Posted on May 24, 2010

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U.S. Expanding Secret Military Activities in Middle East 23:37:59
"What in the World are They Spraying?" - Official Trailer 21:02:34
Forewarned is forearmed: Air tests from the Louisiana coast reveal human health threats from the oil disaster 18:24:23
Republicans Aid Oil Industry at Expense of Americans 15:41:49
Song To Stir You To Donate To Daily Paul 11:51:28
Financial Warfare: Jim Rickards on King World News 11:11:06
Coming Soon? Daily Paul Must Have Links to Tyrannical Websites! 11:05:44
Will Ron Paul Run in 2012? 06:39:15
Obama tells military: prepare for North Korea aggression 06:28:39
MUST Listen! A TRUE BLUE Liberal, Robert Scheer, DEFENDS Rand Paul!!! 01:39:54
Video: Rand Paul's Whirlwind Week 09:56:52
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SA@TAC - Rand Paul's Practical Philosophy 23:59:27
Southern Avenger - Rand Paul's Practical Philosophy 23:58:56
Copy Machines, a Security Risk? 23:54:51
If you think Rand Paul is racist, get off this forum. 23:54:30
Cancelling "Meet the ever more Hard Pressed" was a Great Idea!! 23:44:28
Reagan's Words of Wisdom 23:37:55
The Time of Testing is here :Richard Cook: A Must Read!! 23:37:21
For Crying Out Loud! It's Like The Church Around Here! 23:32:22
Like father like son on the CRA of 1964 and reducing liberty 23:04:51
How postmodernism controls your identity. 22:55:33
Rand is not the first to be called 'radical' 22:45:13
MUST read! Recharge yourselves and move forward!! 22:44:49
Canceling "Meet The Press" Was A Bad Idea 22:41:19
North Korea orders Troops to be Combat Ready 22:38:33
Time out, time out!!! Patrick Murphy confronted by his constituents AND Mike Fitzpatrick 22:36:07
MoxNews- Is BP Running The White House? 22:27:34
YAL on Property Rights and Racism 22:22:51
Whitehouse PR disaster in the making 21:57:11
Rand Paul's Problem, and Ours: He's Not Half the Man His Father Is (Justin Raimondo) 20:53:37
Rand Paul's Tea Party | USA TODAY 5/24/10 20:52:13
Where'd it go ? The post on Obamas citizenship going to Supreme Court? 20:29:11
HOR Majority Leader telephone town hall 5/24 730PM EST 19:29:57
Founder and CEO of Facebook: "The age of privacy is over..." 19:27:42
Obama Wants A Line-Item Veto From Congress! 19:18:22
Oregon GOP candidate proposes dumping nuke and oil waste out at sea 19:05:33
Folks, these oil leaks will never be stopped 19:04:29
Soldier explains why we are in Iraq on C-SPAN 18:34:11
What is an OSRO? 18:09:57
The War on Terra 18:05:31
Massachusetts Democrat Rear-Ended by Drunken Illegal 18:00:45
A 26-Page Brownie Recipe? Only At The Pentagon 17:59:25
Oil Covered Protesters Outside BP Headquarters! 17:33:22
Peter Schiff: "My name will be on the ballot August 10th" 16:51:30
Kentucky Radio Host Rips Apart Rachel Maddow and Jack CONway 16:41:43
Iran offers to help contain oil leak (twice) 16:36:05
RT- Keiser Report:Goldman is the Public Enemy of the US 16:31:48
OBAMA - what a jerk!!! - once again giving us lip-service..... 16:28:15
5/24/10 DOW close 10,066.57 -126.82 -1.24% 16:26:26
Earn a SIX FIGURE CHECK and Support the Daily Paul at the same time. 15:52:38
Breaking: Feds Abandon Case Against AIG;Evidence Lacking! 15:49:48
Tea Party Candidates Are Owned By Israel? Rand Paul and Israel 15:41:06
Secret X-37B Space Plane Spotted by Amateur Skywatchers 15:34:53
In 1860, an apocryphal story made the rounds: 15:30:42
Top 25 Ayn Rand Quotes 15:18:23
Marvin, a Kentuckian radio caller: Rand Paul controversy has been overblown 15:06:40
