Posted on April 19, 2010

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Dr. Ron Paul - Fox Business - 04/19/10 17:04:04
Jake Towne: LiberTEA Party and PCN Coverage of Challengers Town Hall 14:49:17
Financial Services Hearing 4/20 13:40:24
Ron Paul Republican makes it through the Mass GOP convention 12:30:04
Run Ron, Run!! by James Antle 11:29:12
‘Collateral Murder’ Veterans Apologize to Iraqi Families 10:56:30
There's something going on.... 01:18:17
Media outlets struggle to dodge the Ron Paul Avalanche coming right at them 10:26:02
A Warning to all Military and War Veterans 10:55:43
Dr. Ron Paul's Tea Party Speech 10:04:11
Ron Paul To Bernanke: Where Would The Money Come From...? 10:02:59
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tog2476's new and improved health care plan 23:54:55
Gandhi's Speech on Non-Violence 23:43:55
Journalist arrested at UT for questionoing Rove 23:31:16
Almost a $100000 day for Rand Paul by 12 PM eastern 23:27:14
a Ron Paul Talking point/comment on positive Teaparty articles 23:12:09
Waco: A New Revelation; Mass Murder in Texas by FBI & Govt. 22:47:06
12 old Canadian kidnaped by state of Oregon 22:17:27
I helped deliver the Articles of Freedom in AR today 22:00:50
Excited Delirium Syndrome, or death by taser? 21:41:03
Marijuana & Money: An Insider Look Into This Multi-Billion Dollar Industry - CNBC 21:38:32
Rand Paul on NPR 21:36:46
King world news: Ted Butler on silver 4/17/10 21:32:26
International travel a "Human Right"......... 21:17:58
Declare your independence video contest: Prizes are iPad, iPod touch, & iPod nano 21:06:24
When False Flags Don't Fly 21:04:01
Max Keiser on Alex Jones Radio - April 19 2010 20:54:27
"Green" Penatgon: Recycle Terrorists Save Ammo" 20:44:06
Arizona Senate passes tough illegal immigration law today . Now it goes to the Governor 20:42:37
O, Giuliani: Slithering, beaked, man-creature 20:16:42
Kudos to Rush Limbaugh 20:16:24
Feds murder 76 in Texas: 17th anniversary 19:58:15
A Ron Paul Moment 19:45:36
9/11 Was a media hoax.. the proof abounds. "Wag the dog" scenario a reality. 19:29:47
Will Rand Paul hit $100,000 today? 19:14:09
A very sad day for the D.P. or SAVE THE FROG 19:06:19
Grayson: Tea Partiers Need Mental Health 18:54:32
Pew Research: 75% of Americans are dissatisfied with the MATRIX! 18:41:17
Dr. Paul, Tea Party, & Code Pink 18:40:11
How big is the invisible part of your tax bill? 18:25:44
"Constitution Guarantees Freedom, Not a Cushy Life" 18:14:31
FBI labels sovereigns, as domestic terrorists, gulp...that's me! 17:47:03
Good video on what USA is becoming (lots of Ron Paul in the video also)... 17:38:10
Laptop Falls From Helicopter, Just Misses Boy 17:36:04
Independent site covers Ron Paul/Sarah Palin tea party poll 17:18:46
Anybody online bored right now, check out 17:16:32
Money Is a COW, and It’s Time for the COWs to Come Home 17:14:45
5PM Eastern 4/19 17:04:03
CNN: mentions Ron Paul when trying to make Oath Keepers look like terrorists. April 19th, 2010. 17:02:36
James Dobson Ron Paul Step Into Indiana Senate Race 16:53:34
Poker Faces’ Response to ADLs Defamation 16:53:27
Ron Paul on Fox Business April 19th, 2010. 16:39:27
Bob Schulz On CNN / AC 360 with Anderson Cooper Tonight (4/19/10) 16:34:51
