Posted on April 6, 2010

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Court: FCC has no jurisdiction to regulate Internet in (Net Neutrality Case) 21:11:07
Libertarians at University of Michigan Out President Over Smoking Ban 19:48:44
SRLC: Losing Is Not an Option 12:45:45
America the Pacified ~ Atrocities in Afghanistan Ignored by US Media!! 11:23:05
DP Tea Party Info Thread - List Upcoming Tea Parties Here 11:18:43
GM Seeks to Fine Toyota $16.4 Million 11:07:18
Ron Paul and the Presidency - It's Closer than the Media Thinks 11:20:00
The Southern Avenger - Confused Confederates 00:14:23
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Jim Anderson in KS-04 joined by Dr. Rand Paul & Peter Schiff- endorsed by Republican Liberty Caucus 23:10:52
Are our allies the KLA putting serbs in concentration camps? Spread this. 22:01:05
Logan Bell - Walk for Liberty 21:40:15
Buy health insurance or lose your tax refund 21:33:19
Conspiracy of Silence Movie 21:24:35
The Silver Boom Is Coming! 21:11:23
Soldiers in a Free-Society vs Soldiers in a Corporatist Society 21:10:52
OOhhh - now we have been issued a challenge.. 21:03:39
7.8 Quake in Indonesia - 8th Big Quake of the Year 20:55:24
Reality Report's Franchi Raises False Flag Terror Alert to Red! 20:30:32
Meet The 26 Members Of George Soros's Secret Team To Rewrite Economics 20:08:09
Black Conservative Tea Party Backers Take Heat 19:59:54
Are you psychologically ready to accept the fact that airplanes are spraying the sky? 19:54:12
Harrisburg Liberty Alliance and PARevolution presents Delozier/Stuski (PA 88th) Debate 8pm 19:49:35
The New American Century 19:35:40
SILVER BOOM! Why Silver? Why Now? NIA Precious Metal Special Report 19:35:37
(NPR hit-piece) Measles Resurgence Tied To Parents' Vaccine Fears (falsely blaming the un-vaccinated) 19:35:36
Let's all take a moment and laugh at the MSM 19:11:19
Jack Conway stands up against Rand Paul and the Tea Party 19:06:51
Say NO to Climate Cap-and-Trade Bill: S1733 18:14:24
INTERESTING article on Trey and Cheney ties to AIG's lobbying firm... 18:11:26
Yet Again with the National ID: Campaign for Liberty 18:09:28
Wikileaks Special: The New American Century (2009) 17:31:07
CIA Whistleblower talks about Heart Attack gun 17:23:03
Ron Paul Hater Gets Dropped from MSNBC 17:19:17
Kokesh for congress 17:03:08
FRAUD ( Movie Trailer) 16:43:09
very interesting article...worth a read...I read his book the politically incorrect guide to the founding fathers. very good. 16:25:29
Gandhi's Economics- A Missing Link. 15:45:58
Comcast Beats FCC In Net Neutrality Battle 15:30:51
The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia 15:12:11
An Anti-War Poem & A Song 15:10:40
Exposing the Government’s Lies 14:33:04
Harry Reid in Reno/Carson City today! 13:54:30
Arctic cap is growing 13:44:37
'Conservative Week' from LRC blog 13:37:14
U.S. creates violent jihadist textbooks for use in afganistan 13:30:17
A Walk Down Memory Lane 13:19:29
Coercion or Freedom: Make Your Choice 13:09:09
GLOBAL GARDENER (Video Library) 13:03:14
Those HOT threads sure disappear fast 12:52:36
SRLC: Losing Is Not an Option (Continued) 12:46:50
Net Neutrality - Court Says - No FCC Oversight 12:43:11
Ron Paul and the Presidency - It's Closer than the Media thinks 12:40:12
UPDATED: Devin Norris, the nationwide pedophile ring whistleblower, is Still in jail 12:39:46
RJ Harris gets some press in local Oklahoma newspaper 12:35:48
Political Prisoner in Tennessee? (VIDEO INCLUDED) You decide... 12:29:48
Rand Paul at a Gun Rally 12:23:49
Ron Wins! Thank you for all your votes..... 12:07:08
Freedom Watch on Fox: Obama's Private Army? 12:06:59
V Shape Recovery 11:51:55
Jesse Ventura on 4/6/10 11:19:50
GM Seeks to Fine Toyota $16.4 Million 11:10:23
Trend alert: Oil prices on the rise 11:04:57
Bank Holiday in 3rd week in April 2010? 10:55:27
Did Michelle say Barack born in Kenya? 10:37:26
VIDEO: Gold Manipulation interview series 10:33:05
String of bombings rip through Baghdad, killing 49 10:09:24
Gingrich tells GOP: Back off RNC's Michael Steele 10:06:45
MSNBC : US Troops Kill Civilians in Iraq and Cover it up Video 1 and 2 09:54:03
VIDEO 'Draconian' Digital Bill Can Cut Off Internet 09:51:23
Queen will dissolve UK parliament on April 12th for a May 6th general election. 09:40:17
Afghanistan's new Guantanamo Bay raises serious ethical questions about US war efforts 09:40:15
Aimee Allen on Sundance Channel Part 1 and 2 08:52:14
Investigation reveals numerous bogus claims on Obama resume 08:51:41
Pfizer Is Developing AIDS-Like Viruses!!!! 08:35:33
Luxury Cars and Mansions for Everyone! 08:32:25
Bill Clinton Foundation: $140 million annual budget for “Global Governance,” UN style 08:30:59
You might be an enemy belligerent if… 08:28:56
Obama to Crush Economy with Massive CO2 Taxes as Early as Next Week 08:19:20
Anti-Catholicism and the New York Times By Patrick J. Buchanan 07:06:24
FDIC wants your retirement cash to save banks: Bloomberg 05:29:19
RNC official steps down, but Steele stands firm 04:30:58
*NOW* 4AM EST - AMC - "THEY LIVE" 04:05:12
I need the voting record for HR 2640 02:14:03
EPA awards Energy Star to 15 of 20 fictitious programs 02:10:28
Businessman jailed for attacking burglar says justice system failed him 00:45:30