Posted on February 15, 2010

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What Do Oranges, Furnaces, and Your IRA Have in Common? 15:28:17
Peg Luksik - Let me tell you why I'm running 08:29:42
Southern Avenger interviews Ron Paul Monday Feb.15th 9am EST 00:35:43
WE TEXANS - 19 Days Till Victory! 00:31:48
Fort Worth 912 President comes out in support of and to the aide of Debra Medina! 00:30:41
Videos on ABC 13 Houston: Debra Medina 00:31:24
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CFP's Bob Parks reems Glenn Beck 23:46:03
A revolution isn't a R3volution without 23:26:01
Time to Wake Up: Economic Armageddon 23:22:16
Consistancy=Ron Paul !, More Evidence from the Hill : a letter to Congress 23:19:04
Medina push..keep hitting the talk radio folks! 23:00:27
Medina's Facebook Page Gone! 22:55:19
ONE WORLD AIRLINES, WTH?????? 22:55:04
Essay No. 1 - Countering Statist rhetoric & Ignorance Regarding Nullification 22:54:01
RT: The government doesnt want 9/11 public trial 22:43:15
Anti-dotes to infiltration and corruption 22:43:03
Admiral Mullin surrenders US military to Israel 22:25:34
Rally On! That's Easy.... 22:16:13
1,032 Architects and Engineers now calling for a new 911 investigation! 21:56:14
Barack Obama statue removed from Jakarta park 21:41:48
Battle of Marjah: Not living up to the hype 21:37:44
Are questions about 911 becoming mainstream? 21:35:17
My Blog on the Dynamics of Evolution 21:34:26
Barack Obama statue removed from Jakarta park 21:23:49
President's birth cert 20:47:10
Join the growing army of Zombie Slayers for Liberty! 20:42:42
The Tea-o-Cons have updated "our" values for us... 20:27:59
Simcox endorses Hayworth 20:24:02
Strange Rassmussen report 20:22:32
When the German people were the victims of holocaust... 20:22:04
RON PAUL & The JUDGE Coming to OSU, Freedom Watch! 20:11:45
Jack Hunter “Southern Avenger” interviews Robert Scott Bell 2-15-2010 19:42:05
I feel like buying a Toyota 19:40:33
Take heart fellow patriots. 19:28:47
"Will Iran's real enemy please stand up?" 19:19:39
WE TEXANS - 17 Days Till Victory 19:16:16
MEDINA - 17 Days Till Victory ~ New VIDEO 18:56:14
Obama Making Plans to Use Executive Power 18:45:54
Lets Make This Go Super Viral And Get Debra Medina Elected!!! 18:38:20
Bank of America forecloses on house that couple had paid cash for 18:10:05
Alcohol & Founding Fathers... 18:08:00
Ron Paul - Southern Avenger Interview 2/15/10 17:27:29
Are you ready for Brother Beck’s Traveling Salvation Show? 17:26:25
Derivatives and Bailout - A Commen Sense Perspective 17:19:47
Another incumbent bails! Bayh, D-IN Senator 17:13:32
LA Times: Medina also questions whether President Obama is an American citizen. 17:08:21
Glenn Beck's Life Is Under Constant Death Threat from Truthers! 16:50:05
THE DAILY PAUL & THE CONSERVATIVE TOP 100, where are we... 16:40:33
Taliban step up attacks 16:38:44
Dr. Ron Paul's Monetary Approach 16:21:08
Chuck Baldwin will be on Fox News Tonight 2/15 at 6pm 16:19:48
Libertybelle is that u on malkins website? 16:19:42
Glenn Beck Debra Medina & 9/11 - A Citizen's Plea 16:18:37
Will the Constution Party Wind Up Being the "Tea Party Party"? 16:10:16
Martial Law in America: No Longer Just a Possibility! 15:52:29
Goldwater is Reincarnated in Debra Medina's Candidacy 15:32:36
Drug War’s Underbelly Examined By National Public Radio 15:28:13
Do Not Under Estimate Bill Johnson in KY election! Please read to understand exactly what I mean. 15:14:55
Debra Medina ONLINE TOWNHALL FORUM TONIGHT 2/15 @ 6:30pm CST 15:07:35
More on police Chief and CEO resignations... 14:51:42
BizPulse: Readers vote Medina 14:30:17
RT: 'Israel presses Iran, Israel wants to keep nuke monopoly in region' 14:18:25
The Evils of the Presidency-1996 14:11:32
