Posted on March 7, 2010

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Iceland says NO to IMF, EU, UK & NE! 13:52:22
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Check out this proud Vet...... 23:31:04
Sunday Night Reality Check: Getting it on ... whatever it is, exactly 23:15:11
"Beijing studies severing dollar peg" 23:11:05
Google knows all... 22:49:42
Hello everybody, Well I hate to tell you this but.... I'm staying! 22:45:37
Paper Attacks YAL at Indiana University 22:25:45
New Deadline Set to Pass Health Care Bill 22:24:56
Question regarding reform 22:21:17
If you were inviting speakers/musicians for a "Tea Party," Who would you invite? 22:02:10
So long, everybody. 21:42:59
MUSE at the Boston Garden last night!!! They GET IT!! 21:32:34
Leadership Lessons From the Dancing Guy 21:25:22
How Google Intentionally Divides "THE PEOPLE" 21:19:37
Poll: C4L member Paul Lambert - You know what to do. UPDATE: UNDER MACRO ATTACK 20:57:02
ACLU uses Obama to Bush morph pics for Fullpage NYT's Ad 20:27:26
"Pakistan arrests American-born al-Qaida" 18:45:59
Inexpensive Infrared Bulb Sauna - Detoxes Heavy Metals/Chemicals Through Sweat 18:23:07
Poll shows Paul, Mongiardo have strong leads in Senate races in Kentucky 18:10:24
The New Republic's bigotry, exposed by Glenn Greenwald of Salon 17:34:14
This Will Bring A Smile... 16:35:14
New Gatto Interview- maybe his best yet? 16:12:16
New Poll: Rand Paul Running Away With the Primary 15:45:57
ABC News Vs. Loose Change. Treason in America 15:23:08
Indisputable Proof that Obama is the Antichrist 15:23:03
real oath keepers 14:54:28
So Begins The Push For Monsanto To Take Control Of Marijuana! 14:41:51
Flashback: Walmart Wants You Dead: How Walmart Screws it's Employees. 14:32:39
Alex Jones Exposes Attempt To Demonize 9/11 Truth On Geraldo Following Pentagon Incident 14:30:18
Check Mommy Out 11:43:52
Open Chicken Forum 11:22:09
67 year old Vietnam Vet Takes Punk to Task 10:51:20
The Boneyard: World's 'biggest' plane cemetery up close 10:45:34
Why Washington Doesn't Work Anymore 10:40:04
Update from Indiana: Tom Woods Rejected AGAIN on a 2nd Lame Excuse 10:34:23
Got plans for spring break yet? Because you definitely should. 10:30:30
United States has rights available ... 10:21:10
RT- Democracy or Dud? Lawyer lashes out on US policy in Iraq 09:55:32
MIKE VASOVSKI in his own words. 09:53:45
Terrorist Ideologues.... a blog by Thomas DiLorenzo 09:37:17
McCain's supplement bill dies in Senate 09:22:46
Iran's Ahmadinejad: Sept. 11 attacks a 'big lie' 09:19:42
NY Fed gets tagged "AUDIT ME"[Video] 07:10:01
Just What I Needed - A Car Accident 05:16:24
Who are the communist the USA or China? 04:58:31
The Constitution Does Not Protect Our Property 02:30:17
A Free Treasure 02:05:08
FOR LIBERTY Started at 10:40 mtn time 01:41:52
Iceland Rejects Icesave Bank Payback Plan 01:40:14
Ron Paul Snaps Up 800 Tickets for Southern Republican Leadership Conference 01:37:44
Ahmadinejad comes forward as a "Truther" 00:26:44
Icelanders Reject European Debt Repayment by 90% 00:22:32