Posted on March 9, 2010

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Senators Move To Make ALL U.S. Workers Carry Microchipped ID! 20:37:35
Video: Dr. Ron Paul AT OSU with Judge Andrew Napolitano of Freedom Watch 13:15:20
WSJ: ID Card for Workers Is at Center of Immigration Plan 10:32:22
Third Newspaper Ad Launch and Grassroots Liberty Money Bomb March 10th!! 10:30:40
YAL Presents Freedom Watch at Ohio State U: Ron Paul & Jordan Page 01:38:33
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New York Federal Reserve Building Tagged "Audit Me" 23:47:41
If you are going to have a garden this year 23:46:49
4409 -- Not Guilty vs Innocent 23:00:37
At Some Point, It Will Matter 22:44:31
Dahlia Wasfi & John Rees take on Neocon from Heritage Foundation 22:29:28
The Real Reason We're In Iraq 21:31:33
A few weird things about the Alex Jones on Geraldo Interview.. 20:51:40
Has anyone here heard the 911 call... 20:43:56
If you are in South Carolina... 20:29:58
Police act swiftly after gun purchases - thought police in force!! 20:05:57
The Southern Poverty Lie Center attacks Continental Congress and the We The People Foundation AGAIN! 19:49:50
The Money Mafia is in the final stages of a 100 year plan to create their One World Governement. 19:42:54
Contractor Piggy Land in Afghanistan, "Too Much Too Fast." Call for Kucinich Res. Tomorrow 19:39:59
Blueprint for 9/11 Truth - Trailer 19:22:32
Barney Frank's Letter to Ben Bernanke 19:21:20
9/11 Wasn't the First Time Our Government Lied About An Attack To Start A War! Jesse Ventura 19:11:24
ESPN: Obama administration could prohibit U.S. citizens from fishing 18:55:02
Jesse Ventura Interview - American Conspiracies 18:48:22
Is anyone watching the Massa interview on Beck? 18:37:10
Senate Staffers Warned to Stay Clear of Drudge Report 18:30:44
We shall repeal the 20th century. Awesome essay by Rothbard 18:29:20
Getting His License? 18:18:32
Former Socialist Teacher Confronts Local School Board 18:11:54
Jesse Ventura: MSNBC Tried to Shut Me Up (Interview w/ TYT) 18:07:20
153 NYPD photos from 9/11 released on 18:00:56
Health Care Reform Didn’t Work for Romney and Won’t Work For Obama – Here’s What Will Work 17:59:56
Chuck Schumer\Lindsey Graham: ID Card for Workers Is at Center of Immigration Plan 17:57:03
Census Video and Remember This One? 17:37:23
MO Health Care Freedom Act Rally 17:33:57
I Was Just Attacked In A Vicious Way 17:30:51
NO FISHING ! 16:57:50
*Caught! A New 9/11 Game Outed* 16:55:12
Telegraph reports the TRUE cause of Haiti quakes 16:51:39
ABC Airs "Interview" with Loose Change 16:49:08
I need your help DailyPaul, my gun rights are one petition away. 16:03:53
Public Servant Questionnaire 15:39:18
Jesse Ventura on Neil Cavuto at 6PM EST. 09Mar10 15:18:25
Oil Traders Dump Iran 14:47:43
Detroit wants to save itself by shrinking 14:46:10
FL - US Senate Poll Results - Crist Down Big - Rubio UP 14:41:37
Romneycare model a dud 14:15:00
John McCain Authors Bill to Detain Americans Indefinitely 14:09:52
A Greek crisis is coming to America 14:07:57
FDIC wants pension funds to prop up failed banks 13:49:24
New Solar filament 50,000 KM long expected to produce hyder flare on collapse 13:22:24
The most important document you will ever write, I guess sovereignty is way more important than we thought, 13:13:25
Dan Rather on Obama "he couldn't sell watermelons if you hired a state trooper to..." 13:05:04
Let's organize a Campaign to get issues on ballots, to: 12:51:24
Japanese Have Washington Post Running Scared over 9/11 12:41:38
Ron Paul Honest Statesman for President 12:35:16
RT- Treason in America: 9/11 truthers pool conspiracies 12:29:49
Corporate Lobbyists and Public Relations Firms behind Cable News Outlets 12:26:41
The Trial of 'Splitting the Sky' Citizen's Arrest of George W. Bush for War Crimes 12:09:02
Socialist Romney Doesn't Think Ron Paul Devotees Are Growing in Number 11:53:49
Pentagon Accuses Pacifists of Undermining the Quest for World Peace 11:40:11
Governor Jesse Ventura on Fox News 11:31:17
I received a letter from the Census Bureau yesterday. 11:25:28
Executing Handcuffed Afghan Kids? No Story Here! US Press Sits on Story 11:03:00
The DP "Suicide" Thread 10:46:06
Peter Schiff on 9/11 Truthers and Govt Conspiracies 10:40:52
US drone attacks killing hundreds of civilians in Pakistan 10:37:51
Marc Faber Lecture (17/10/9) Understanding NWO Economics 10:36:39
Executive Order to ban Fishing for US Citizens? 10:14:11
Barry (Kopbusters) & Candi Arrested for Stinging A Kop - 10:08:24
Jesse Ventura On Larry King 03/08/10 09:51:08
Penn State Police Raid Bars for "Unlicensed Beers" 09:46:47
Don't You Believe It! When Rumored to be Dead... 01:54:58
National Biometric ID in amnesty bill 01:51:08
SA hits one out of the ballpark as usual: 01:34:28
FOOD INC ( Nominated for academy award ) start at 10:15 mtn time 01:19:20
Peter Schiff Now a Regular on CNBC! 01:13:48
Urgent: New Prohibition Sweeping the States 01:11:13
China confirms it will buy 191.3 tons of gold from the IMF 00:27:39
Gerald Celente: Wall Street has hijacked Washington 00:22:55
This mentions Ron Paul, - as one of the few who understand. The Whole Show is Important! 00:17:57
RNC powerpoint pdf 00:04:53