Posted on May 20, 2010

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Senate just passed the Financial Reform bill 22:59:49
UPDATE: MSNBC defends fraudulent Rand Paul transcript as "technically correct", makes no apologies 22:05:22
Carrier Group Going to Iran 21:33:11
Shock of the Day: Chris Matthews Defends Rand Paul! 19:52:14
Rand Paul on Wolf Blitzer 5/20/2010 19:43:33
Update: Dr. Paul at Financial Services Hearing - Video 14:48:23
Rand Paul, in his own words, sets the record straight 14:43:15
NRO: Paul Calls Maddow Appearance ‘Mistake,’ Civil Rights Settled 14:33:37
Laura Ingraham Show - Rand Paul responds to the Rachel Maddow interview 13:15:38
BREAKING: New Rasmussen poll - Rand Paul 59% Jack Conway 34% 11:18:38
The Bassist of Allman Brothers, an African American, defends Rand Paul on Civil Rights Act position 10:52:26
Video: Rachel Maddow vs. Rand Paul 11:14:27
Father And Son On Fox & Friends The Morning After! 10:15:58
RANDSLIDE! (Map) 10:14:37
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The DNC's Wayback Machine Weapon Used On Rand Paul 23:55:26
Why do some people on here think Rand is a good politician? 23:38:47
Any Doubts That Deflation is Winning Over Inflation? 23:37:46
Rand Paul Campaign Manager: "Now that we're there (Iraq/Afghanistan) we have to win," says Rand. 23:23:22
Double post 23:21:35
Southern Avenger: Rand Paul Revolution 5-20-2010 23:21:27
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow: Rand Paul's so-called Libertarian ideology 23:19:46
Nikkei Back Below 10,000. A cautionary tale from Japan 23:11:16
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow - "This Rand is Your Rand" - the NAACP's Benjamin Jealous 22:59:52
Costa Mesa, CA - Illegal Immigrants not welcome here 22:46:08
The End is Here ! 22:35:35
How one man's actions led to the Sarah Palin endorsement of Rand Paul. 22:32:45
ENOUGH of the 1960's civil rights stuff BACK TO THE FUTURE Please! 22:30:59
U.S. Congress approves Obama funding for Iron Dome defense system 22:28:28
America's Impending Master Class Dictatorship 22:24:39
"Wikileaks founder's passport briefly confiscated, to be cancelled" 22:03:25
Arizona's Next Step Might be No Birth Certificates For Anchor Babies Born in the State? 21:58:56
Most hated youtube channel? 21:26:00
Bernanke’s Blackhawk Helicopter and the Global Currency-Trade War: DEFCON 2 21:06:31
Update from Oteil Burbridge 21:06:04
My Answer to The Rand Controversy 21:05:44
War Is Making You Poor Act 20:43:26
Rep. Al Green(D) calls out Rand Paul- gives Rand 24 HRS 20:38:34
Speaking of discrimination and racism: Why do leftists support the most racist law on the books? Walter Williams on The Min Wage 20:29:36
Real Clear Politics: What Does the Future Hold for Rand & Ron? 20:22:01
IT MAY BE that the Civil Rights Act needs to be reconsidered! 20:13:16
My Top Ten List Of Ron Paul Interviews 20:09:28
Did you read that Hillary signed the UN small arms treaty? 20:06:15
I Favor Discrimination by Michael S. Rozeff 20:05:21
Obama Is Attacking Rand Paul 20:02:45
The perfect generic response for "ambush questions" 19:58:29
Another hit piece about Rand on msnbc. 19:56:47
70,000 BARRELS A DAY: A Catastrophe of Epic Proportions 19:56:31
Now the media is saying Rand's supporters are confused, and even quote a confused Tea Partier--could their tactics be working? 19:52:15
Rand Paul and getting "Medina'd" by Maddow 19:46:28
Stock market warning 19:26:40
Jim Bunning Blames "far-left" Courier-Journal for Controversy and Praises Rand Paul 19:24:23
In-depth Analysis of the Rand stink- Read! 19:18:37
I support the Patriot Act and the CRA 18:43:29
Momentum SHIFT... 18:41:12
Rand's disturbing Primary ad 18:13:34
Consistently Constitutionally Confounded (often in Confrontations) 17:42:14
The elephant in the room... the civil rights strawman 17:35:34
Rand backtracks 17:28:58
Jesse Benton/Rand Paul Statement 17:26:08
How easy is it to divide children into cliques? 17:25:31
Rand Paul needs to ask, "Can I join the NAACP, 17:23:09
