Posted on April 22, 2010

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Japan Tries to Face Up to Growing Poverty Problem 22:11:59
*Freedom Watch* 20:36:41
How Bernanke Is Using the Printing Press to Win Friends and Influence People 15:39:04
It’s Official! Freedom Watch Coming To TV! 13:48:33
Police Find TEA Parties More Peaceful Than Anti-war Protests 11:09:37
Comes Now Rand Paul to fight for Kentucky, the Republic and FOR LIBERTY! 10:04:25
Reuters: Obama Backers Show Signs of Disappointment 09:31:56
Disposable Soldiers 11:52:14
La. Oil Rig Explosion Today. Patriot "BUGMAN" if you are safe, please report in to DP headquarters. 08:07:42
Ron Paul challenges GOP’s foreign policy agenda 07:58:05
John Hostettler for Senate Money Bomb - TODAY 19:26:02
FedStock - End the Fed 2010 Philadelphia - Saturday April 24 23:08:58
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War 1983 miniseries - Gwynne Dyer 23:57:09
Cryptococcus gattii will be on your tombstone 23:46:21
If this doesn't get your blood boiling, then you're not human 23:37:17
U.S. Soldier on 2007 Apache Attack: What I Saw 23:30:56
Obamacare Creates Windfall for Drug Companies 23:19:47
Ron Paul Warns Congress on Iran: A Vote For Sanctions is a Vote For War 23:15:36
The Games Anti-War Congressmen Play, Left and Right 23:06:14
Roll Call: Rand Paul Raises $100K With ‘Money Bomb’ 22:54:49
Life News: Kentucky Right to Life and Rand Paul Feud Over Pro-Life Candidate Survey 22:52:04
Gerald Celente: Financial Reform is Just a Show 22:45:37
SEC Workers Accused of Watching Porn Instead of Policing Financial System 21:52:37
Ron Paul warns Congress on Iran 4/22/2010 21:50:41
"Democrats at The Edge of a Cliff" 21:41:26
Uhh.. FreedomWatch is moving to TV? 21:07:20
Why are Tea Party people backing down from being "anti-government"? 21:04:30
Traficant Speaks Loud and Clear! 20:33:32
is this cruelty to animals....PETA? 19:23:21
Petition Campaign for Liberty to Get a New Website! 19:08:35
Rand Paul and Israel 19:00:20
Traficant 4.10.10 Trumbull county Tea Party 18:56:33
Dodd Bill Would Allow The Fed To Hide It's Spending 18:52:23
Robert Kiyosaki - Goldseek Radio Nugget - 04-22-10 18:25:38
Ron Paul iPhone App status update 18:23:58
Gerald Celente : They are taking us to the Great War 17:39:21
Groups ask DHS to suspend full-body imagers 17:33:29
E-mail from Peter Schiff!! 17:14:21
1970s Vs 2000s 17:14:08
ZOA lobbies Congress on Iran, PA 17:06:18
U.S. Food Inflation Spiraling Out of Control 17:04:14
Obama WH dismisses 'birther' movement as 'crazy' Internet conspiracy: Justice Thomas says SCOTUS is evading BC Issue 16:58:26
Cant find video that was on front page yesterday about citizens as debt 16:55:58
an interesting title on this upcoming film: Submission 16:47:48
Obama got little reaction from investors. 16:29:30
The new 100-dollar bill... 16:00:40
Against the law! 15:54:30
Against the law! 15:50:59
SPLC publishes patriot hit list 15:40:27
Water the Tree of Liberty... 15:38:23
Verichip Microchipping Diabetics Like Cattle 15:22:50
Jordan Page Live on Fox Strategy Room 15:16:08
On this site, please don’t use profanity or other disrespectful or divisive language. 15:15:45
Geithner and the NY Fed Accused of Willfully Ignoring Fraud 15:13:44
Do you get those printed surveys from the RNC that then ask for money? Look at what the RNC does with the money! 15:02:24
Lt. Col. Lakin, and Commander Fitz: Declared Domestic Enemies Of The United States Of America In Commission Of Treason 14:53:08
Bernanke Admits Printing $1.3 Trillion Out OF Thin Air 14:52:22
How to Fire Federal Officials 14:46:53
to ban ameican guns 14:40:52
Legalizing pot may kill buzz in California 14:39:49
Off topic humor, "Proof that Hillary is normal". 14:35:48
Vacation to Greece 14:30:45
ADL calls for "major law enforcement operation" to deal with obamacare critics 14:10:33
Conservative group asks Senator Lindsey Graham to come out of the closet 13:51:47
Would you all PLEASE read the DP guidelines once more! 13:49:32
Trend alert: European debt contagion beginning to spread 13:33:20
Brief History of Central Banking in the United States of America 12:58:47
"Financial reform" = bailouts for insiders 12:58:05
Goldman's White House connections raise eyebrows 12:24:31
Ron Paul Endorsed Hostettler- Help his money bomb today! 12:17:26
Hannitizer now available (works on Graham, Greyson, Cheney, and Giuliani) too! 12:15:46
Did YOU make the Southern Poverty Law Center "Hit List"? Why not?!? 12:06:23
RT- US secret 'space plane': X-37B starts Star Wars? 11:57:50
Blood for opium 11:52:40
St. Louis highway paved with pig manue 11:16:42
St. Louis highway paved with pig manue 11:12:47
Media exaggerate Tea Party's sway, data suggests 11:08:03
Larry Gonick: Cartoon guides to History and Science books 11:06:49
Mark Twain vs. The State 11:06:32
Oh, the irony. Or: The story of how everything eventually becomes its opposite 11:05:46
When False Flags Don't Fly [VIDEO] 10:45:34
Lawmakers Ignore Call To Promise Not To Become Lobbyists 10:28:47
Independent site specifically mentions liberty movement 10:28:41
$100 PHONE CALL 10:02:28
Illinois Protesters Chant "Raise My Taxes" 09:00:16
Goldman: SEC Attacks 'Hurt America' 08:53:17
Before you cast your next vote... 08:35:24
Republic NOT Democracy 08:03:05
Peter Schiff: How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes PODCAST 06:55:34
Arizona approved a bill that will require Barack Obama to show his birth certificate. 06:52:19
Going to be discussing RP on radio 06:52:02
THE FED Made $47.4 Billion in 2009 From Aiding Housing Market 06:12:55
New 100.00 Bill 03:14:56
Fmr ACORN head calls Tea Parties "bowel movement" and claims "they're coming after you" 03:10:35
Digg: Brand New Ron Paul iPhone App 03:05:04
Economic Ignorance and Liberal Hypocrisy at 02:33:32
Why is government so big? (3 different common answers) 02:30:09
150 gold coins seized from American in Mexico 00:56:02
State Dept Seeks Public Input on Human Rights in U.S. 00:36:51