Posted on April 7, 2010

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BREAKING!! Kyrgyzstan: Key Ally in Afghanistan Overthrown by Opposition Protestors 18:59:56
Dylan Ratigan on the FED and "The Greatest Con Job in the History of the World" 18:31:50
Nearly half of US households escape Federal income tax 16:48:59
Trey 'going dark' in Kentucky? Planning a 'nuclear bomb' against Rand? 14:52:53
Breaking news: RJ Harris wins big endorsement from local conservative group 14:25:59
3-Day Moneybomb for 126 Liberty Candidates Nationwide Following Tax Day Protests 14:07:07
Bill Murphy of GATA Speaks to CFTC 12:59:58
CBS News: The Battle Begins for 2012 GOP Contenders [Ron Paul Pictured w/others] 11:10:14
Greenspan on C-SPAN 10:53:18
Jake Towne Nearly Doubles 2009 Fundraising Total in First Quarter!!! 10:18:23
More Americans Sever U.S. Ties as IRS Gets Tougher 09:55:07
The Muted Plain: Anticipating the Wake of the Wikileaks Revelation 09:10:58
We are not the racists 00:55:34
BJ Lawson interview on Keiser Report 00:14:15
Tom Woods: The Ivy League Hates Nullification 00:06:46
Wikileaks: Collateral Murder - Classified US Military Video Shows Indiscriminate Slaying of Dozens, Incl. Two Reuters Employees 23:53:46
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America: The Grim Truth 23:44:58
Global Flashpoints Tonight on Coast to Coast 23:10:46
Poll: George W. Bush still blamed for economy 23:06:45
Kentucky 9/12 project looking for questions for Rand Paul / Trey debate 4/24 22:54:47
Kentucky 9/12 project looking for questions for Rand Paul / Trey debate 4/24 22:53:07
The State websites are changing their Headers! Guardians of the Republic!!! 22:45:46
"Obama 2012... What's Another 7 Trillion!" 22:43:15
Nobel PEACE Prize Winner authorizes assassination of American Citizen without a trial 22:41:30
The great Webster's Dictionary conspiracy 22:37:23
Complaint filed with FBI and SEC: Federal Reserve Felony Criminal Insider Activity 22:25:09
Breaking news alert!!! Another shoe bomber just now! 22:24:17
There is No "Fourteenth Amendment"! 21:45:31
Free Tickets to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans! 21:35:14
Big, long story on Peter Schiff 21:20:48
Good analysis on Kentucky senate race 20:41:44
Danny Tarkanian town hall Reno, NV tonight! 20:40:32
How would Dr. Paul fix market fraud? 20:31:35
Brad Blog says to Rand Paul-- Take pre-election action NOW! 20:27:59
Guardians of the Republic "Tim Turner" will be on live tonight 10:15PM/EDT 20:16:38
Goldman: We Are Not 'Vampire Squid Wrapped Around Humanity's Face' 20:05:23
Iraq outrage over US killing video 20:03:43
Constitutional Alamo Poll! Vote for Ron! 19:30:10
How Americans are propagandized about Afghanistan 19:20:22
Finally! Some clarity about the census fines! 19:19:46
The Buddha - Tonight on PBS, 8pm 19:05:42
Power Tripping Cop Tasers Person For Getting Their License Out Too Slowly 19:04:52
Calling the Fed's & Wall St's bluff on the "recovery" 18:59:45
Iraq War Vet: "We Were Told to Just Shoot People, and the Officers Would Take Care of Us" 18:50:24
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 04/06/10 18:27:36
∞ Stop me if you've heard this 18:27:06
Vaccine Contamination: Pig Virus DNA Found in Rotarix 18:17:47
Here we Gooooo! 2012 Republican contenders (CBS News). Please Vote 17:59:35
Solar-powered plane took to the skies for its maiden flight Wednesday. Swiss. 17:54:09
IRS Press Relations Today 17:50:51
Missouri SB 637 to eliminate Red Light Cameras 17:50:37
Where does Tea Party Express get their money 17:50:26
Why no media push for Coal Miner's relief fund? 17:37:34
BJ Lawson Moneybomb COUNTDOWN!! 17:25:56
Lawsuit: Chiquita Brands ‘funded death squads’ in Colombia 17:17:06
Tea partiers vs. Reid supporters: 10,000 to 100 17:04:50
The Battle Begins for 2012 GOP Contenders 16:21:18
Rand Paul (Son of Ron) Could Just Save the Republican Party 16:10:17
