Posted on March 29, 2010

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Dr. Paul has said this for years about Iran 23:44:18
Help Stop FOX From Sabotaging Rand Like Beck Did to Medina !!! 22:38:27
BJ Lawson on "The Market Ticker" 18:22:55 The War on WikiLeaks and Why It Matters 15:33:53
Worcester MA Tax Day Tea Party & Billboard 14:12:33
You Say You Want a Revolution? Think Again 09:43:58
In Defense of Sarah Palin by Norman Podhoretz 07:06:58
Jake Towne ✌ Stop The Wars ✌ Money Bomb 20:58:07
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THE COVE - Academy Winner 23:55:32
SA@TAC - Dangerous Rand Paul 23:45:41
"We don't ever want to get to the point where we tie people down on a gurney and inject them" 23:37:40
GOP/Tea party question...... 22:56:06
Doctors Sue to Overturn the HC Bill 22:52:18
Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion 22:38:37
Alex Jones disrupts gun rally. Why, What & Who is John Bush? [Photos Inside] 22:31:02
Seriously? This coverage is moronic 22:30:58
48 Hours Left to Fund Peter Schiff Ad!!! 21:55:49
Michelle Obama's battle against childhood obesity 21:46:02
Andrew Maguire, whistleblower on silver / gold manipulation victim of hit and run 21:44:00
NYT's editorial tells Tea Parties - You may want “your country back,” but you can’t have it. 21:33:17
Ron Paul: The Right to Healthcare is Based on Theft and Coercion 21:32:38
War Games: Israel gets ready to Strike at Iran's Nuclear Sites 21:19:00
Re-Affirmation of Our Sixth Amendment Rights: Letter to Sergeant at Arms 21:15:05
US creates biometrics agency 21:07:56
EM field, behind right ear, suspends morality 21:01:10
Your Proud Libertarian Candidates 20:31:56
Poll-Should economic, cultural, social, sexual, ethnic rights trump individual rights. 20:28:49
God-Given Rights 20:25:00
Ron Paul Says Get Out of NAFTA and the UN! 19:49:36
The Timeline of the Federal Reserve Act 0f 1913 19:31:53
Rap Video: Is it Obama's Nation or an Abomination? 18:23:11
What if the terrorist attack in Russia had happened to America today? 18:04:50
Global Warming Activist found frozen to death in Antarctica 17:59:40
if you had to choose between these 5 presidents... 17:44:11
JP Morgan Paid $1.9 Billion For Washington Mutual And Now It Wants A $1.4 Billion Tax Refund 17:18:41
Trey Grayson thought of being a Blue Devil undergrad? (see photo) 16:38:08
Commercial real estate to see ‘storm’ of foreclosures 16:30:05
I can't even title this thread (Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal Admits Atrocoties) 16:13:19
13th amendment - Titles of Nobility - lawyers 16:03:41
Ready Reserve Corps Mention in Health Care Bill (Senate Version) 16:01:50
Very, very scary letter 15:50:10
Militia leader a Ron Paul supporter? 15:22:43
The FED has bought 1 Trillion of Fannie and Freddie 15:18:56
G Edward Griffin doesn't fully understand Carroll Quigley(and neither do you). 15:16:54
Libertarian Attacked for Heckling Tea Party Sarah 14:52:26
This is pretty good... 14:50:29
Anti-Government Anger Backfires in Texas Census Response rates dismal from key conservative districts 14:48:01
BJ Lawson Money Bomb (NC - 4th district ) 14:44:42
Trey Grayson Battles Rand Paul With Dick Cheney Endorsement, College Basketball Loyalties 14:42:57
Fox News Propaganda in Action On Cantor Gunshot Claim 14:37:53
RNC Asks Member to Return $2,000 Reimbursed for Visit to Bondage Club 14:37:17
The Senator Goes Home 13:51:49
A.N.S.W.E.R. Confronts 9-11 Truth Marchers at Los Angeles March Over Anti-War Message 13:44:16
Tucker Carlson left the Rally for the Republic because of Jesse Ventura 13:43:07
Investigation Heathrow security man "I love those gigantic..." 13:35:58
Bill Murphy of GATA Reveals Whistle-Blower in Gold Price Suppression 13:17:08
VIDEO: Children of Gaza 13:14:50
US troop deaths double & injuries triple in Afghanistan so far in 2010 12:58:41
To: Obama, please keep the fed. Gov't out of the private sector, simply mandate lenders to clean up the mess they created 12:05:40
Ron Paul Exposes Obamacare on Freedom Watch 11:59:06
B.J. Lawson on BlogTalkRadio With Karl Denninger Today at 3:30pm Central Time 11:56:16
"Healthcare Will Make Crisis FAR Worse" Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - Mar. 29, 2010 11:54:37
Takeover on the 401k/IRA 11:53:32
Census: Low Response Rate May Cost Republicans Congressional Seats 11:51:44
Militia members charged with police-killing plot 11:36:21
Operation Dominate Facebook Newsfeed: 11:25:29
Helen Thomas On Her one Question for Obama~ Re:Israeli Nukes 11:11:03
Enemy Congress~ S.3081 McCains Enemy Belligerent Act 11:06:16
An Unaccustomed Truth: American Commander Admits Afghan Atrocities 10:58:34
38 killed in Moscow from two attacks on subways stations 10:52:45
Alan Grayson wimped out, held unpublicized speech on health care 10:49:49
Democrats Form “Anti-Tea Party” PAC 10:33:54
** GREAT short AUDIO clips from State Sovereignty Rally** 10:20:39
Killed By Spam Filter 09:47:19
Dr. Chuck Baldwin Promoting Collectivism under the Guise of Liberty 09:45:27
Back To Basics: Why Limited Government? 09:16:53
The Symmetry Project: Enjoy it, you paid for it... 06:47:12
Obama Sets Sights on Merging Mexico and US? 06:46:36
03/28/2010 - A day that will live in infamy(?) 03:36:19
Hollywood Anti-War March 2010, We Are Change LA/ 9/11 Truth has big turnout. 02:25:51
Is this accidently libertarian? 00:55:18