Posted on March 3, 2010

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Ron Paul Wins Congressional Primary in Landslide - 80.76% 14:41:38
THANK YOU, Debra Medina! 13:13:34
Put it in Perspective! 10:46:00
YouTube: Peter Schiff won the GOP Senate debate in CT 04:01:35
Rand Paul on Jim Bunning in the Senate - CNN's Rick's List 3/2/10 15:10:26
Madoff Exposer Harry Markopolos on King World News: 'No One Would Listen' 10:05:58
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I'm an Economic prisoner of the USA 23:58:37
Can Medina Run as an Independent Now 23:50:13
Nothing like getting sued for being eco-friendly and saving money; from the taxes they pay. 23:33:28
FROM HOUSTON TEXAS... Thank you Michael Nystrom, DP moderators and everyone here! 23:09:49
What Happened to Bob Beers? remember the guy who shut the NV convention? 22:16:42
Barney Frank takes Dr. Paul's cue and demands answers 22:07:20
ron paul on fox business march 3 22:01:27
Starbucks asks not to be part of gun control debate, allows customers with guns 21:35:54
Is Liberty Eagle a communist infiltrator? 21:18:28
Swear Not at All 20:59:04
Even though it's over....2 Days til Victory 20:40:14
How to Teach Children to go into Debt 20:39:22
Coffee Party=OBAMA! 20:38:23
Mayor Bloomburg gives 911 memorial contract to foreigners instead of Americans 20:31:19
Maybe this is why the Free State Project hasn't really taken off 20:22:29
Anyone else get a letter from "The Nationalist Times"? 20:14:03
Are you a Federal Employee? 20:09:01
Obama Now Selling Judgeships for Health Care Votes? 20:07:17
What are you guys doing about the 2010 census? 19:49:46
Patriots Thank You For Your Debra Medina Battle! 19:37:05
Increase in US military equipment buildup in Middle East is here 19:13:02
Got This On My Door *Update* 19:02:43
DEMINT: White House Land Grab 18:38:36
Soros at it again. U.S. Said to Tell Hedge Funds to Save Euro Records 18:32:19
Precious Metals Questions 18:29:22
Frank Asks Bernanke to Probe Fed Actions on Watergate, Iraq 18:25:16
Computer Voter Fraud Questions 18:13:22
Muslim Woman Refuses Body Scan, Barred From Flight 18:11:58
Tea party: Brass Tacks, What we are about. 17:39:12
I actually don't want Ron Paul to run for President. 17:34:15
Debra Medina for Senate in Texas? Take Hutchinson's seat? 17:30:27
Fed Inflates Itself Beyond "Alice in Wonderland"$2 Quadrillion 17:09:09
An Idea to further the Medina Agenda for Texans 16:51:22
More Neocon Spin from Dave Weigel 16:48:01
Just for CHRISTIANS- VIDEO 16:41:14
Food Stamps Program 16:21:28
Need help compiling a list of Liberty music and artists... :) 16:12:27
Hayek and Keynes rap 16:06:05
The Medina Conservatives: How Many Today and How Many Tomorrow? 15:55:06
keynes and Hayek rap "watch" 15:54:54
here's ron paul on fox business 15:44:45
Plan for TEXAS 15:19:17
* Debra Medina Defiant in Defeat * 15:01:58
Texas Gop Snubs Medina supporters 14:43:33
Karl Rove fawns over George Bush in new memoir 14:40:41
Punctuation WARS!!! or, Neighborhood Nuclear Superiority 14:31:54
Rand Paul on CNN 3-2-10 14:21:45
The Vultures are Circling and Attacking here on Daily Paul! 14:21:43
FOX: Diebold Electronic Vote Fraud Confirmed 14:14:38
Look how far we've come! Drudge is relentlessly keeping the threat of 'the nuclear option' on health care up.... 13:56:39
WSJ: Baltic Drying Up as a Gauge? 13:52:01
Peter Schiff entire debate video! 13:41:30
The Ron Paul Freedom IRA 13:39:25