We are being called out. 17:04:18
LA Times article about Rand..DAD 16:58:00
Media re-examining coverage after Rand Paul controversy 16:47:54
Rand is too defensive 16:44:43
The more I think about Rand's Civil Rights Act answer, the more it bothers me 16:18:58
Euro Trending Towards Parity to the U.S. Dollar, Fast! 16:14:42
Feds bail out Spain ?? 16:09:44
Be Free 16:08:25
Problem bank list hits 775 16:04:00
Boxing comparison 16:02:30
War with North Korea? 16:02:22
Oil arrives on La. shore, edges into key current 15:59:01
Look at one Republican's Political ad in great is this? 15:55:56
Senate breaks impasse on financial regulation bill 15:55:21
Urgent Matter-Time Critical to the Movement 15:30:55
Senate votes to end debate on Wall Street reform legislation 15:21:20
Civil Rights Act: Stossel Unabashedly Argues For The Libertarian Stance 15:18:45
Jundallah Chief: US, Israel Paid for Assassination 15:00:14
Feds Move to Throw Pot Smokers in Prison for Unimpaired Driving 14:50:48
Can a white person join the Congressional Black Caucus? 14:38:08
Humans Create Artificial Life 14:35:35
Obama Thought Police Show Their Power And Priorities 14:33:15
James Clyburn slamming Rand Paul on msnbc 14:31:09
I Dare You make an Input 14:30:24
Here come the diversions: Lindsay Lohan and Race cards 14:29:39
All Four Tires Blown Out On MSNBC's Hit Job... It Is Now Squirelly, In Flames And Headed Straight For The Ditch 14:03:14
Peter Schiff- "Immediate action needed to keep radio ad live through convention" 13:57:17
Are there plans to evacuate coastal areas from Benzene released by oil spill? 13:35:04
Rand Paul is Trending on Twitter 13:34:46
WikiLeaks works to expose government secrets, but Web site's sources are a mystery 13:34:42
Air Force's New X-37B Space Plane Likely an Orbital Spy 13:33:20
What are the "booby trap" questions that Liberty candidates need to be ready for? 13:28:36
Canada's Marc Emery Has Been Extradicted To The USA Border Today!!!! 13:25:58
Mexico's Calderon urges US to curb drug demand....but wait read on..... 13:11:46
New Mexicans react to new Albuquerque immigration policy 13:02:13
“ShoreBank” scandal in Chicago 12:57:17
It's Okay, It's really okay. 12:52:24
Will Rick Perry be living in a mobile home??? 12:47:52
The Simple Solution To Rand's Problem and How To Shutdown His Critics 12:45:04
After 220 years, do we need more laws? 12:42:06
Crude Oil Price 12:37:30
"Insurgent Extremist Candidates Like Paul"...? 12:34:29
MSNBC - Full On Attack On Both Ron And Rand Paul 11:52:17
Protecting my $$$ against inflation 11:32:53
Dow Theorist Richard Russell: 'By the end of this year [you] won't recognize the country.' 11:25:29
Pro Life - What does it mean? 11:12:28
Question on Immigration 10:59:11
5/20/10 Dow Closes at 10,068.01 -376.36 -3.60% 10:56:13
The Tea Party Imperative 10:53:54
Market down 300 points 10:45:39
Canadian couple jailed at border by psycho cops 10:38:01
Who's Next? 10:16:18
Living In Denial 10:14:27
Warmonger Bill Kristol likes Rand Paul 10:07:13
Communist Party Exception to Civil Rights Act 09:51:14
DP Poll #2 - Bomb Tee 09:36:58
Major Left and Right portals are defending Rand Paul 08:58:33
Stop the bias, be fair about the Maddow vs Rand interview. 08:09:21
Rule of Law Revolution changes its name 07:36:47
Senators press for National Guard troops at border, what are your thoughts? 07:26:44
DailyPaul Poll: Should a black restaurant owner be forced to serve members of the Ku Klux Klan? 10:49:58
New Zealand bucks global trend toward socialism 03:51:58
John Dennis beating Dana Walsh in recent Tea Party poll. 02:56:35
Defend Rand Paul against Rachel Maddow smear in comments sections on the web 01:30:45
Adam Kokesh gets Mish's endorsement... 01:20:05
Clip - China Gets Gold Savvy 00:55:50
Freedom Watch - Kentucky GOP Senate Candidate - May 19, 2010 00:34:46
newspaper coverage of Rand's accomplishment 00:22:30
Let us not forget BJ Lawson..he won primary 00:09:40
the differences b/t Rand Paul 2010 & Ron Paul 2008, let's discuss 00:07:50
Rand Paul Conspiracy Theory 00:06:38