Posted on March 11, 2010

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Letter To Ron Paul 18:02:05
Mass school closures in Kansas City 09:40:08
The Beck Deception - Great Article by a Recovering Fan 09:39:51
TODAY 3-11 in the US Court of Appeals - Historic Bailout Trial! 11:50:41
H.R 4759 REPEAL NAFTA! 16:41:20
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Europe's banks brace for UK debt crisis 23:55:22
►Join and Organize to END the FED 23:39:13
Need help distributing a message - re: health care 23:30:47
Peter Schiff talks about toxic assets 23:29:49
Gerald Celente: If anybody invades Iran, it’s the beginning of World War 3 23:27:01
►Hey! The Gig Is UP! Federal Reserve Act Has a Backout Clause 23:25:52
The Hedrick $9 on the 12th Money Bomb 23:16:50
Dan Rather: "They make money on division" 23:00:31
Poll for drinking raw milk, you know what to do (Updated) 22:48:58
Congress won't be able to reconcile Obamacare. It's all or nothing! 22:47:49
Kelley Paul gives a fantastic speech for Rand Paul 22:33:54
►The 8/16 Truth Movement (It just WON'T go away.....) 21:58:37
A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash 21:52:45
Deputies find moonshine still, an arrest was made. LOL. What year is it? 21:21:43
Anatomy Of A Grassroots Win 21:17:06
Mises Institute on Eisenhower 21:15:53
Rasmussen Poll for Colbert Show, you know what to do 21:02:35
Al-Qaida seen eyeing less complex attacks on US 20:08:15
Slowly, Americans are regaining their lost wealth 19:58:47
400 Years Ago the Scientific Revolution Was Born 19:17:09
I object to the new Paulslist! 19:01:48
Texas' Terrible Tuesday 18:47:47
Six Ron Paul Revolution Youtube Nuggets! 18:44:24
Is there a Visa credit card available from a non-criminal bank? 18:10:44
Did Bankrupt Runaway Prius Driver Fake "Unintended Acceleration?" 17:59:27
NASA Predicts A Solar Flare Will Knock Out All Electricity in 2012 17:41:54
*Official Video* Rand Paul Moneybomb - March 23rd - "Give Me Liberty!" 17:41:16
French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment 17:21:53
Dr. Paul today on Bloomberg 3/11 17:13:58
Obama facing uprising over new NASA strategy 16:56:14
Rand Paul - Helping Hand 16:43:16
EU hits back at Geithner on regulation 16:41:58
Can we list all the places that are currently, or have had rioting in the last 5 years? 16:29:23
Human Action priced at 20 bucks! 16:29:09
Video: Bank seizes wrong home 16:26:25
DR. DOOM: Europe's debt crisis increasing risk of double dip recession in U.S. 15:59:49
The Coffee Party 15:34:56
Please help with 'freedom question': Does the child have rights beyond a parent's wishes? 15:25:59
Copwatchers catch "protectors" using excessive force 15:24:42
Are These 356 Warmongers, Supporters of the Military Industrial Complex and Big Oil? 15:07:44
Ron Paul on Running for President in 2012.. 14:44:50
Idaho Going Back To The Gold Standard? 14:42:31
Feds raid Hilo cannabis ministry (Update 6-24-11) 14:36:22
I'm reposting with different title..I'd like some feedback on the designs. 14:19:10
It's Going To Implode: Buy Physical Gold - NOW 13:36:20
"Whoa-oh!" 13:34:36
24K women's wedding band 13:31:27
Legal Solution to Forcing the Federal Government to Show its Hand 13:22:51
RT- Chasing Windmills: American reality in Afghanistan 13:10:44
Greece is starting to crack... 13:10:25
Thomas Porteous Impeachment vote - 13:03:23
A rare glimpse of truth from MSM ... regarding Inflation 12:42:59
How do you run for the house 12:38:02
Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act and 10th Amendment Resolutions 12:36:17
What will happen the next 2 years ? 12:31:36
'Putting the Constitution Back into the Oval Office' By Ron Paul 12:21:54
Liberty Conspiracy 2-22-10; The CONstitution 12:14:52
Two strong earthquakes strike Chile...again 12:05:06
"Ron Paul's imaginary world of NAFTA" is real! 11:47:46
Christopher Walken: How to complete the 2010 Census 11:42:38
Kansas City MO closes 29 of 61 schools to avoid Bankruptcy 11:37:01
Pacific North American regional integration and control 11:34:15’s Kurt Wallace Live on the Mike Church Show 11am Eastern 11:24:58
Medina voter fraud 11:17:37
Census Bureau refuses to answer questions 10:46:02
WTF Massachusetts? Constitution doesn't apply to the state? 09:26:53
Chemtrails Book Suggestion? 05:58:34
Armed Citizens 04:38:37
California lawmaker would outlaw 'open carry' gun right 04:29:10
Breaking News: Some Bull**** Happening Somewhere! Humor 00:34:47
Question: Ron Paul Democrat 00:32:05
Economy Kept On Life Support While Global Governance Is Organized 00:14:05