Goodbye Obama, Hello Ron Paul - from Doug Wead 15:58:02
Michael Steele and the coming civil war in the Republican Party Divide and be conquered 15:56:09
Ron Paul on 100th Episode of Freedom Watch 4/6/2010 Obama the War President 15:49:26
JAMES PERLOFF author of the classic Shadows of Power FREE LECTURE 15:48:18
Hey, let's all get behind Romney...... 15:44:21
Self-Inflicted War Porn Anger Junkies 15:20:37
Ron Paul and Tucker Carlson reunite for April 15 tea party in Washington, D.C. 15:10:03
DOW is diving like a submarine 15:08:37
Kevin Gutzman Explains Article 5 Convention 15:03:37
What kind of cell phone does John Lewis have? 14:59:16
RT: Ahmadinejad promises 'crushing response' to Obama's nuclear plan 14:37:44
Kevin Gutzman Explains Article 5 Convention 14:18:08
One small step for Ron, one giant leap for liberty 14:17:21
BREAKING: Bernanke LIVE!!!! 10:49 AM Pacific!! 13:49:50
Being Prepared To Survive Economic Depression ? 13:44:01
Vote for RP in CBS 2012 Presidential Contenders Poll/ Time's Most Influential 2010 13:42:52
Another Ron Paul 2012 poll, Mittens winning 13:31:12
A quick project to help melt the gold market - only takes a minute UPDATE~ 13:30:46
Would you all PLEASE read the DP guidelines once more! 13:19:55
Protesters furious over corruption and spiraling utility bills clashed with police in Kyrgyzstan. 13:12:09
RJ Harris in debate right now 13:02:03
Hate Taxes??? Well just went to the IRS!! 13:00:57
Rand Paul should consider pre-emptive legal action against Grayson 12:55:41
Fresno Tea Party Video- Let it not be said we did nothing! 12:55:10
Who Are the True Exploiters? 12:45:45
Smashing Ron Paul CPAC Victory ... SRLC Poll .. You Know what to do 12:44:26
Imperial Troubles in Iraq and Afghanistan 12:35:02
New Tactic - Food Documentarian Fad 12:33:21
The picture that fooled the world. 12:19:14
***** Gold Manipulation OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED ***** 12:11:38
GM posts $4.3 billion loss for 2009 12:09:24
America is due for another False Flag Terror Attack 12:08:24
is there a difference between a libertarian and someone who believes in the constitution? 12:07:09
^^^ GOLD ^^^ SILVER ^^^ and the DOLLAR? All UP ^^^ 11:56:54
Do you have any hope for this country and the liberty movement? 11:36:52
Keep your eyes on this story...and learn... 11:27:38
2012 GOP Contenders - CBS poll 11:10:32
Iraq slaughter not an aberration by Glenn Greenwald 11:01:38
CBS Poll: Who do you want to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2012? 10:47:37
Just Another Atrocity: Mass murder as routine 10:46:11
The Cause of Cancer was discovered in 1923! 10:44:18
Holy SH@*$%T, Bruce Ray Riggs is running for Senate!!! 10:38:37
I listen to Jason Lewis in Minnesota... 10:33:02
Liberal Congressman Not Fond Of Tea, Tries To Push Race Card 10:25:51
Telling Obama Voters Go Elsewhere Is Racist! Congressman Grayson On Florida Doctor 10:06:50
More Americans Sever U.S. Ties as IRS Gets Tougher 09:53:20
You think the air attack in Iraq was bad? Think again- 09:39:26
Coffee Party beginning to make its presence felt on the national stage 09:39:12
So Long To Capitalism - And Then Some 09:34:17
FBI Investigates Tea Party Threats After Rep. Steve Cohen TYT Interview 09:21:26
Google, Skype Set Back as Ruling Puts Web in ‘No-Man’s Land’ 09:07:54
Thai Premier Declares Martial Law to Control Protests 09:06:35
New bombshell Interview release on King World News 07:32:17
Huffington Post User Name Instantly Deleted 07:09:20
Jawareport shows video closeup WITH RPG's or some sort of weapon. 03:08:07
‘Militia’ Used as Manipulation - Liberty Defense League 02:36:41
The Strange Love Affair of the U.S. and AIPAC 02:03:06
Van Irion for US Congress TN-03 01:51:09
MAY 5th: LA Runs Out Of Money + CA Public Pensions Underfunded by $500 Billion! 00:57:28
Another First, Obama Admin approves the murder of an American born Muslim 00:47:16
The Obama Spin Machine Fights Trial 00:15:29