Posted on June 1, 2010

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Feds Launch Criminal Investigation Into BP 17:27:58
Join Me In Prayers For Adam Kokesh Victory 17:31:02
Delia Lopez for Congress - A Ron Paul endorsed Republican gives her first hello to the Daily Paul 15:27:37
Deflation: M3 Shrinking at 9.6% Annual Pace 10:17:35
More Aid Ships Head for Gaza 17:30:20
Adam Kokesh Interview With Diane Kiderwater 09:44:26
College Debt: Who's To Blame For Students' Suprime Loans? 09:49:51
Gaza Flotilla Attack: World Unites in Condemnation of Israel's Actions. All Except U.S. 01:32:39
Overlooked Ron Paul Liberty candidate also endorsed by Ron Paul wins Republican primary and needs our help NOW! 10:31:10
Memorial Day Remembrance Post 09:44:03
Promoting Oathkeepers in Afghanistan 09:43:39
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Has Israel Had the Decency to Notify the Families of Those They Killed and Wounded? 23:48:22
Quiz on fractional reserve lending 23:25:02
Florida, it's coming your way 23:04:45
A Black Harvard Law School Professor Kenneth Mack, weighs in on Rand vs.MADcow. 22:45:51
The 2010 + lie! Israel is not a country, it is 22:41:49
We got a bloated government, and they have to go consult Avatar director about BP? 22:41:41
Foreign Banks Find Fortune In Crisis 22:30:58
MoxNews- Louisiana Gov Jindal Press Conf Oil Spill Day 43 22:22:55
Missouri Farmer Faces Jail-Lose Farm and Family Food Ministry 22:08:25
Jake Towne MB 50K before the 15th!!!!! 21:22:35
Irish aid vessel still sailing for Gaza, ‘most serious consequences’ promised if passengers harmed 21:12:43
Fed Up In Missouri Episode 1 20:38:54
"RI-Where Economic Freedom Started and Ended" 20:28:01
American investors: Predictably stupid losers- Commentary: Obama backs status quo, helping Wall Street skim hundreds of billions 19:33:42
For Bugman and my other brothers! 19:32:56
End the Illusion: A Better Solution Than TARP 19:12:20
The Eye of the Duck | David Lynch 18:51:09
Hollywood director helping plug the oil well 18:43:04
Primaries in three states may yield additional clues to national electorate's mood 18:33:47
Video: Ron Paul- Mangru Report- Funny ending! 18:17:30
Brasscheck TV...Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty. 18:14:14
"You Just Had On 10 Minutes Of Pro-Israeli Propaganda Filled With Falsehoods!" Glenn Greenwald 17:56:44
Turkey threatens action; Israel on alert 17:55:19
MoxNews- CNN: Was Israel Unfairly Provoked? 17:44:02
Holy Sweet Lord, Turkey has announced they will send another flotilla to Gaza—escorted by the Turkish Navy! 17:33:25
George Will: Limits of a Welfare State 17:26:51
The Ron Paul Freedom IRA 17:25:17
401(k) as Dangerous as the Dollar 17:15:48
Warning Signs Of Full Spectrum Collapse Are Everywhere 17:12:05
MoxNews- "How Many Innocents Should Die In Order To Take A Bad Guy Down?" 17:08:57
Clarke and Dawe: Lending merry-go-round 17:03:37
Alan Sabrosky on The Madness Of Arrogance: Israel's Attack On The Gaza Aid 16:50:44
Kurt Liston Money Bomb 16:50:02
Census Scam Exposed 16:43:22
Question - Just Curious if 16:42:16
Mainstream Media Incompetent About U.S. Inflation 16:37:31
Any engineers out there? Possible idea for stopping the oil leak. 16:32:05
Israel propaganda machine at work- Paintballs to pistols, Israel admits ship blunders 16:23:35
6/1/10 Dow Close 10,024.02 -112.61 -1.11% 16:08:03
RT- 'Israel used to violence and gets away with it' 16:05:46
*** Lebanon fires on Israeli warplanes *** 16:04:43
Alabama's colorful 2010 primary ads 15:35:09
BP hires Cheney spokeswoman to lead PR effort 15:32:31
Rachel Corrie LIVES 15:18:47
Hello From Texas 15:03:19
Supreme Court Turns Miranda Case on its head: Suspects must say they want to be silent 15:00:10
The Real Reason the Oil Still Flows into The Gulf of Mexico 14:44:27
198 Years Ago Today, James Madison Declared the Second Declaration of Independence: 14:14:28
RT- NWO Busted: Man who exposed Bilderberg reveals conspiracy secrets to EU 14:12:30
The REAL SIN of the BP oil spill... 13:56:16
Owners Stop Paying Mortgages, and Stop Fretting 13:30:22
Don’t ask - don’t tell – Mr. oh oh 13:30:13
HuffPo: Rand Paul remarks lead KY to pass civil rights legislation 13:27:41
Max Keiser: Peak Gulf Oil Spill, Peak OTC Credit Derivative 6-1-2010 13:20:14
Education Bubble Won't Burst, Thanks to SAFRA 13:09:10
Federal Reserve System – Banking Fraud 13:07:57
Oil spill solution known since 1989 Why not used? 12:47:25
Tipper Gore's AWAKENING??? 12:34:56
America's Complicity in Evil 12:20:32
Hunter S. Thompson, September 11, 2001 11:26:14
Warning Signs Of Full Spectrum Collapse Are Everywhere 11:17:19
Alabama Primary Election 11:05:51
Lew Rockwell calls not supporting Facebook "anti-capitalist." 11:03:28
The most important economic essay you can read right now. 10:46:16
Israel's Attack on Us All / Blood For Wheelchairs 10:26:12
Adam Kokesh on Issues & Answers with Diane Kinderwater 09:41:04
Israeli Advance Target Assassination List Found on Flotilla 09:33:55
"Al-Qaida Flotilla" Grannies detained 08:49:17
The U.S. Economic Collapse Top 20 Countdown 08:33:34
Obama, Democrats Push Controversial 'Disclose' Campaign Finance Rule 07:49:46
American cities at risk of Default and Bankruptcy 07:25:33
UN Security Council Members Demand Israel End Blockade 07:12:14
U.S. Inflation to Approach Zimbabwe Level, Faber Says 07:02:59
Is it time for a Tea Strike? 01:30:12
MUST SEE: Dr. Ron Paul - WHO is the [REAL] Patriot? 00:51:52
What Is This! Russian & Foreign Troops Ordered Into U.S.? 00:18:31
Zero Hour: The Day The Grid Stood Still 00:03:45