Posted on May 4, 2010

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Police cameras to flood Manhattan to "prevent attacks" 23:44:33
Towne for Congress Joins the Freshman 50!!! 15:24:47
Trey Grayson already counting absentee ballots. 12:38:15
Dobson blames Mitch McConnell for telling him lies about Rand Paul! 10:26:36
Guess Who's Paying For The Greece Bailout? That's Right -- YOU 10:21:36
Monsanto Getting Its Due: Farmers Cope With Roundup-Resistant Weeds 08:46:40
In Remembrance: Kent State Massacre - May 4, 1970 (4 students killed by National Guard) 11:45:03
"Papers please!" Democrats call for National Biometric 'B.E.L.I.E.V.E' ID Card 23:40:53
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Jim Lee, candidate for Congress in SC would put the Constitution 2nd! 23:59:03
Tired of YouTube Censorship? New Free Speech Video Site to Launch in June 23:49:33
False Flag in Times Square -- article in Rupeenews by Vietnam Vet Gordon Duff 23:37:46
My tax day tea party speech 22:51:20
-==Is capitalism dragging us toward one world government?==- 22:40:54
Major General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben of the Continental Army was gay. 22:24:41
Texas barters baby blood 22:14:12
Glenn Beck defends Constitutional rights against Neo-Cons for suspected Times Square car bomber!!! 21:59:18
NC Primary May 4th - BJ Lawson Wins! 21:54:20
Amendments piling up for Wall St. reform 21:39:26
Budgets full of pain 21:38:32
Town BANS Bottled Water 21:37:40
1907-Theodore Rooselvelt's thoughts on Immigrants 21:34:29
Cato: The Case for Auditing the Fed is Obvious 21:17:12
Any Great QUOTES about deficit spending? 20:54:04
Kentucky's most Conservative blogger Marcus Carey back from Bear Hunting trip [picture of dead bear inside] 20:35:40
1 mil for RP on FB 20:09:33
What do you think about the Dobson endorsement of Rand? 19:44:34
Tentative Senate deal on future big bank failures 18:59:56
"Libertarians" and Immigration 18:42:21
Jack Cafferty 18:41:58
Did DHS pressure teen to get abortion? 18:31:09
California Primary Poll - Vote Here 18:26:09
The truth about Trey Grayson and his Senate campaign in Kentucky 18:25:35
man takes bucket of human heads to police 18:13:43
Sen Jim Bunning : Mcconnell endorsement of Grayson won't mean much. 18:03:30
Youngest Son Of Lawyer John Hemenway, Who Brought a Quo Warranto Action Against Obama, Shot Dead 17:52:17
Greece: "Peoples of Europe Rise Up" 17:45:07
A nuanced libertarian view on immigration 17:06:26
Understanding Derivatives and whom they benefit.... 16:05:21
Derivatives, do they make money and for whom? 15:53:05
Star Parker...another neocon or a potential ally? 15:38:50
Illegal Immigration - The Scapegoat (A Liberty Perspective) 15:34:05
Stocks slide as new doubts about Greek aid emerge 15:30:20
A Bad Omen for Trey Grayson? 15:19:56
23 helicopters just flew by 14:52:01
Market down 230... 14:38:16
UnReasonable Seize Marijuana OUR RIGHTS THEIR BETRAYAL 14:34:15
Indiana primaries today 14:10:03
China May ‘Crash’ in Next 9 to 12 Months, Faber Says 14:01:14
Ahmadinejad gives exclusive interview to RT 13:58:23
Criminal offense: U.S.C. Title 18 Sec. 242. the deprivation of any rights 13:41:19
Hopelessly Tangled Legal Webs in Which We’re All Entangled 13:16:25
GMO alert: U.S. attempting global censorship of GMO food labeling 13:15:14
NYSE fines Goldman $450,000 12:34:07
Mitch McConnell Endorses Trey Grayson 12:31:22
Black Americans and Liberty by Walter Williams 12:29:38
One survivor from Oil Rig called up conservative radio show and explained how the explosion occurred... 12:11:53
"Fox News Pushes Obama Oil Spill Conspiracy " 12:08:13
Will Chris Dodd's "Reform" Bill put us all out of business? 12:05:41
Independent site asks, "Coffee Party, how would you solve the US debt crisis?" 12:03:58
Video: Traficant made fun off on CNN. 11:49:25
Anyone know why Silver is being destroyed today?? 11:30:52
Must see video on government fighting terrorism 11:21:30
Independent Forum: Dollar likely to rally through 2010 11:01:43
DOW going down, down, down -235@ 11:30 ET 10:52:43
BREAKING May 4th 2010 - NEW PPP POLL : Rand Paul up 18 points over Grayson. 10:52:13
State of Texas Bartering For Baby Blood Samples - Hides DNA Database Agenda 10:34:35
Video: McConnell Endorses Trey Grayson 10:27:40
A watched market never tops 10:27:05
Stock Markets Jittery, Down 58: Gold Up at $1,178: updated 5/5/10 09:47:27
TYT: Whitehouse Blocking Fed Audit 09:33:18
Can someone post the bills and amendments to audit the FED? 09:26:56
Arizona English teachers cannot have accent! Good or Bad? 08:46:20
Peter Schiff on The Keiser Report- Russia Today 5/4/10 08:45:33
Guns now in airports? 08:38:22
About the Times Square Propane Bomber... 08:36:20
Lost Generation : palindrome 08:33:05
THE WORLD ORDER. A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism 08:31:34
Freaky PA Tax Ad: Pay Or We Will Find You 07:42:51
Hey indians I think I cut us some little space 06:33:39
Ron Paul 20th Most Influential Person in TIME survey 06:24:18
BP's latest BS will make you spit teeth 03:56:24
Strange protests from around the world 02:46:21
Bill introduced to honor Galileo 02:40:10
Real patriots avoid alcohol, yes, including Sam Adams 02:03:09
Need help..Please :) 01:59:26
Killing to Save the Earth 01:52:45
Does Anybody Else Think Its Possible That the Gulf Oil Rig Disaster Was Done Purposely to Be a Scapegoat for Upcoming Inflation 01:30:08
Breaking News -- Alex Jones Creates 20 million Illegals in Photoshop!!! 01:04:22
The Southern Avenger - Liberty, Limits and Illegal Immigration 00:11:03