Posted on April 8, 2010

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Fed Empowerment Act now on fast track, strips out audit, Call Your Senators 22:34:46
Is The Judge an anarchist?? 21:18:12
Uh Oh, Ron Paul better not win the SRLC! 15:27:02
Who "beat down" Trey Grayson? (Part II) 11:27:22
Sign of the Times: China Offers to Build High Speed Rail for California 11:20:41
Alex's Farewell Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 11:56:44
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'Moneybomb' defined on Wiki 23:32:57
Even Fark gets it... 23:25:35
Silver chart hiccup? 23:00:37
Cops Abuse Paraplegic Man In Wheelchair, Then Laugh About It 22:59:19
Volker proposing a Value Added Tax, a national sales tax, on TOP of everything else 22:47:13
Cap and Trade: A License Required for your Home 22:11:30
Educating Towards a Second American rEVOLution 22:10:06
CBS 2012 GOP Poll... 21:42:46
Gadsden Flag Will Not Be Flown Over State Capitol 21:38:12
10 Best Places to Live for Escaping World Conflict 21:33:32
Ventura and Tabbi on Joy Behar show now! 21:19:06
Tea Party Candidate in Kentucky to sue federal government since AG won't over ObamCare! 21:16:03
I recall Aug 2008 in Minneapolis marching to Federal Reserve, later carrying the 20:57:22
Ron Paul : The Case Against the Income Tax 20:37:05
Jim Rogers Discusses Commodities Market & Gold Prices 20:33:52
Is this the sort of Push Poll Trey Grayson cites as putting him two points ahead of Rand? 20:18:27
Beck on Paul for President 20:10:13
Liberty Candidate in the Virginia 9th District? You decide. 19:31:47
Trey's internal poll shows Grayson leading Rand 39% to 37% w/ 18% undecided 18:53:54
Freedom Watch - Gerald Celente - Rise of a Third Party 18:05:41
MSNBC Video: If Ron Paul Wins Another Straw Poll Republicans May Stop Using Them! 18:03:01
Why do DPer's support Standing Armies? 17:51:35
LIFE AND DEBT 17:46:51
Move over Trey Grayson and Rand Paul! Enter Gurley Martin! 17:38:55
A Trip Down Memory Lane Left Me In The Future.... 17:23:14
Jesse Ventura guest hosting Larry King with Ron Paul as guest?!? 17:15:10
Congressman LoBiondo doesn't know the US Constitution 17:12:02
Why Ron Paul won't win in 2012 17:09:00
James Turk - Goldseek Radio Nugget - 04-07-10 17:01:36
The United Decleration of Human Rights (text) United Nations December 10, 1948 17:00:33
Jesus said "Swear No Oaths" 16:57:46
Jesse Ventura guest hosting Larry King on Friday: Ron Paul to be a guest! 16:47:39
Please join The National Coalition to Elect True Conservatives 16:41:31
President Obama Needs to Prove His Constitutional Eligibility to Be Commander-in-Chief 16:39:32
Police: Gadsden Flag Will Not Fly Over Conn. State Capitol 16:36:46
Lung Function of 9/11 Rescuers Fell, Study Finds 16:20:35
SEC may be creeping ahead of CFTC toward market transparency 16:13:01
US Farmers Oppose 'Big Ag' in Anti-Trust Hearing 15:59:53
US Troops In Iraq Expose Halliburton KBR & Government Contractors 15:36:14
Alex Jones: 'Invisible Empire' exposes a hidden history the public must learn 15:03:24
Video: Tim Hawkins- The Government Can 14:59:53
Census Bureau concerned about head count problems 14:45:42
Daily Job Cuts website 14:31:14
Jim Anderson wins Business Journal poll in KS-04 race 14:11:04
Excercise Your Rights 13:42:47
Bernanke's using a teleprompter now? 13:16:06
Video Articles of Freedom Delivery Day April 19th 13:13:10
CNN: Ron Paul & 2012 in the spotlight at GOP conference in New Orleans 13:03:34
More unexpected jobs lost at 460k: 4/8/10 13:02:01
Edible RFID microchip monitor can tell if you take your medicine 12:59:39
NBC contacts RJ Harris campaign 12:59:25
Jake Towne: Radio Apperance Tonight on Truth Be Told Radio 12:56:36
NEEDED: a procedure to address "to petition the Government 12:28:23
Rand Paul's opponent OUTRAISED him - Trey has over $1 Million cash on hand - Pledge for Rand's moneybomb today! 12:27:39
Restore America plan April 7 update PLAYLIST 12:14:24
More air marshals have been arrested than the number of people arrested by air marshals 12:10:35
Beautiful Polish-American girlfriend. Did Matt and Viktoria(#30) break up?:( 11:55:51
Is Canada's Only Bullion Bank Gold Vault Nearly Empty? 11:54:53
Jim Rogers discusses world economies on Bloomberg: 4/8/10 11:52:30
Keiser Report №32: Markets! Finance! Scandal! 11:44:38
The Global Warming Petition Project - Scientific non-consensus 11:35:46
Stimulus money used to buy TASERS, for officer safety.... 11:26:36
Fox News gets heat from conservatives 11:25:43
Van Irion Suing Feds Over Obamacare 11:12:56
R.P. Republican Filing Suit Against Obamacare 11:10:55
Cops (aka The Govt.) murder innocent unarmed Americans fleeing disaster then cover it up. 11:10:11
Are auto-mechanics an example of a service that the market doesn't provide well? 11:08:22
More 401k stuff: Period for Public Comment on 401k Confiscation 11:06:31
RJ Harris solicits feedback for radio ad 11:37:29
The Good Doc to Share Stage @ DC Rally.. With Five NEOCONS! 11:03:39
The Southern Avenger- Just Kidding Conservatism 11:02:26
Papal Nuncio says the EU is "a [Roman] Catholic confederation of States". 10:58:44
Kevin Gutzman on an Article 5 convention 10:57:26
Initial jobless claims increase unexpectedly 10:35:27
*** PROPOSAL: A States' Attorney General *** 09:39:23
The WikiLeaks Video and Terrorist Blowback 09:34:07
Leaders' Lack of Respect for Rule of Law Makes Us All Victims of 9/11 09:23:02
In North Dakota? 09:05:04
MATT TAIBBI (Rollingstone): Looting Main Street 08:51:53
Only half pay Fed Taxes? 08:33:09
Obama Fans, & Non-Paying Illegals Just Put One of The Oldest Hospital in NYC Out Of Business 08:29:25
Benedict Arnold Award 07:50:49
Greenspan defends decisions before panel investigating crisis 04:29:14
Another poll 04:21:29
Mayberry 911: Barney and Goober respond to daycare center in Martinsville, IN; quickly get in over their heads. 03:51:16
Federal Reserve Gets Political, Sends Congress Veiled Message 03:12:15
Worlds Most Dangerous Islamist Alive, Well, and Living in Pennsylvania 02:54:39
∞ Court favors Comcast 02:31:48
Obama to remove terms related to Radical Islam from documents outlining national security strategy 02:29:50
Will Ron win the straw poll this weekend? 01:18:58
The Southern Avenger - Just Kidding Conservatism 01:10:08
I'm Canadian and i want to buy silver.. need advice please. 00:22:35