Stossel Show - Freedom of Speech! 14:41:21
One way to victory -- join us 14:09:22
FoxNews defending Rand Paul? 14:02:14
The Toronto G20 Police State Crackdown 13:43:25
Likely Israeli False Flag: Torpedo attack on S. Korean ship 13:26:16
Rand being discussed on Rush Limbaugh Show by guest host. 13:02:57
Federal Drug Task Force Seizes Marijuana Legalization Petitions. 12:58:49
Texas Rangers Basebase Team Files for Bankruptcy 12:50:16
Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons 12:47:20
Austin, Texas - City along with Kops trying hard to cover it's trail (and it's tail) in shooting death 12:35:09
What Does Kentucky Think of Rand Paul? 12:22:48
James Antle: Michael Steele Isn't Where the Party Is Right Now 12:22:07
Texas Law Enforcement - Clamping Down 12:21:17
Just saw food inc. movie... 12:07:03
Growing Doubts Over Kandahar Mission, But US Has No Backup Plan 12:06:24
Fed Says Asset Sales/MBS Will Come After Interest Rates Are Raised 12:04:32
US appoints Cyber Warfare General 12:03:59
Small businesses threatened with 1099 tax form provision in health care bill 11:44:43
Why We Can’t Win in Afghanistan 11:36:49
Why Ron Paul Should Run for President as an Independent in 2012 11:36:15
Gold being bought faster than produced: up $19.70 - 5/24/10 11:30:08
This article could have been written in Oct. 2008 but it wasn't 11:12:30
Did The Presence Of A Reality TV Show Affect The Behavior Of Cops Who Shot 7 Year Old Girl 10:40:39
Given An Opportunity To Speak To First Principles; Steele Throws Rand Paul Under the Bus 10:29:27
Proposal for voting system 10:20:50
US should stop 'drunk-driver' Israel 10:16:43
Top UK Army Bomb Squad Officer Resigns 09:59:10
LET'S COME UP with some one-liners for Rand to fire back at the media shills! 09:57:12
Britain bans doctor who linked autism to vaccine 09:54:27
Red Emperors Exploit Red Ink 09:18:39
Reagan Wasn’t a Reaganite 09:05:24
Max Keiser on Athens International Radio 09:02:29
Is Rand Paul Media's New Villain? 08:49:26
Rand Paul feels the love from Kentucky GOP 08:37:11
Let Freedom Ring! Peter Schiff Phone-Bomb June 12-13 08:27:42
Dick Armey Defends Rand Paul on Fox and Friends 08:26:28
U.S., Greece, Spain Are in Debt Risk ‘Ring of Fire,’ Pimco Says 07:51:36
Look What RAND started: OK, Let's Talk About the Role of Government 07:44:55
Israel offered to sell nuclear weapons to South Africa 07:33:02
Rand's recent political missteps are those of a novice candidate & will not sink him 07:03:13
Maryland Citizens Face Felony Charges for Recording Cops 05:38:42
Lamar Alexander Defends Rand Paul 04:50:26
Rand Paul’s Problem and Ours by Justin Raimondo 04:19:10
Does race pimp 'Machete' have the cojones to 'send a message' to U.S. Congress? 03:56:22
NYT OpEd Analyzes Libertarian principles vs "real world." 03:40:28
HotAir: In Defense of the Impious Rand Paul 03:14:24
IMPEACH Obama for ordering extrajudicial assassinations of Americans- would Ron Paul issue the articles himself? 02:26:26
Mark Twain Autobiography Available 100 Years Late. Wrote This One Myself. Procrastinated. 01:39:04
Not to sound stupid, but can Peter Schiff endorse Rand Paul? 01:23:03
Let The People Decide - OHIO 01:20:09
Mark Twain Autobiography 100 Years After Death. This One I Wrote Myself. 01:19:02
Economic Collapse – Martial Law – 24 Experts Warn of 2010 Meltdown 01:15:48
free Irwin Schiff books 01:05:04
Suppression of Technology on CoasttoCoast 01:04:51
NY Times (hit piece): The Principles of Rand Paul 00:21:16
Frank Rich Still Doesn't Get It 00:06:39