Posted on May 1, 2010

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Jake Towne at Moravian College 18:08:34
PA Tax Amnesty Big Brother TV Ad -- We Know Who You Are!!! 16:35:15
Your next President and his VP on the rEVOLution & Tea Parties 09:52:30
Check out the new RJ Harris campaign video 21:45:49
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Email From Author Of Arizona Law Reveals Intent To Cast Wide Net Against Latinos 23:52:18
Saturday Night DOCUMENTARY LIST 23:24:49
Building A Liberty Store 22:48:53
1st District GOP Convention Recap from Iowa Freedom Report 22:28:33
A Plea to the US Military and Its Enforcers 21:21:33
Trickle of nonsense 21:07:31
BREAKING NEWS: Obama neuters Constitution 21:06:29
Gulf of Mexico oil spill shows disastrous legacy of Halliburton 20:31:41
Weekend Watching: Monopoly Men 20:21:26
Audit the Fed amendment to the Financial Reform bill is the ONLY one Obama opposes - I'm SHOCKED!! 20:10:22
Is Rubio Losing His Shine With The Tea Parties? 18:55:35
Louisiana oil spill may be five times bigger than previously thought 18:38:12
Sanders claims growing bipartisan support for Fed audit measure 18:37:40
Guardian Angels- a good example for a free society 18:36:06
Francisco d. Anconia's (Ayn Rand's) Money Speech in 'Atlas Shrugged' 18:10:51
PROBLEM--REACTION--SOLUTION and Illegal Immigration 17:58:48
Ron Paul : If We Subsidize Them...(illegals will come) 17:56:30
Are there any lawyers in here? 17:49:23
Lawyers flock to Gulf Coast for oil spill lawsuits 17:07:51
Bernanke Admits Printing $1.3 Trillion Out Of Thin Air 17:01:28
For The Kids 17:00:07
*Warning* Why your Internet might fail on May 5 16:46:36
Riots leave Greece in flames: 5/1/10 16:39:40
Satellite images shows spill tripling in size 15:15:45
The Marxian Virus in American Thought 14:48:42
Greek Welfare Class Explodes 14:22:21
Big labor backs bill requiring Fed audit 14:19:58
Will Schiff drop out or personally fund his campaign? 14:13:47
Sanders claims growing bipartisan support for Fed audit measure 14:13:31
Orwell Rolls In His Grave 14:07:40
The oil well problem, accident or FALSE FLAG! 14:01:48
They Thought They Were Free 13:18:47
European Central Bank favors global governance 13:06:51
LRC Anarcho-libertarian Stephen Kinsella on libertarian justifications for immigration restriction 11:59:18
Can world's largest laser zap Earth's energy woes? 11:58:57
The Occult History Of The Third Riech Vol.2 HIMLER THE MYSTIC 11:50:34
PA Tax Amnesty Big Brother TV Ad -- We Know Who You Are!!!!! 10:48:53
((Breaking News: National Enquirer: Obama Cheating Scandal)) 10:48:50
Schiff at Greenwich forum 10:21:40
Peter Schiff presentation to Bristol Republicans 10:01:40
Fully Informed Jury Association Events in YOUR area! 09:47:07
Say "NO" to RINO Sue Lowden 08:51:01
CT Tea Party leader endorses Schiff 08:36:32
European Central Bank President favors Global Government... 08:29:21
Is Matt Drudge one of us? 08:27:06
Most Unreported Part Of Gulf Oil Spill 04:29:13
Ben Bernanke Interviews 04:06:16
HOMESCHOOL TO HARVARD: A Remarkable Education Story! 02:48:45
HELP Peter Schiff moneybomb, digg this! 02:14:55
Jeff Rubin Predicts $225 Oil in 2012 01:57:15
Stimulus That Will Work - Peter Schiff Moneybomb Has Started! 01:30:21
Rand Paul Grassroots Support 01:27:36
Big Govt. Financial Reform = Death Spiral 00:24:38
When You're A Kleptomaniac, Stealing Looks Normal 00:22:05
Peter Schiff Moneybomb On May 1st! 17:20:48