RJ Harris campaign may hold video contest 16:07:25
New U.S. Ambassador Helped Pelosi Make Millions 15:53:43
Sandra Bullock wins best & worst actor awards within 2 days of each other 15:38:24
Let's Calculate: How much Wealth was transferred???? 15:30:59
"Right-wing radio host calls tea parties ‘the Sarah Palin movement’" 15:27:18
Republican Congressman advocates charging drivers by the mile to replace 'obsolete' fuel tax 15:21:34
Let's Calculate: How much Wealth was transferred???? 15:16:27
VAT Tax? Not NO but Hell NO 15:15:39
FOX News Promoting The Microchipping Of Alzheimer's Patients? 15:04:16
YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships (FBNP) 14:59:40
Liberty Convention, Missoula Montana, May 21-22, 2010!! 14:38:36
Get Ready, Inflation Is On The Way 14:38:06
The Solution is... 14:29:08
Volcano curbs war machines and oil production 14:28:50
CNN: Gun rights advocates rally in Washington & Virginia 14:18:12
100 Years of US Medical Fascism- 14:17:33
Today is the Day.............. 14:17:26
Giuliani backs Grayson in Kentucky GOP primary 13:59:54
Fantasy Government 13:32:58
I have ABSOLUTELY HAD IT! 13:21:42
Should Ron Quit Congress & Run For President? 13:17:12
Ron Paul to be added to PPP's next poll of Republican frontrunners 13:15:25
Ron Paul's Take on Rudi's Endorsement of Rand's Opponent 12:28:26
More details on Rasmussen Poll 12:25:15
WHO "pandemic" lies unraveling; hits mainstream 12:04:41
Obama's tea party scorn only deepens the partisan divide 12:04:07 Why the U.S. Can't Inflate Its Way Out of Debt 11:57:26
Citigroup posted a $4.43 billion first-quarter profit 11:53:07
56% Support Repeal of Health Care Law 11:48:39
47% DON'T pay TAXES 11:43:28
Poll: Nearly 80% distrust U.S. government 11:39:31
Get Ready, Inflation Is On The Way 11:37:25
WE THE PEOPLE day April 19th 11:29:59
WE THE PEOPLE 11:27:09
Politico: Tea partiers in 2 camps, Sarah Palin or Ron Paul 11:17:08
Goldman Sachs Fraud Charges Could Be Just The Beginning 10:56:49
Paper Gold LBMA - New Point 10:50:00
Donate today for Giuliani's sake! 10:49:21
Trey Grayson (Opponent of Rand Paul) Endorsed by GIULIANI! 10:32:37
Investor’s Market 10:23:54
Adam Kokesh Interviewed By Gary Franchi 10:10:56
Bob Schulz On CNN / AC 360 Tonight (4/19/10) 10:09:29
Adam Kokesh Action Alert 10:01:40
Luke Rudkowski outs Colbert, Colbert outs Bilderberg 08:53:14
Antiwar Radio: Ron Paul vs. Central Banking and War 08:34:37
April 19th action Articles of Freedom 08:26:48
List of CFL type candidates? 07:38:15
Plan to infiltrate and discredit tea parties 07:34:30
Who is going to dump Windows 7 over Microsoft spyware? 07:24:15
Politico Top Story : Tea partiers in two camps: Ron Paul vs. Sarah Palin 07:16:11
Ron Paul Shows the Power of a Man and his Message 07:00:33
Gary North on Web 2.0 and the Rise of Ron Paul 06:08:52
Are the Dollar, Euro, Sterling collapsing Zimbabwe-style? 05:44:30
Max Kaiser - US Dollar Likely to Lose 50% Value in Near Future 02:06:11
Youtube video: Cramer called an idiot on CNBC 01:50:16
List of biggest political donors and leanings 00:30:34
Wall Street Fraud Tonight on Coast to Coast 00:25:22
More special interest handouts by the annointed one... 00:20:19