Posted on March 30, 2010

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"A Drug War Carol" Exposes War on Drugs 19:20:04
Judge Napolitano to guest host Glenn Beck TV show this Wed & Thursday 16:59:17
CNN Attempt To Portray Patriots As Terrorists Backfires, Segment Fails To Air 15:03:26
Jake Towne: Money Bomb Results and The Job of a U.S. Representative 14:23:56
Trey Grayson ATTACKS Ron Paul AND Rand Paul! - Rand needs your help to respond! 13:01:07
Preparations for a Hit against Iran: Stopping Israel’s Next War 12:57:01
Rand Paul Ad Confronts Grayson for Using 9/11 Issue Dishonorably 10:29:14
DIGG! Alternet: Author Naomi Wolf on How Tea Parties Help Fight Fascism! 10:20:39
Stewart Rhodes Explains Oath Keepers Mission 10:08:43
The Southern Avenger - Dangerous Rand Paul 01:43:27
"Trey Grayson has a disturbing history on the issue of electronic voting systems." 00:04:48
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The Higher Liberty 23:07:50
Poll: Would you vote for Ron Paul in 2012? 22:48:11
Why was post about John B. And Cat B censored? Updated with answer. 22:33:23
Rand Paul on WYMT Issues and Answers 3/29/10: Trey Grayson is a Liar! 22:30:16
Gerald Celente: What to Do in a Crises 22:29:16
Scientist: FDA suppressed imaging safety concerns 22:22:49
AZ Patriots call senators/reps over HB2632 and SB1070 TOMORROW (3/31)!! 22:10:15
The U.S. is stuck in the Cold War 22:02:15
Cato Institute Historically Has Rejected Ron Paul 21:34:10
Obama Addresses Issue of Tea Partiers 21:15:28
NH legislature sides with SIA on biometrics 20:23:17
Former GA Senator Nancy Schaefer and husband found dead 20:10:14
"Who is Lt. Eric Shine, and why should we care?" 19:59:37
Last years seed 19:54:55
Candidate for California Governor talks 9/11, New World Order, and even weather modification.. Chelene Nightingale 19:05:40
"Arrested Michigan Militia Leader Was A Ron Paul Fanatic"... FOX NEWS Reports (of course) 18:56:12
Its Happening Just as We Said it Would -- Militias Muster -- Prevent Martial Law!! 18:50:46
"Hutaree" criminal was the FBI infiltrator 18:41:57
Check out this email..... 18:31:04
Anyone have a link to the cost to oversee Medicare\Medicaid 18:30:47
The greatest weapon the oppressor has is the mind of the oppressed. 17:51:51
Obama says wants Iran sanctions within weeks 17:40:49
It's Official - America Now Enforces Capital Controls 17:33:19
4409 -- Judicial misconduct Exposed: Judge Caryl K. Parker 17:08:24
HIGH: The True Tale of American Marijuana 17:06:40
MSM Palin and Theft of the Tea Party 16:27:17
WikiLeaks 16:18:52
Obama just got his Private Army! 15:41:37
Canada tells Clinton they are pulling out of Afghanistan! 15:20:35
Code Pink Attempt Citizens Arrest Of Karl Rove & Calls Him A War Criminal At Book Signing 14:53:15
Video: Obama talks about the tea party 14:53:13
Doug Stanhope on Nationalism. 14:52:54
Dangerous Rand Paul by Jack Hunter 13:50:13
Is obama the best president ever? 13:33:52
Is a Christain Tax Revolt against abortion brewing? 13:24:21
I feel myself slipping into the old paradigm 13:24:08
Ron Paul Says Get US Out of the UN and NAFTA! 13:18:52
New citizen needs help replying to pro-Obamacare email 12:57:19
BRODEN for U.S. Congress - This guy is right on! 12:55:29
Who are the top 4 or 5 liberty candidates you are supporting financially? 12:55:21
This is funny. Will Durst on The Bright Side of Global Warming 12:50:41
Ariz. Senate passes concealed weapons bill 12:36:58
Inside the Doomsday Machine 12:35:04
Bin Laden and Ariel Sharon Both Dead, on Ice for Different Reasons 12:30:59
Stupak 11 - Earmarks for Votes 12:23:09
Obamacare: Hidden Goodies 11:59:53
Socialism? HMMM 11:46:26
GATA's Evidence Of Silver And Gold Manipulation At CFTC Hearing 10:59:57
Healthcare: The Political Means vs. The Economic Means 10:53:42
Poll shows Tea Party may not be as anti-government as people think 10:37:15
American Truth - Da Wize Deciple (Blunt Cipher Season 4) 10:33:15
Trey Grayson's 'disturbing history' overseeing e-voting -- as he will oversee his own election vs. Rand Paul 10:31:30
"Obama: Tea Party features 'core group' against him" 09:17:05
American Truth - Rap - Ron Paul 2012! 08:43:21
RP Supporter Linda Goldthorpe for Michigan's 1st District 08:22:22
The real anti-Americans by Pat Buchanan 06:30:39
GOP spent thousands on luxury jets, adult club 04:49:38
[VIDEO] The Judge makes the case again for legalizing marijuana - Fox Business 3/29/10 04:48:13
Dangerous Rand Paul 04:43:09
Naomi Wolf Thinks the Tea Parties Help Fight Fascism -- Is She On to Something or in Fantasy Land? 04:24:30
We've Started a NEW Indie Media Outlet! Check it out & We Need More Reporters 03:19:18
Got a Facebook? I started a group, want to join? 02:21:38
Postal Service Projects $238B Deficit Over Next Decade; Sat. mail gone in 2011 02:06:18
Catherine Austin Fitts on now at Coast to Coast radio 01:46:34
Paper Silver article - SLV 00:26:29