Posted on June 3, 2010

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Urgent Call To Activism For Liberty! 17:31:45
Dr. Ron Paul: Obama facing too much blame on oil spill 10:31:10
End the Wars. 10:27:12
Jake Towne Launches New Website and New Campaign Goal 10:12:14
DeMint: Over 90% of bills passed secretly with no debate, no vote 10:08:09
Dr. Ron Paul on Don Imus Show June 3 08:01:54
Dr. Ron Paul Correctly Predicts Big Obama Lie! 01:01:36
Adam Kokesh Election Results 00:38:00
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The Mediterranean Massacre - Justin Raimando 23:52:40
Rand Paul was the butt of the joke tonight 23:25:30
Colorado treasurer debate in Grand Junction 06/03 23:01:52
CA governor any good liberty candidates? 22:32:56
BP battles spill, and rising tide of public anger 22:29:23
The Current State of Israel is Illegitimate Religiously Speaking 22:19:39
Must See Liberty Video 22:07:13
Max and Stacy covering twitter hashtags, trillion dollar wars and more 21:55:07
Rand Paul ordered to stop playing Rush songs! 21:54:19
Strange Days - Denver Int'l Airport Hosts "Anubis", God of Death 21:46:51
great Robert Higgs article: "Consent of the Governed?" 21:43:12
So this is why the Clinton library was dragging it's feet on the Kagan files 21:34:06
Peace, Propaganda and The Promised Land ~Gaza/ Israel Video 21:02:52
Hey Kentrailer! **action alert** **chemtrail footage needed** 20:51:07
Newsweek/Blackout: Private Aircraft Must Get Permission From BP’s Command Center To Fly Over Entire Louisiana Coastline! 20:34:50
Scuffles during Israeli Knesset flotilla debate 20:16:00
Kokesh Vacuum 19:33:16
Army slams door on Obama details 19:21:09
Any hint of this in the MSM? 19:14:46
VIDEO:Phillip Giraldi, Former CIA Case Officer | Ray McGovern, Former CIA : Israeli lobby's influence on US foreign policy 18:55:28
Feds send BP $69M bill as Obama plans trip to Gulf 18:33:21
Nullify the Feds! 18:25:21
US backs off plan to take Vt. farm for border port 18:24:44
VIDEO: President Obama Heckled on Shuttle Bus with “Impeach Obama” 17:49:51
Mossad chief: Israel becomes U.S. 'burden' 17:43:56
Israel and Noninterventionism 17:38:02
same planet - another world 17:14:03
Demand the Evidence for Alien DNA! Petition 17:03:29
Every debt clock you can think of.....this needs to be seen 16:44:19
Cop who saved fawn faces jail, fines 16:25:45
Disgraceful: Senate Bill to Bail Out BP 16:21:44
Israel's use of 'captured' video draws criticism 16:14:07
(VIDEO) "Defamation" an Israeli-made documentary about the Anti-Defamation League (aka the Free Speech Police) 16:09:31
Secretive Bilderberg Club ready for protests ( 15:56:50
American Shot Dead By Israel In Gaza Flotilla Raid!!! 15:20:07
Where's Rand Paul? 15:13:22
Collectivism Propaganda On The Daily Paul *Please Join/Add to the Discussion* 15:12:39
Rabbi gives Netanyahu some advice in 1990 15:10:20
Vote Ron Paul in this poll! 15:05:27
Bombshell: Estulin unmasks Bilderberg Group in EU Parliament - RussiaToday 15:01:55
Ohio Shame--Police officer's visual estimate of speed is enough for a conviction, Ohio Supreme Court rules 14:59:38
Ron Paul : Obama Should Waive Federal Regulations To Help With Oil Cleanup! 14:47:39
Video: Bilderberg scum gather forces near Barcelona 14:30:41
Obama Tried Bribing Another Senate Candidate 14:27:56
Video of anti-Bilderberg protests in Spain as group set to meet 14:21:55
Bernanke Fiddles While The USA Burns 14:14:48
UK: Why a 'New Euro' could save Europe 14:09:05
Jeremy Scahill Rips into Ed Koch for defending Israel's Attack on Peace Activists 13:25:35
Kids Swallow DNA of Lethal Pig Virus in Vaccine 13:18:31
Video: Bildeberg Group Exposed in European Parliament 12:56:20
Israel Defies the World in Calls for an Independent Investigation 12:55:42
Surprising jump for Schiff 12:54:12
Israel/Gaza Media Digest, June 3rd 12:43:51
Talk & listen to Ambassador Edward Peck. . . 12:38:12
The Genius of Ron Paul (The Daily Reckoning) 12:24:49
Can any doctors provide PROOF of "herd immunity"? 12:22:51
10 Things You Didn't Know About Rand Paul (US News & World Report) 12:21:02
Nightinglae for CA. Governor 12:06:06
Liberty Candidates where to find them how you can help. 11:08:33
Mexico opens California Office to provide IDs for illegals. 11:03:55
Bombshell expose'. The real reason the oil still flows into the Gulf of Mexico. 10:50:27
More Spin from Israel 10:34:10
Video Bombshell: Estulin unmasks Bilderberg Group in EU Parliament 10:32:16
Director James Cameron says BP turned down help offer 10:10:01
Has anyone ever sold their gold/silver back to APMEX ? 09:16:35
Question: if Israel is at war with Hamas 09:09:53
Fatalities on Gaza Flotilla Said to Include U.S. Citizen 08:36:27
Video: US Colonel (ret) Ann Wright detained by Israel 08:25:24
Bank of America's Mortgage Principal Reduction Program Is Underway 08:20:05
What is Limited Government? 08:08:11
Dr. Ron Paul on Imus - Fox Business - 8:00 am EST (6/3/10) 07:51:46
MOODY'S CEO Refuses to Apologize for Bogus Ratings 07:28:01
"A Tea Party To Nowhere" 07:23:25
China does not have residential Property Taxes--Yet 06:53:03
Sovereign Debt Defaults = Social Unrest + Much Higher Gold Prices 06:41:05
Personal Bankruptcies Jump 9% In May, And The Outlook For The Year Has Been Jacked Up 06:39:31
Gaza flotilla raid: Joe Biden asks 'So what's the big deal here?' 06:38:08
Holder excludes Florida's Republican AG from oil spill meeting 06:35:19
It’s the Constitution, stupid! 06:33:23
Anchor accuses own network of ‘embarrassing’ bias in Israel coverage 06:31:51
Anybody left who hasn't been offered a payoff job by the Obama White House, please put out your hand 05:56:03
Cafferty File: Is Israel Looking To Start A War? 04:45:15
Are Gold and the Dollar Now Linked in Value? 03:24:35
Israelis Soldiers refuse to serve in Gaza 03:16:35
Ron Paul: The U.S. Supported Al-Qaeda; Israel Supported Hamas 02:40:11
Wednesday, June 02 - Rand Paul Up by 8 Points in Rasmussen Poll 02:23:19
Jews in Israel protest massacre 02:02:58
Former US Diplomat Edward Peck cites attack on USS Liberty on primetime cable television 6/2/10 (VIDEO) 02:02:05
Schiffed into High Gear - Petitions for the Primary June 2, 2010 01:09:33
Ron Paul On The Issues In 1988! 00:52:45
Israel to come "prepared if it were a war.” to the two other ships heading to Gaza 00:41:06
Secretive Bilderberg Club ready for protests 00:16:14