Posted on April 30, 2010

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RFID 'Powder' - World's Smallest RFID Tag 23:37:22
Man with ‘Bourne-like’ identity flees Federal Reserve stakeout 20:26:10
Sons of Liberty Song 16:58:39
Ron Paul: Don't Complicate Immigration Reform 13:34:10
Name Dropper & Add Your Own! 11:07:09
Weekend Reminder: You Are Free 01:52:55
The Paradox of Solution by Martin Armstrong 01:02:47
Up Next for Goldman Sachs: A Criminal Investigation 00:54:10
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Thomas Jefferson on Mass Immigration; 1787 23:52:37
Where is every body? 23:30:51
Arizona deputy wounded in desert shootout found 23:30:34
Weekend Watching: KY 9/12 asks Rand Paul and Trey Grayson questions 23:22:58
Loaded 23:19:41
Friday Night Documentary List 23:07:42
Founders Friday: Samuel Adams the Father of the American Revolution of 1776 22:53:02
Trey Grayson on Auditing the Fed 22:44:53
Pulled over today with no license, license plate, or registration 22:44:19
glenn beck... 22:17:08
Illegals Threaten To Murder Americans With Axes and Shovels SB 1070 22:06:57
Documentary Trailer - Plunder 21:54:46
Just another day in AZ 21:37:40
Sanctions self-defeating 21:21:21
Rep. James Traficant on Alex Jones - April 30, 2010 21:19:33
Ron Paul 1988: Why don't they put you on a diet? 21:01:35
Auto bill draft would require black boxes, allow NHTSA to issue quick recalls 20:50:01
FDIC pays out over 6 Billion this week alone! 20:45:14
National ID Card included in Democrat Immigration Bill 20:41:16
Puerto Rico 20:39:37
Ron Paul on Fox with Megyn Kelly - on Rassmussen Poll - tea party - elections - and protection of liberty 20:21:24
Congressman Waxman sneaks anti-vitamin amendment into Wall Street reform bill 20:04:18
Congressman Waxman sneaks anti-vitamin amendment into Wall Street reform bill 20:00:33
sewage plant to wear George W Bush 's name 19:41:20
Michael Steele, GOP Chairman, Wrote Me A Letter 19:38:26
Second Oil Rig Overturns in La.; No Leaks Detected 19:33:36
How many times does the word "Democracy" appear... 19:14:03
Why do people like the gold standard? It's a sham 18:42:11
Protesters of the killing of Oscar Grant demand BART PD be disbanded 18:29:37
FDA should regulate salt, panel says 18:12:35
Afghanistan Troops Go Gaga With Their Own 'Telephone' Remake 18:09:03
If You Are A Christian You Better Have Fast Ears 17:39:43
Seven banks fail; 3 in Puerto Rico: total assets $25.7B 17:09:12
Tarpley predicts 2nd wave of global crisis emerging from Greece 16:45:31 is finally time to come home and this should put staccato on it. 16:31:30
4/30/ 10 Dow Close 11,008.61 -158.71 -1.42% 16:22:40
pre-1965 coins 15:44:39
The Federal Debt: How To Lose A Trillion Dollars 15:30:35
REMINDER: Sarah Palin gave the keynote speech at the Tea Party convention. 15:29:10
Doug Casey owns--a pipeline of common sense! 15:19:05
U.S. Army Trains To Take On "Local Militia Groups Anti-Government Protesters TEA Party" 15:15:48
Bet they don't march in Phoenix or Tucson. 15:03:40
Born Free by M.I.A. New video. Amazing and telling.... 14:52:36
Indian 'holy man' perplexes doctors 14:48:38
ACTION: Last chance to audit the Fed 14:39:07
Independent Forum predicts Ron Paul will poll ahead of Obama by the Fall, Afghanistan War a catalyst 13:59:59
4409 - McCain's new "I Pinky Swear" border security plan! 13:46:46
How tough are Mexican immigration laws? 13:45:37
Trend alert: US GDP growth points to Great Slowdown of Fall '10 13:28:27
Trend alert: Spain could spark global panic 13:15:21
Schiff for Senate Radio Spot 12:53:09
Bachand Says Schiff Is the Right Choice for Connecticut Senate 12:50:21
For all of you out there in America and across the globe who have fought so hard to tackle the hideous enemy of our planet, 12:23:39
Iraq: Detainees Describe Torture in Secret Jail 12:01:56
Peter Schiff - Greenwich, CT 11:51:47
Afghans Protest After Father of Five Killed 11:49:12
Former Nazi Bank To Rule The Global Economy 11:38:42
Ron Paul - Christo Garcia's Speeches 11:28:02
Police And Prosecutors Offices Stealing Assets Across America To Pay State Debt 11:22:20
Down with ‘Too Big to Fail’: Angry Americans march on Wall Street 11:22:09
National ID Card in the new Democratic Immigration Bill 11:04:51
Fake Conservatives, Zach Wamp and Marsha Blackburn, COSPONSOR HR 2499 to make PUERTO RICO THE 51 STATE 11:01:31
Registered Nurse, a reformed and pardoned citizen, sues Tennessee for his 2nd Amendment Rights 10:56:00
Charges dropped against We Are Change Oklahoma activist who filmed mall cops 10:55:50
Dishonest Nationwide Attack on Rand by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee - going viral! 10:53:15
"Sovereign Tea" (a song by a DPer...) 10:50:13
What if Ron Paul visited troops in Iraq and Afghanistan? 10:42:51
National ID Card Included In Democratic Immigration Bill 10:16:17
Home Monitoring 10:01:39
Independent site covers John Dennis vs. Nancy Pelosi 09:58:40
Interesting site for those of us that consider one's self awake.Great info 09:56:25
Ron Paul at the bottom of the list again. Apparently there's just not enough of us 09:48:38
Ron on SIRIUS Mike Church Show NOW! 09:34:09
Giving Passes in the War on Terrorism 09:25:44
Be ready everyone! 09:05:01
Tom Corbett reserves disarming Pennsylvanians as an option 08:47:11
19 year old RP'r wins Mayor race 08:19:21
19 year old R 08:19:21
USA Today Poll on Second Amendment 08:17:05
Congressman Waxman sneaks anti-vitamin amendment into Wall Street reform bill 08:14:46
Freedom Care Packages to Soldiers in Afghanistan 07:15:27
Stand Up for Arizona-Pat Buchanan 06:52:27
Google Maps Gains “Avoid Arizona” Option 05:00:59
Schiff Moneybomb - Join the live chat 03:52:58
SILVER SALE!! Good Deal! 03:14:07
FOR IMEDIATE RELEASE HB 8675309 is on the block to be passed.... Militia Eradication bill 03:05:26
Warning!!! graphic video on the downfall of America 03:05:02
illegal Aliens ... declaring war on the enablers! 02:47:42
FOOD INC 02:19:06
Hatred, Intolerance, Violence and the Southern Poverty Law Center 01:47:30
Letter to the Editor 01:03:00
On A Sheet of Paper 00:45:22
Oppose the Food "Safety" Modernization Act 00:33:54
Ho Chi Minh delivering his address in Hanoi on 2 September 1945 00:26:00
MLK Assassinated by US government: King Family Civil Trial 1999 Decision. Why Didn’t You Know This? 00:14:50
planning programming and budgeting system and our economy 00:10:17
Schiff Email: May Day Money Bomb less 48 hours away 00:00:25