Posted on February 25, 2010

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Positive Thread: Ron Paul discussion on Hannity today 2/25/2010 23:35:22
LISTEN by Jordan Page 18:50:48
Jake Towne: What is an Olympic Gold Medal Worth? 18:12:09
Debra Medina on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano 2/24/2010 16:39:19
Jake Towne Interview with Don Harrold 14:58:11
I CAN Change the World~There WILL BE a Revolution! 15:40:51
21 Point Lead: Rand Paul Pulls Away 12:59:50
Debra Medina in Spring TX - Great Speech!!! 11:04:41
Debra Medina Up Close 2/24/2010 KHOU 11 Houston TX 10:50:13
More support for Ron Paul's "bizarre" allegations 15:31:19
Paul may have been onto something...or at the very least raised legitimate questions 00:15:55
Ron Paul Floor Statement on Assassinations 2/24/10 15:30:50
Ron Paul Questions Bernanke at Humphrey Hawkins Hearing 13:20:30
Ron Paul - MSNBC Dylan Ratigan 02/23/10 00:03:35
Ron & Rand Paul - CNN Wolfe Blitzer 2/23/10 00:01:59
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Patriot Act renewed; change? 23:54:37
New Medina Commercial 23:53:07
Adam Kokesh under Attack by RINO's and the Left 23:33:53
If you are in SC, sign this to get open carry back! 23:22:57
The Road to Armageddon 23:20:01
Tax Day Tea Party Endorses JD Hayworth 23:16:13
SA@TAC - Ron Paul's Conservative Foreign Policy 22:57:58
Obama administration accused of funding terrorism in Iran **VIDEO** 22:40:59
Fortress America: The Largest Most Expensive Embassy in the World 21:50:52
Perry the TTC and Louisiana 21:30:21
The Road To Serfdom in condensed form 21:29:27
A message to 911 Truth Seekers 21:25:14
NPR dismisses Ron Paul, but gives props to US (the supporters) 20:11:47
Medina in Dallas Morning News, Please Comment 19:46:43
Settling the anarchist/minarchist debate 19:26:47
TX: Perry says he intends to win primary outright 19:06:10
Investing in Gold 18:53:03
E-Verify misses half of illegal workers 18:40:37
Rep. Sander Levin looks drunk on CSPAN now 18:36:47
Trend points to Iraq civil war & US troop withdrawal delay 18:33:53
Iceland Walks Out of Icesave Talks With U.K., Dutch (Update2) 18:25:37
Hilarious new Medina spot on TV! (VIDEO) 18:08:20
Ron Paul - John F. Kennedy & Martin Luther King vs Tyranny 17:57:17
The Anti-Income Tax Movement: Why They Are Right 17:49:37
Tenth Amendment Summit/ Conference 17:47:15
Chicago Man Takes City to Supreme Court Over Handgun Ban 17:34:56 ? 17:34:36
I like to read this from time to time 17:31:08
America just declared the recovery over so you’d better get ready for the double dip 17:25:48
Where Can I Get Bulk RON PAUL Bumper Stickers For Cheap? 17:16:06
BREAKING: KTRK ABC Houston To Investigate Rick Perry TXDOT Money/TTC Toll Road Contracts on This Evening's Newscast 17:05:09
Underground food storage facility 17:02:29
Beware of McCain's Freedom-Destroying Dietary Supplement Regulatory Bill 16:41:45
A picture is worth a thousand words:Roadmap to Election Fraud that took place in Tx. 16:36:35
Campaign for Liberty Texas Email Alert - What is Rick Perry Hiding? ...John Tate, President 16:18:50
Obama May Ban All Foreclosures Without Review by Loan-Modification Program 16:11:08
lindsey williams on infowars now! 30% $ devaluation! 16:07:49
Medina tears it up at Reagan-Lincoln Day Dinner in Houston 2/24/10 [Videos] 16:01:24
Ron Paul hints at retirement -- or not (The Hill) 15:57:30
Response from Sen. McCaskill on Bernanke confirmation. 15:54:17
RED ALERT: 30-50% dollar devaluation in the next 12 months 15:53:33
Money: a System of Slavery 15:52:05
Assemblies of God Church INC. opens Credit Union 15:49:21
RT: Still no proof of Iran's nuclear weapon 15:40:53
