The Awful Truth About Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and the Hidden Controllers of the Tea Party 09:23:37
Weekend whackiness, or peeking behind the curtain? 07:59:29
Ex-Mossad agent discusses "anti Semitism" 07:25:33
Principle #8 of The 912 Project's "9 Principles" 07:17:26
POLICE STATE 2010: Cops Arrest 12-Year-Old Girl For Doodling On Her School Desk 06:55:15
A little levity for a change 05:28:25
This is hilarious 05:15:43
Counterterrorism Officials Insisted Crotch Bomber Be Let Into US 04:52:58
Glenn Beck's Idea of Texas Election Issues 03:25:19
The Nation: Dropping in on the tea parties (mentions Rand paul) 03:15:59
This is really funny. They are literally having an Obama lovefest at DU 03:15:16
BLOWBACK: Medina Money Bomb - Feb 15 03:15:01
WE TEXANS - 18 Days Till Victory 03:11:19
Perry-Beck Texas Two-Step. Robocalls Went Out 7 Minutes After Beck Interview 02:42:37
Refuse to Pay Odious Government Debt Incurred to Finance Illegal Wars 02:40:53
TERRORSTORM If you have not seen this... You should ! 01:43:56
MSM at it again. 01:37:58
Great Video on Economic Collapse 00:47:33
Paul's 2008 Campaign Continues To Impact Americans 00:42:38
U.S. city considers surrender to 'green police' 00:19:03
Thank you, Michael Nystrom! 00:13:19
Repudiating the national debt 00:01:08