Posted on May 2, 2010

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Keep those cameras rolling: NYPD cop found guilty thanks to citizen video 23:50:49
Texas Straight talk 5/3/10: Cut Spending, End the Income Tax, Bring the Troops Home! 17:04:15
Jake Towne: One Step Closer to the End of the Yellow Brick Road 16:13:44
Ron Paul: "I see a development in the Gold market." 14:06:18
NYC's Times Square Evacuated in Bomb Scare 00:28:34
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The Truth About The Rockefeller Drug Empire and Our So Called Free Press 23:51:26
Obama’s Judicial Nominee Hides Leftwing History 23:06:35
New Hostettler video - Spread virally! 23:04:55
After Watching This Video and Reading This Article Would You Live on the Arizona Border With Mexico? 22:41:10
Look at all these brand new vans parked in the middle of nowhere 22:35:51
Maher: Racists are more likely to be Republicans 22:17:27
WO 21:50:52
"Inflation" deflated 21:48:57
Troubling Use of Taxpayer Dollars 21:48:52
FBI Lets Kennedys Keep Ted’s Embarrassing Records Private 21:41:31
Power, Transparency and Debt 21:30:01
The Burden of Knowing 21:22:49
WeAreChangeOklahoma - Confronts the CIA @ OU 21:18:39
We Are Change Oklahoma - Confronts the CIA @ OU 21:08:50
UK: Valium prescriptions soar during recession 21:07:24
U.S. States Consider Starting Their Own Banks 20:53:32
Rally for immigrant rights breaks out into riot 20:47:20
The Immigration Debate and Eliminating the Power of "Racism" Accusations 20:23:59
Guess the Interior Dept.Thinks it's OK for Illegals to Tramp Through This National Refuge But Forbids the Border Patrol to Enter 20:19:26
"Immigration Reform": The Democrats' Plans for a Perpetual Super-Majority...Will Backfire 20:05:52
UPDATE 8/9/10: Biggest Environmental Disaster In History LIVE In Pennsylvania 19:40:50
Homeland Security Attorney Guilty In Bribery Scandal 19:27:04
Simpsons plunged into Orwellian Surveillance after supposed Terror Attack 19:25:48
Public Schools Get Communist Curriculum 19:19:34
Animation: Gulf of Mexico oil spill growth and movement 19:16:19
Worse Than 1789? 19:06:28
"Red state Girl" video..... 18:55:37
Judicial Watch 18:55:00
Indiana Senate candidate smears Ron Paul 17:51:27
Iran 101 15:52:34
Pennsylvania Tax Ad Has Orwellian Theme (VIDEO) 15:46:54
Gas prices jumping in your neighborhood? 15:40:15
Need Help!I would like some Honest opinions about this idea! 15:20:46
Tax code whammy in health care bill: ready to 1099 McD's? 15:07:57
America's Medicated Kids and FOOD INC 14:55:57
For those wondering where Dr. Paul has been all week..... 14:49:14
Highlights from the May 1st Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting in Omaha 14:46:34
Pakistani smugglers supplying Afghan bombmakers 14:02:07
U.K. comedian slams BBC over apology for anti-Israel skit 14:00:30
Michigan RINO helping SEIU 14:00:19
Update: Arizona Bill: Ban On Ethnic Studies Passed !!! 13:39:30
Drug Cartels Hiring Mexican Military To Enter US And Carry Out Hit Jobs 13:34:10
Zbigniew Brzezinski Talks NWO & Fears The Mass Global Awakening 13:28:28
What Does Modern Day America Have in Common With the Fall of the Roman Empire? 13:09:05
Global Marijuana March, May 1st, In Over 300 Cities World-Wide - Decision To Free Canada's Marc Emery Deadline May 10th! 12:51:23
What happened to the Schiff money bomb? 12:41:47
Independent Forum trend alert: Rising terrorism threat in the United States 12:40:18
Trey Grayson Attacks Rand Paul and Gets Schooled 12:37:11
The Criminal Mind is Amazing 12:28:17
Is the Immigration Issue the Pretext for Martial Law? 12:20:53
Gee Wiz--if C-Span can give 3 hours 12:08:22
Sunday DOCUMENTARY LIST 11:55:10
President Obama Cuts Border Security Budget 11:52:36
John Williams: A Hyper-Inflationary Great Depression Is Coming 11:43:56
New Mexico or California Would be a Good Choice 11:17:08
The Star Press Muncie, IN Pulls Interview With Dan Coats In Apparent Attempt To Save The Bankster Lobbyist From John Hostettler 11:01:49
Funny: Soldiers Going Ga Ga In Afghanistan! 11:01:03
I was threatened with lawsuit by mom of autistic child for speaking out against vaccines 11:00:07
Liberty Counsel wants to send you a FREE "Don't Tread On Me!" window sticker. 10:53:06
Is the Voter's Pledge right for you? 10:27:26
Greece erupts as men from IMF prepare to wield axe 10:13:34
Car Bomb in Time Square? 10:08:53
Are We Getting A Food Czar? 08:47:48
FBI Arrest 08:37:31
US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig 07:19:25
Interesting History 07:11:58
2 Years 21 weeks ago??? I just signed it!!! 06:24:59
Where's Ron Paul this week? 03:59:17
Gov't control of immigration is against free-enterprise 02:56:53
Dr. Paul about to pass 200,000 fans on Facebook! 01:50:50
Cincinnatis NBC WLWT TV Hit Piece on Rand Paul 01:47:11
What is General Atomics Aeronautical Systems? 01:11:35
Schiff - "The biggest fraud in accounting is the Government!" 01:00:42
Did you experience problems trying to donate to Schiff on May 1? 00:49:00