Another One Bites the Dust. Senator Evan Bayh will not seek reelection 13:57:49
Jake Towne: Just Volunteer!!! 13:45:43
THE TEXAS TRIBUNE: A Day With Debra Medina w/AUDIO 13:32:20
BizPulse: Readers vote Medina 13:31:16
Presidents Day 13:27:53
The New Junk Economics - Michael Hudson 13:10:22
new medina poll - help 12:56:53
Infrared Bulb Sauna - Extraordinary Health Benefits - Make Your Own Sauna For Under $100 12:49:42
Video: Hackers Shut Down parts of Australia Government w/ "Porn Storm" 12:39:40
What we still need to keep in mind, and should never forget, as the elections approach 12:37:34
Dick Cheney predicted Iraq quagmire in 1994 12:24:36
You can now grow all the food you and your family will ever need... 12:18:13
NeoCon Guerrilla's In the Mist~Beck's Attempted Take Down of Medina 12:11:59
Judge Napolitano on Glenn Beck's Debra Medina Attack 11:57:18
US media omission: Iran calls for global nuclear disarmament 11:52:31
As Defense Budget Soars, Security Firms Reap Huge Profits, Go Offshore to Avoid Taxes 11:48:41
RT: Russia as advocate of peace in Mideast? 11:46:44
Media Response to the Growing Influence of the 9/11 Truth Movement 11:43:04
Important Voices: interviews Ed Thompson, candidate for State Senate, Wisconsin-31 11:42:07
Was George Washington as "conservative" as we think? 11:37:45
A Trivia Piece For President's Day 11:19:12
Obama Administration Gears Up for Increased Use of Executive Orders 11:08:47
545 People by Charlie Reese 11:07:52
Excerpt From Articles OF Freedom. Any Reason Why You Wouldn't Support This? 11:05:18
Big Ron Paul sign needed in Florida 11:01:44
John Dennis website needs to be changed ASAP! 10:58:04
NY Jewish Mumps Outbreak (in highly vaccinated population) 10:42:21
Marjah: Biggest air assault in almost 20 years 10:34:53
FAA and NORAD Changed Records to Accord with Cheney Lies 10:15:02
Kentucky Citizens Help 10:04:58
Debra Medina at Ft. Worth 912 Project "High Noon In Cowtown" 09:52:51
Help Me. Get Glenn Beck To Catapult Another Ron Paul Candidate Into The Spotlight 09:47:23
Don't know if any of you have ever had the privalege of hearing George 09:45:46
Medina turning point: suit against state GOP 08:43:59
Obama lied: Feds raid medical marijuana facility in Denver UPDATED 07:58:54
War veterans and resisters say "All Out for March 20th-National March on Washington!" 06:41:57
Collapse of the euro is 'inevitable': Bailing out the Greek economy futile, says FRENCH banking chief 04:46:01
Leading U.N. Climate Scientist Admits: There has been no global warming since 1995 04:42:57
Nigel Farage - A Lesson In Democracy! 03:58:15
Once Upon A Time! There was an Iron Curtain-- Now there's an Iron Fist in Europe 03:29:13
Who's that guy? Aaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! 03:19:35
Wake up or die 03:00:43
Pay Up Or Burn In Hell! 02:37:50
Neocoms! 02:30:25
Anybody from Maine? 02:23:29
2/15/10 Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk on the Greece Bailout 02:21:51
The Most Ridiculous Holiday of the Year 02:17:13
Once Upon A Time! 02:15:33
The YouTube that will SAVE Debra Medina 02:07:15
Governments Controlling the Ability of People and Organizations to Access the Internet 01:59:50
*MUST READ* Financial Gates of Hell are about to open 01:56:41
Are the Aliens Like Us 01:48:16
Breaking News: The Indymac Slap in our Face 01:44:53
I Love Ozzy! And if you would watch this you will love him, too! 01:25:04
Rand Paul: this year's political surprise 00:58:27
Israel is accused of waging covert war across the Middle East 00:56:04
Wouldn't it be great if Hunter S Thompson was here on DP? 00:36:52
The Interposition of The Several States 00:22:07
Almost 100 Congressmen Have Signed Michelle Bachmann's 'Declaration of Health Care Independence... 00:18:21
Anti-State love song! 00:11:56