Hillary Clinton to Ron Paul: "So much of our government ties in with London..." 15:33:51
Kitchen Table Politics: Luksik Challenges Status Quo in Pennsylvania 15:29:13
FBI Tracks Cell Phones w/o Warrants 15:23:15
When Medina wins, where's the party? 15:14:43
Could Bill O'Reilly be the Ross Perot of 2012? 15:07:48
The Absurdity of Constitutionalism (from a civilian perspective) 14:49:53
Is The Universe A Mind? A Strange Correlation! 14:44:58
Ben Lujan 40%, Adam Kokesh 32% 14:27:49
Texas Gubernatorial Debate 3 - A Parody 14:24:29
Greece should declare its sovereignty 14:23:28
Scalia: "There Is No Right to Secede" 14:18:17
Obama Depopulation Policy Exposed 14:15:43
Hacker Steals, Shares Confidential Data Of Latvian Banks 14:14:55
Nationwide Strike Paralyzes Greece 14:14:16
Banks Bet Greece Defaults on Debt They Helped Hide 14:13:21
China To Purchase Half of IMF's Gold 14:12:42
"Birther" Phil Berg Guess on Alex Jones 1 pm ET 14:03:53
Video: European President gets a "beating" Feb. 24th, 2010. 13:56:36
Trey Grayson attacks Rand Paul on Foreign Policy! - Help him defend himself! 13:56:15
CIA = al-Qaeda 13:44:34
The Ron Paul Tango 13:26:26
WE are winning 13:24:30
HO! WHOA! Dollar Devaluation Coming! AKA CITI 7 Day Withdrawl Delay 13:17:43
RT: Blackwater on Trial: Murders, drugs & alcohol 12:56:40
Founder of Texans for accountable Government apologizes for rude and hateful behavior of Alex Jones at their protest. 12:49:31
PLEASE READ - About Posting Articles on DP. 12:33:09
The intellectual's Newsman 12:27:26
Bipartisan health care summit. Live now! 12:25:37
"Cash For Clunkers" Was Conceived By China. Not Obama! 12:21:31
China To Purchase Half of IMF's Gold: 12:14:55
Putting lipstick on NAIS 12:06:16
The Chemist's War:The little-told story of how the U.S. government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition with deadly consequences. 11:59:54
Face it, we've been had. 11:46:49
Economic News - Page Not Found! 11:41:19
Live feed: Obama's health care summit with Democrats and Republicans 11:34:48
Federal Reserve Inquiring into Goldman Sachs’ Bets on Greek Debt 11:27:38
"Reason" redeems itself.... partially 11:12:47
Ron Paul never thunders, but he's a lightning rod anyway 10:47:47
Debra Medina on Fox News 7:00pm 10:42:54
Defend Ron Paul against false accusations! 10:39:16
Right and Left Must Work Together to Oppose War and Empire 10:34:37
Supreme Court sets aside strict ruling on Miranda 'right to remain silent' 10:23:47
Why Neocons Hate Muslims 10:09:52
Corruption at Federal Reserve Bank Ignored by News Media 10:05:13
Quotes Needed 09:51:50
The Power of a Badge...(this one you must read!) 09:50:35
Anyone know whats going on here ?? 09:10:36
CPAC Shills for Islamic Terrorists (More Horowitz Propaganda) 08:58:09
Libertarian infighting and the need for Ron Paul 08:55:29
Bernanke Transparency Offer May Not Defuse Calls for Audits -Bloomberg 08:40:22
Microsoft Takes Down Whistleblower Site, Read the Secret Doc Here 08:27:11
Medina Needn't Worry About 9.11 Truthers. 9.11 Deniers Are On Their Way!! 07:07:13
Symbolism: In this case, looks ARE everything 04:18:47
RT: Alex Jones on school webcam spying scandal in Philadelphia 03:14:05
Gold : the ultimate bubble 03:09:10
CNN's Rick Sanchez questions Medina on 9/11 02:40:11
Kurt Liston Money Bomb on the Ides of March! 01:29:16
MoveOn goal 1 million messages to Congress for health care reform, today. 00:49:12
What Is Liberty? 00:34:22
U.S. Economy Grinds To Halt As Nation Realizes Money Just A Symbolic, Mutually Shared Illusion 00:17:57
Debra Medina Up Close 2-24-2010 - KHOU 11 Houston, Texas 00:11:40
Patriot Act Continuation.... 00:03:59
California Missions Propaganda 00:00:57