Posted on April 4, 2010

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The Fed Admits To Breaking The Law 21:12:37
Powerful anti-war images. Does this guy belong with us or what? 21:11:25
I felt the earthquake in L.A., CA, and ... 19:37:42
My Response to Huffington Post's OUTRAGEOUS allegation toward Committees of Safety 09:38:37
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U.S. Admits Role in February Killing of Afghan Women 23:03:41
It's 10pm central time, 75 users and 340 guests online 23:03:04
Micro-chipped "Smart Pill" Sends Alert When Swallowed 22:37:55
Hey All You Crashed Dollar Truthers 22:07:06
Obama: All evidence shows Iran developing nukes 22:06:59
UPDATED : Time 100 results : Ron Paul CURRENTLY 12th place. GO VOTE NOW! 21:58:15
Easter Bunny "Eggs" Red Light Camera 21:54:21
Advance Notice: Fed having closed Meeting under Expedited Procedures 21:17:24
WOW! Peter Schiff will pay Alan Greenspan $100,000 if Greenspan accepts to debate him 20:53:38
2010 TIME 100 Poll Vote for Ron Paul 20:39:14
CIA Officer- Robert Steele tells it like it is 19:45:23
4409 -- First RON PAUL 2012 billboard...The Revolution Continues 19:01:00
The Idaho GOP's Pro-Militia Candidate 19:00:47
Powerful 1998 Interview With Tony Brown - Illuminati, Federal Reserve, Racism 18:16:13
Strawman and UCC-1 Help Please! 18:05:13
Von Rompuy and Gollum, separated at birth 17:14:03
US FOREIGN AID - Immoral transfer of our wealth 16:43:53
VOTE RON Now -- For the Championship 15:01:52
UK: Children asking 'frivolous' questions in teachers' job interviews (not from the "Onion") 14:06:58
Police Barge Into Woman's Home Without a Warrant 14:00:53
Red Horse ~Coming on the Horizon Line 13:57:06
"America's new angry brigade..." 13:52:14
We don't need no stinking warrant ! 13:32:37
Fear is a weapon of Mass Destruction! 13:32:02
Gestapo in Amerika 13:04:13
Conspiracy, or Must-See TV? Wikileaks to Unveil Secret Video 12:08:50
Michelle Obama admits Barak is from Kenya 12:02:47
Springtime for Obama 11:41:08
Old video of Ron Paul, pretty good! 08:31:14
Paradigm of Lawlessness--Courtesy of Bart Stupak 08:18:23
2012 presidential poll - Romney WAS beating Ron Paul 06:45:16
Next time a Neocon tells you "I fought for your freedom" Here's how to respond. 06:02:45
Terri McCormick Candidate for Wisconsins 8th district supports Auditing the FED 05:06:49
Updated- Welcome back, Sarge 04:19:05
Feds HELP illegal Aliens Get Jobs and Coffee! ... Really 03:49:55