Posted on May 30, 2010

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Adam Kokesh: Open Letter To James Dobson 14:21:16
A New Theory - The Earth is a Perpetual Oil Generating Machine! (The last thing the elites want you to know)! 11:08:47
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This will raise your heart rate! 23:51:27
We’re too broke to be this stupid 23:37:36
Rethinking the Rand Paul Controversy 23:25:52
Memorial Day Phone Bomb for Adam Kokesh 23:19:36
Must See: Hip Hopper Defends Ron and Rand Paul 22:46:24
The SEIU Targets Hedrick By Donating To His "Republican" Competitors 22:37:25
Oops, WKRG did a big booboo 22:28:36
Was economic collapse a planned power grab? 21:53:23
How Christian is the Tea Party Libertarianism - Huffington Post 21:50:21
Census Workers Can Enter Your Apartment 21:50:13
Dr. Ron Paul’s Cure for ObamaCare 21:49:47
Ron Paul 2012 Liberty Or Death! Anyone have '12 slogan ideas? 21:22:27
Obama for Nuke free Mideast? 20:04:56
Gulf Oil Spill-Gutsy Solution Restores Environment in Just Six Weeks 19:43:14
You need to know this about the toxic oil rain story. It may ease your mind a little bit to know where it came from. 19:23:30
BP's oil leak could increase 20% 18:53:17
Nice New Story and Video of Peter Schiff 18:29:46
Tea Parties Forming in Europe 18:00:14
Former BBC Reporter Alan Hart Reveals 'Mossad' Involved in 9/11 on Alex Jones 17:24:37
Standoff! Nation of Islam confronts Secret Service 15:56:54
9/11 Questions? - Informative Info Here 15:50:51
Walter Williams video on Rand's statement 15:15:28
Information Operations - DoD 14:53:34
Digital Photocopiers Loaded with Secrets 14:41:45
Gulf: Biggest Environmental Disaster in US History 14:39:27
The arsonist puts out the fire 14:13:09
Day 40,,, A BP executive says Leak will continue till August 13:56:49
Troops, Tanks, Rifles, Hummers and road blocks in Los Angeles, CA--2 mi. fr/Dodger Stadium! 13:53:24
Information Warfare - USAF 13:09:31
Terrorism — Cause and Effect 11:51:56
Oil Spill Hearings: BP's Actions Before Disaster Look Problematic 11:19:13
The most powerful family in the World!! 11:10:50
A disgrace of historic proportions 11:07:11
Contrast 11:02:35
Wow - Next Luxurious Bilderberg Group Meeting-Barcelona-No Holiday Inn For These Folks! 10:00:11
Ron Paul's Private Option Health Care Act 09:01:49
Keith Oberman: Rand Paul vs. anchor babies 06:38:07
Poll: "Is Rand Paul damaged goods in GOP?" 06:06:08
EPA and Coast Guard approved Gulf oil solution bring ignored 03:44:48
Come On People! Let´s get Peter On The Ballot! 03:38:02
Rand Paul: "I'm not a libertarian" 02:59:36
Walt Disney - The Little House - 1952 01:33:04
Ha! NPR asks "Have We Made Contact?"... 30 years later 01:23:46
The Down-Low on the Oil Flow 01:11:17
5 Winning Strategies in the Food/Health Freedom Wars 01:01:21
KTLA Reporter Gayle Anderson Gets Multiple Parking Tickets On Live TV 00:59:49
Soros - China Must Be Part Of The New World Order 00:44:17