Posted on February 16, 2010

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The Southern Avenger Interview with Debra Medina 22:34:13
Scalia: "There Is No Right to Secede" 22:05:22
Utah Senate asserts states' rights 20:05:27
Ron and Rand Mentioned on NBC nightly news 19:56:48
New Doug Wead Article: "Ron Paul is Back!" 15:25:21
Uh Oh! Foreign demand for US Treasury securities falls by record amount as China reduces holdings 12:57:06
The Southern Avenger: Terrorism, Liberal and Conservative 12:33:10
NYT: Activists discover set of ideas long seen as preserve of conspiracy theorists 12:57:05
If Kokesh wins this online poll, PPP will poll NM-3!!!! 10:07:58
Video: Rand Paul on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 23:41:10
Glenn Beck Questions 911 - Video 10:03:31
VIDEO UPDATE: Rand Paul knocked it out of the park in today's debate. 10:05:57
Medina Money Bomb Watch! Ends 10:02:56
rEVOLution Money Bomb February 17th 10:44:09
Jake Towne "Fire Cake" Money Bomb February 15 10:03:34
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RT: US banks are stepping up spending on lobbying 23:59:24
Divinity of TV will soon be destroyed 23:53:38
Cafferty-Why doesn't Palin want news to cover her speeches? 23:49:26
IMPEACH Obama Billboard & "Miss me yet?" Bush billboard.....FUNNY!! 23:21:36
Gerald Celente Forecasts a Global War 23:13:57
The First One To Panic, Wins. China Calmly Heading Towards The Emergency Exit Doors 22:59:23
Liberty candidate for Michigan's 3rd District 22:57:06
Dr. Ron Paul & Dr. Rand Paul On CNN (2/16/10) 10:15 PM EST 22:48:34
NBC Nightly News mentions Ron Paul and Rand Paul while discussing tea parties 2-16-2010 22:45:01
NBC Nightly News Mentions Ron and Rand While Discussing Tea Parties 22:42:15
Has anyone heard of this Hippy? He's Cool! 22:41:51
The Cypress Times Endorses Debra Medina for The GOP Nomination for Governor of Texas 22:38:47
SA@TAC - Interview with Debra Medina 22:32:15
Reuters: Soros Doubled Gold ETF Investment 22:31:00
How many of us are still working on slamming Glenn Beck on the internet, we cannot stop until we ruin him! 22:22:38
Was anyone listening to the Wells Report on KLIF today? 22:12:57
RT video: Chris Hedges Gets It: 2-Party tyranny financed by corporatism 21:43:30
Video from the Rand Paul-Trey Grayson debate 21:08:14
Alex Jones TV: Obama is The Next False Flag!!! 21:03:51
The mount vernon statement ? ? ? 20:59:08
Kucinich would pick Ron Paul as running mate 20:56:37
Lake Erie frozen over for the first time in 14 years 20:53:07
Help me defend Ron Paul 20:34:46
Well womens hockey... is funny 20:33:59
Artists can seize the business initiative.... and stop funding the machine. 20:26:17
[republican-699] Video Medina speech from 2/13 Kingwood Tea Party 20:21:09
Could Iceland's Financial Meltdown Create The World's First Free Speech State? 20:10:53
RI Lawyer runs for office to eliminate his elected position. 20:04:14
Beck and Arthur Laffer are neo-con shills 19:37:04
Soon We Are Free!!! 19:32:25
Fed License to Kill Americans 19:24:48
I need advice about college 19:21:18
Glenn Beck: Lincoln propagandist 19:06:38
Foreign Demand for U.S. Treasury Securities Falls by Record Amount as China Reduces Holdings 19:02:15
Why is there no ad link for Peter Schiff's campaign on this site? 18:58:57
Glenn Beck accuses Bush of involvement in 9-11 18:53:05
Liberal BELO / Dallas Morning News EDITORIAL HIT PIECE Seeks To DICTATE RINO Republican Primary Choices 18:50:09
Is the Federal Government even needed anymore ? 18:42:57
Retiring Sen Bayh declared the American political system "dysfunctional" 18:27:22
Debra Medina: Ready to Mess with Texas -The New American 18:20:36
Mitt Romney Assaulted During Flght VIDEO 18:17:30
Maryland Fusion Center/Police Surveillance Town Hall Forum 18:04:25
Liberty - Up To You - YOUR ACTIVISM LEVEL 18:00:46
NH: Bill targets Monsanto type abuses 17:57:47
Roger Hedgecock with John Dennis 17:56:37
FOOD INC in theater #2 , 2:55 mtn time 17:55:03
Ron Paul Is Back! ~ By Doug Wead 17:53:11
Early Voting in Texas Began Today, February 16, 2010 17:39:41
Video: Are congressmen Retiring To Cash Out In Private Sector? 17:30:45
