Posted on May 10, 2010

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VIDEO - Kentucky Senate Republican Primary Debate, Parts 1-6 21:57:33
MSNBC on Rand Paul: Robot Spiders & Cuckoo Clocks! 18:06:08
Adam Kokesh at Sandoval County GOP Meeting 16:39:16
Dr. Ron Paul - Fox Business May 10 on the EU bailout! 11:09:14
Jake Towne Campaign Video 10:00:58
Summary Of The Biggest Bail Out Ever: Even Keynes Is Spinning In His Grave 09:34:51
Ron Paul: Audit the Fed Podcast Update with Lew Rockwell. A must-hear. 08:56:42
Ron Paul for President 2012 KICK OFF money bomb launched – 22:45:31
NY Post Reiterates King World News Story on JPM Criminal Investigation by Feds for Silver Manipulation 00:02:40
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Vote on Sanders & Vitter Amendments - Tuesday 11:30am 23:26:53
Ga. Seniors Told They Can't Pray Before Meals 22:49:43
Robert Kiyosaki plugs Austrian School 22:32:01
JP Morgan's Alleged Manipulation of the Silver Market, hope you all have stocked up on physical silver, and gold..... 22:05:36
Boondocks Tackles Obama-Mania, mentions Fed Reserve 21:42:41
Ron Paul just sent an URGENT email asking for renewed contact to Senators to support Vitter amendment restoring Fed audit 21:12:23
Tea Partiers Write Maine GOP Platform - Ron Paul Platform 21:10:06
The Global Revolution against the NWO mafia has begun in Greece- Video of Greek Riots, attempted taking over of Parliament 21:08:26
GM touted its repayment of $6.7 billion in federal loans -- but downplayed the fact that the taxpayers are still on the hook 21:04:11
Elena Kagal Supports Suspension of Habius Corpus 20:56:41
Hooray for Utah; Boo for Indiana 20:55:27
Countdown w/Keith Olbemann Promo - "ILLUMINATE" 20:45:31
Feds probing JPMorgan trades in silver pit 20:40:01
Rand Paul VS Trey Grayson on CSPAN and KET right NOW! 830est 10may 19:50:31
Grayson's friends launch anti-rand website 19:24:00
Here We Go Again (Again): 100% Unverifiable E-Voting Systems Set for Use in PA, KY, Elsewhere... 19:16:02
Video:What The Government, Corporations, & Your Preacher Don't Want You to Know... 19:03:00
Judge NAPOLITANO "Our Government Lies and its a CRIME" 19:00:20
Times Square Bomb False Flag Operation? 18:48:57
Starting Thursday at 7 pm, Tea Party Radio with Bill Thompson. Solutions oriented talk radio directed at what you and I need to 18:42:01
$10 million dollars spent so far to oppose hr 1207 18:40:06
Judicial Watch on appointment of Kagan to the Supreme Court 18:00:36
The World's Fiat Currency System Risks Collapse 17:54:44
Rand Paul: There's A Tea Party Tidal Wave Coming! 17:46:32
US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig 17:30:32
Another scary writeup by Grigg 16:33:13
Healthcare Program for the Citizens of Nevada 16:32:49
Huff Po is running article titled "RON PAUL BACKS FED AUDIT COMPROMISE' which I presume is BS 16:31:58
Bluegrass Bulletin: Why The Choice Must Be Rand Paul 16:14:28
Cato Institute: "The Case for Auditing the Fed Is Obvious" 15:50:32
Ron Paul Backs Fed Audit Compromise (Huffington Post Headline) 15:40:58
At least 99 killed in attacks across Iraq 15:35:16
Obamacare coverage for young adults will raise premiums 15:27:02
What happened to the future? 15:12:31
E-mail from Peter schiff - Act now if you believe in the free market‏! 15:08:01
Thomas Jefferson Speaking From The Dead 14:50:26
New American Supports Dobson, Rand Paul and "GOP Deathly Afraid of Another Paul" in D.C. 14:47:05
Stock Market Manic Monday - Just Another Another Trillion Dollars for the Bankster's! 14:44:39
MSM talking about using hay for oil slick 14:34:46
Australia’s plans for a firewall to protect its population from smut on the internet are rapidly evolving from farce to total ch 14:29:53
The Supreme Court will have 6 Catholics, 3 Jews, and 0 Protestants if Kagen confirmed 13:52:11
MSNBC (AP): Tea Party, Others Focus On Kentucky After Utah 13:45:58
**Dec. 16th Tea Party Planning** 13:43:29
WSJ - Kagan's Goldman Ties Won't Hurt Supreme Court Chances, White House Says 13:40:18
UK: PM Gordon Brown to Resign... 13:27:04
Goldman Sachs Has First Quarter With No Trading Loss - Yea Right! 13:21:11
The Constitution was Perverted by Hamilton from day 1... 13:09:29
Independent Forum trend alert: The global bailout madness continues in Europe 12:52:39
An Interview With Alexander Snitker 12:47:33
How about these slogans for the next End the Fed rallies. 12:42:49
Ron Paul's Update on Vitter Amendment to Resore HR 1207 Language 12:12:27
I am being bashed for pushing freedom! BFrank 12:05:32
J.D. Power survey names Worst Banks 12:00:06
Independent Forum trend alert: Food stamp surge reveals true state of economy 11:49:00
Tribute to Moyers: Ron Paul interview 11:36:09
Has Faisal Shahzad Started a War? 10:55:31
Ron Paul was Just on Fox Business (Monday 05/10) 10:40 AM EST 10:52:50
Peter Schiff @ the Litchfield-Morris Rotary meeting 5/6/10 10:51:56
Fannie Mae asks for more federal aid after Q1 loss 10:51:15
Declassified GAO Report Exposes Fatally Flawed Israel Investigations 10:46:14
Goldman Sachs Has First Perfect Quarter With Zero Trading Loss 10:30:11
BP shareholder sues executives over Gulf oil spill 10:18:45
Stocks surge on effort to ease Europe debt crunch 10:11:28
RT- Cash Shock: EU forks out $1 TRILLION to curb Greek debt crisis 10:00:25
Pledge $100 at 09:31:00
American Taxpayers Looted To Bail Out The Euro 09:28:26
Out of state volunteers needed for Rand's senate campaign leading to primary next week! 09:18:59
US Border Patrol, observing traffic on the Ohio Turnpike? 09:17:36
Is There Any Gold in Ft. Knox? Ron wants to know 09:14:30
Wow! The Real Story Behind the Stock Market's 1000 Point Drop 09:09:44
Independent site: After nearly a decade of war, PTSD is afflicting the U.S. military 09:08:00
Poll: Who will win as President in 2012 -- Ron Paul ahead.. 09:03:58
Kucinich: The Federal Reserve is paying banks NOT to make loans 09:03:07
Bernanke Lies to Congressmen Paul About Greece Bailout 08:40:59
Bernanke Lies to Congressmen Paul About Greece Bailout 08:39:14
Government Funded Front Groups 08:33:04
Fake Census worker invades home, kills owner 08:09:57
The law to help you walk away from underwater mortgages 07:43:52
NYT-Don't Ignore 'Burgeoning Money Pit' Of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac 07:17:38
USA Today: 'Tea Party' success in Utah sends warning 07:13:32
Human-Neanderthal Hookups Left a Bit of Caveman in Many of Us 02:29:09
Alan Grayson Blows the Roof Off of One of the Fed’s Secret Acquisitions 00:46:58
Video - Kanellos in Action vs. Police !!! 00:36:24
Are You A California Voter? 00:16:16
Violent Flushing Action... 09:55:35