Posted on March 28, 2010

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Blog that! CIA Officer Robert Steele Stresses the Importance of Blogging 21:11:51
What a difference one "meaningless" straw poll makes 02:25:28
Rand Paul asked if he will always support Israel 01:26:32
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THE SECRET OF OZ - New shorter version of Money Masters with a twist 23:54:58
Rand Paul addresses pro-gun crowd 23:45:50
Democrats threaten companies hit hard by health care bill 22:56:07
A Voice To Be Heard 22:51:12
Dr. Paul's Neocon Primary Opponent Calls Him "Dead Wrong" 22:35:04
Response to Chuck Baldwin’s article regarding “Open Gays In The Military” 22:20:25
The Daily Rant - open rant forum 21:08:00
"State" means the District of Columbia 21:06:38
Idaho Local News: Ron Paul will introduce legislation to Repeal Obama Care 20:54:06
The DP needs BJ Lawson moneybomb ads 20:41:46
Another brick in the wall: China’s Geely to Buy Ford’s Volvo in Record Overseas Auto Deal 20:36:09
"Miss me yet?" --George W. 19:49:34
"When Soldiers Become Murderers" 19:42:19
Idaho Freedom Initiatives! 19:37:24
March Madness Regional Finals -- Go Ron! 19:26:22
Lawyer finds documents that tie the Roman Catholic Church to curruption 18:55:14
Can You IMAGINE The Stupidity of The Official 9/11 Story? 18:40:39
Brutal Beatings in Russian Prison 18:28:55
9-11 Truth makes HUGE appearance at Los Angeles 18:13:18
Repeal, replace, revolt!!! 18:09:29
Just a video of a spinning silver coin 17:41:02
5 Lessons from Paddy Hirsch 16:09:42
If you live in Florida please help-KILL BILL HB187 15:02:45
The war on WikiLeaks and why it matters-Glen Greenwald *A must Read* 14:21:26
[Youtube] Schiff Minibomb March 31st 14:16:41
What does the healthcare bill have to do with a new army? 14:08:53
Ron Paul tells 1,500 in Boise the health care bill is a 'disaster' 14:06:22
EXCELLENT NEWS>> Ron Paul to introduce 'opt out' of mandatory health insurance legislation!! 14:03:18
Peter Schiff - For Liberty TV Ad 13:57:18
We are winning 13:45:30
HR 605 End to Falun Gong Persecution Passes 412-1 13:29:28
Tea Party Declaration of Independence from Political Party Loyalties 13:28:28
Tea Party Questions for Political Candidates 13:26:51
original oil painting of ron paul 12:50:42
VOTE for RON -- NOW! 12:44:55
Myths some libertarians (yes, libertarians) hold about government 12:32:27
A Real Presidential Candidate for 2012 (if Ron Paul doesn't make it) 12:29:30
Must See! Alex Jones beats CNN! 12:28:51
Anyone here listen to FDR podcasts? 12:22:02
This Video gave me the chills and brought tears to my eyes 12:06:30
PA House Appropriations Chairman Dwight Evans To Cut Off Funds To Attorney General Tom Corbett Office Over Health Care Suit 11:39:07
If you are considering running for Congress, or what have you this is the year to do it, this is our time!!! 11:34:13
Grassroots "Stop The Wars" Money Bomb March 29 11:14:10
Ron Paul: Healthcare will drive US to bankruptcy 10:59:27
George Will: It's Time to Stop Granting Citizenship to Babies of Illegal Aliens! 10:17:05
Ron Paul: Healthcare will drive US to bankruptcy 08:59:53
Tea Party totally hijacked with Palin! 08:46:05
AT&T takes $1 billion health care reform charge 08:06:11
New Ron Paul Video 05:58:56
The IRS is Not An Agency of the US Government 04:05:05
Devvy Kidd ... The IRS Is Not An Agency Of The U.S. Government 03:34:10
Breaking: DHS, FBI Raid Militia in Michigan - Parts 1 & 2 02:55:21
Financial Fraud on Wall Street 02:42:46
A Zionist Plan for the Middle East, Paper Published in 1982 00:38:36
Come to CT and help with Schiff Campaign 00:24:23
Flashback (1990) - 2 Live Crew: Banned in the U.S.A. 00:17:25
Tea Party Sign Workshop, Take it Back from the Palin Tea-o-Cons 00:11:10