You Might NOT be a Tea Partier if . . 17:23:33
Peter Schiff debate 7PM est. March 2nd 17:22:27
Red Light Camera Protest in Savannah Ga 17:22:26
The Southern Avenger interviews Ron Paul 17:05:50
Sheriff Runs Campaign on Upholding US Constitution 16:48:54
Ron Paul E-mail: Authentic or Fake? 16:42:58
Do You Have An Open Mind? 16:38:57
NEW POLL - Austin Business Journal: Readers vote Medina! 16:30:46
Israeli Ambassodor Booed Off Stage! 16:09:46
ND's State Bank gaining attention as other states consider state banks 16:02:04
Ron Paul is Back! - a N ew Doug Wead column 15:59:56
Morgan Stanley Strategist: Head for the Hills! 15:43:58
Liberty Slate Money Bomb Feb. 17th (Tomorrow!) 15:37:52
Bomb goes off at JP Morgan offices in Athens 15:30:38
Unmarked, untrackable airplanes continue to spray Barium, Aluminum and god-knows-what over the United States 15:25:14
RT: Max Keiser goes mad on US 'toilet paper' deals 15:19:49
950AM (KPRC) Poll - Does Debra Medina really have a shot at being the next governor of Texas? 15:19:23
could a site be created? 15:04:49
U.S. intelligence community has authority to target American citizens for assassination 14:57:53
Audit finds US census preparations wasted millions 14:50:32
TEXAS-Early Voting 16-26 Feb. (UPDATED) 14:50:20
Twisted Reaction To Alabama Shooting Tragedy Over At 912 14:40:06
No Matter WHAT happens in Texas... 14:30:22
China Dumping US Treasuries, Run For The Exits Has Started 14:28:40
Commercial ENDORSES Chemtrail Brainwashing 14:04:21
Michael Ruppert: Screw Retirement, I'm back! 14:01:20
Battle for the heart of America, Texas on frontlines 13:51:50
For Those Out There On Board With Articles of Freedom - Is It Time To Create Meetups Across The Country? 13:49:42
Tourist Trapped on Ski Lift Escapes Death by Burning Cash 13:39:28
China Making the Yuan the World Currency 13:34:55
Father facing criminal charges for taking child to church 13:34:37
Chat with Peter Schiff live, now 2/16/10 13:28:09
Travel to the USA..hmm you think I could get to meet Dr. Paul ? 13:24:41
This guy is running against B.J Lawson - Hillarious Website 13:09:10
The harmonious integration of landscape and people… the Republic 12:59:01
About the Great Depression 12:53:33
Beware Amy Bishop story 12:36:30
Resistnet: ObamaCare 12:14:12
Gold up & Silver up & Foreign Demand for US Treasurys takes record fall. OOPS!! 12:06:39
I Wish Everyone Would State Who They Are Replying To... 11:32:25
Gun owner says being stopped for carrying a handgun in Belle Meade is Messed Up 10:56:09 --> good or bad for liberty? 10:43:57
Perr y wants to play dirty? 10:43:57
WTC 7 officially solved... It was the fire, stupid 10:13:20
BizPulse: Readers vote Medina 09:56:57
Wisconsin Billboard Calls for Obama's Ouster 09:55:26
TEXAS POLLS OPEN in 30mins...... 09:18:28
Europe: Had Enough of Goldman Sachs 09:17:42
March 9 countdown for PA petitions 09:15:21
Banned YouTube Video of JFK & Ron Paul 09:05:23
Still no mention of Ron Paul 08:24:49
POLITICO: Simcox Withdraws, Endorses J D Hayworth Against McCain 08:02:03
Perry supporter caught planting fake pro Medina comments - Dallas Morning News 06:36:52
Five Million Workers to Exhaust Unemployment Benefits by June 06:14:43
Austin Business Journal Readers Vote Medina Over Perry 04:31:22
Runoff possible in GOP gubernatorial primary 04:22:58
Beck the conspiracist! 03:42:35
"Southern Avenger" Double Shot - Tom Woods and Debra Medina 2/16/10, 12noon EST 03:35:50
Good Audio Commentary on Medina/Beck Controversy 02:56:15
Medina Roars Back: Early Voting needs to be on issues affecting Texans 02:31:52
Red Symphony - The Truth About Socialism 01:59:59
I wrote a letter to get involved in my County DEM party, SEE THIS! 01:38:33
Bush Era Medical Marijuana Foe Nominated by Obama to Head DEA 01:38:13
Control freaks want web licences to end bloggers' anonymity 01:33:41
need Glen Beck videos 01:30:31
"Perry, Hutchison pursue Medina voters" 01:16:53
Unsubscribing from Beck's Newsletter 00:43:14
New KingWorldNews Interview with Jim Sinclair 00:18:34
Gerald Celente predicts another financial collapse in 2010! 00:14:46