Posted on April 2, 2010

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Tom Woods Speech At Campbell University 12:32:28
AntiWar Radio: The CIA, FBI, SPLC and OKC Bombing 08:35:10
GATA: Sophisticated Attack Disables King World News 09:22:23
Quiltingsando's Grassroots Liberty Flag In Action! Available for Purchase Now 08:53:44
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a VERY good explination of how our banks work from a Japanese comic book 23:26:19
Pawlenty pulls out of SRLC 23:18:37
Anything Happening in Austin for Tax Day? 23:18:28
Out of controll Obama is about poverty for all. 23:05:27
You can really see the Militia posters on the DP 23:02:52
The Earmark Deception of Corrupt Politicians 22:04:51
Worthy cause -- support civil disobedience 21:34:10
1 Million People 21:28:07
Congressman: 'I Don't Worry About the Constitution'... 20:48:56
Paul losing WND poll 20:45:45
FBI warns letters to governors could stir violence 20:31:33
US Abdicates Power to United Nations 20:07:34
Ron Paul to Obama: Don't Assassinate American Citizens! 19:53:11
Great presentation by Tom Baugh at LibertyForum 19:46:30
Rep. Hank Johnson (Dem.) Wonders If Guam Will "Tip Over and Capsize" because of over population! 19:42:12
Robert Scott Bell on Michael Savage Tonight! 8pm Eastern 19:42:10
Why the 'Recovery' Is Taking So Long 19:15:34
From bankrupt to rock star status! 18:46:56
Ron Paul on TIME Top 100 18:46:17
Demographic Makeup of Tea Partiers 18:22:36
Time Man of the YEAR again, Ron in the top 12 of 274 18:06:12
911 Commissioner Bob Kerrey: 911 was a 30 Year Old Conspiracy 17:45:55
Missouri, Arkansas governors get letters from anti-government group 17:45:03
OBAMA/BIDEN,....vs... ROMNEY/PALIN .... vs.... PAUL/VENTURA 17:17:43
Hawaii Birth Certificates That Count... 17:16:47
Late night hosts take on Obama 17:16:29
Last call! for SEED. 16:36:33
My Fellow Disciples of Christ (you cannot have it both ways) 16:31:29
Feds: Homes with Chinese drywall must be gutted 16:26:24
Mumbai Terrorist Was US Agent 15:16:17
Tracking the Illuminati on Facebook 15:06:38
Cops & CPS Seize Child From Parents For Mistrusting Government 14:49:58
'I wonder what Sarah Palin thinks about Pot' - Article that mentions RP several times. 14:33:52
Rachel 14:32:07
Mises Course in Economics. Looks good 14:15:31
Ron Paul - The Hero 13:49:58
Geithner: Fannie, Freddie Debt Isn’t Sovereign Debt 13:47:47
Thoughts on News Letter 13:38:23
The 2010 TIME 100 Poll 12:49:32
Pat Buchanan: What War with Iran Means 12:46:32
AIPAC: Out From the Shadows 12:32:56
Isn't THIS cute... 12:24:58
N.Y. Times interviews Rand Paul 11:33:05
Please make this go viral! 11:27:21
Song I made sampling Ron Paul's famous speech 11:00:11
Freedom from Usury? 10:47:25
World Net Daily presidential Poll alert 10:18:07
Ahhh, the extremism label is certainly a handy tool for the state. 10:16:02
WND Poll - Who's your pick for 2012 GOP presidential nominee? 09:54:07
Underwear Bomber -- What is the latest? 09:39:36
Is Congressman Johnson Ignorant, plain stupid, or simply misunderstoood? 09:12:31
Forensic experts to reexamine WTC rubble 09:09:13
The Southern Avenger - Are Tea Partiers Racist? 08:55:18
The Fed’s Last Hurrah By Peter Schiff 08:14:02
Why inflation becomes Hyper 08:11:05
Is It Time for Law Abiding American Citizens to Stop Paying Their Taxes and Start a New Government? 08:05:08
"Our God Given Rights" Where in the Bible does God give? 03:18:50
The Biggest Scam in Financial History? 02:59:20
"Is the U.S. Gold Stock Really There?" 01:39:56
The web bot is back on Coast to Coast radio 01:33:14
Federal Judge Finds N.S.A. Wiretaps Were Illegal 01:13:59
CFTC: OBEY YOUR OWN PLAQUE!! Scam since 1975! 01:13:06
[Video+Article]Insurance-Free Medical Practice Rids Office of Bloated Paperwork 01:09:08