Elements of Master and Slave explained 13:36:23
court shannagans worth a review - VIDEO 13:34:58
Reality Report and Republic Magazine! 13:32:55
The Cleveland Federal Reserve Explains The Federal Reserve In One Easy, Accessible Video 13:27:32
Charlie Rangel! You're OUT! 13:09:46
We Lost One Battle - We Will Win The War! 12:49:59
Going backward 12:49:57
Hoax of the Century 12:47:28
"No Sheriff Left Behind" OHIO Tour! 12:38:06
Check Out Reality Report # 34- FOX the Gateway Drug, Greater Depression, Local Currency, Mouse-Pig Hybrids, Inside CPAC 12:35:05
NYFD Is About To Make 9/11 Liars Look Like Fools! 12:33:13
Bill Gates proposes and (implicity) admits to practicing genocide 12:25:54
Giethner and AIG article 11:57:11
TX precinct convention results! 11:44:40
I'm not a Texan, but I would vote for White 11:33:31
The War Party: A Paper Tiger 11:30:13
The Guardians of the Republic Project, MUST Read !!! 11:30:03
Let's stop blaming truthers and Alex Jones wholey for Debra's loss! 11:26:43
Truthers are the real CONSPIRACY! 11:26:13
Followers of the Texas Congressman represent the real conservative movement by Jack Hunter 11:20:25
License to Drive 11:13:09
Obama Caught Lip-Syncing Speech 11:03:46
Debra Medina’s Loss and The Ron Paul Effect 10:59:43
A Special Thank You to the Schiff Volunteers 10:25:50
Adam Kokesh Live today on Mike Church Show 11am Eastern 10:24:59
Test to take before voting 10:00:59
German Reporter brings FAKE GOLD BARS to public knowledge 09:52:31
Tea Party Group Argues for Recall of N.J. Senator 09:50:06
Should Ron have stepped up? 09:39:31
Nigel Farage Totally Destroys Van Rompuy! 09:06:11
APATHY will not be TOLERATED! 08:58:34
John Stossel : Legalize All Drugs! 08:39:44
Ron Paul : The US Government's Debt Can Never Be Repaid! 08:31:16
Message from 912 website: "You Ron Pauliacs are like cockroaches..." 08:12:02
Debra Medina’s Loss and The Ron Paul Effect 07:45:13
Obama Caught Lip-Syncing Speech 05:13:05
Subject your Government to Free Market Competition! Yehaa! 04:45:41
Medina Lost because of US. 04:36:26
In Utah, a move to seize federal land 04:15:42
article: Ponderings about Liberty 04:10:22
Another Schiff POLL! 04:03:51
The 9-11 "factor" 03:49:56
And now, for some good news... 03:40:19
Fresh Jordan Page Music Video "Liberty" Pre-Release 03:39:14
Lid blows off Obama's forgotten scandal 03:36:32
Lid blows off Obama's forgotten scandal 03:28:28
Devvy Kidd names a DPer involved in vote fraud... 02:57:45
Schiff Debate Part 1-5 On Youtube 02:56:30
We Are Being Spent Into Oblivion 02:54:01
Medina Constitutionalist, Join us. 02:46:23
Peter Schiff Debate Video 02:43:24
Bye bye Rangel 02:37:17
Too Far, Too Long - They told me not to rap about Obama but Im finally doing it 02:32:17
Let's show our support for Jim Bunning for not caving in 01:59:05
Where do these Fear Campaign E-mails originate? 01:58:43
1st and 2nd place counties for Medina 01:50:45
Debate Twitter Poll 3/2/10 01:29:17
Gay Arab Anarchist tours U.S., promoting New Hampshire 01:22:28
Military Drones To Be Flown Over Afgahnistan and Iraq for Next 3 Years 01:16:14
Man jailed for posting Medina sign on city property in Watauga 01:15:48
Dylan Ratigan gets pissed at Matt williams 01:07:22
Vote for Peter Schiff in the Debate Poll! 01:02:28
Just Cut His Microphone! He Has No Interest In Answering My Questions 00:50:41
Back to the drawing board 00:38:45
For Debra... 00:33:50
Medina has not given up 00:22:28
Medina Question.. 00:08:24