Posted on June 7, 2010

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Liberty Websites Traffic Rising 15:03:00
Rand Paul on Rush Limbaugh 6/7/2010 12:11:42
Jake Towne: D-Day Has Arrived 10:57:37
Look Out DP! Federal Government Looks to 'Reinvent' Journalism! 10:27:22
In Rand Paul's Own Words: Local Kentucky Paper Publishes Rand's Piece on the Civil Rights Act 09:55:50
Afghanistan: America's Longest War Ever 00:44:03
NYTimes Front Page: For Paul Family, Libertarian Ethos Began at Home 09:52:06
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MUST PLEDGE: Please support C4L & Ron Paul's HR4995 END the oBUSHmaScrare Mandate! 23:50:50
Calling All Bloggers: I Want Your URLS! 23:14:01
McCain’s Last Battle; The maverick tries to remake himself as a conservative -The American Conservative Online 23:07:34
AZ Tom Tancredo: "I Think I'll Contribute To The Guy Whoever Kidnapped The Real John McCain; And I'll Tell'em.. KEEP THAT GUY!" 22:56:57
Some sound like a bunch of crazy hypocrites for criticizing Israel's actions 22:51:36
Dems intend to repackage cap and trade in 'BP Spill Bill" so 'it will be hard to oppose'. 22:46:33
“We Are Not Going to War Over a Bunch of Dead Sailors.” (USS Liberty) 22:32:39
MoxNews- Israel Won't Allow Ginger, Nutmeg, Canned Fruit, Dried Fruit, Fresh Meat, Seeds & Nuts into Gaza 22:22:00
New Tea Mage rap song with RON PAUL DES MOINES SPEECH sample 22:21:26
Does anyone know anything about Rep. Paul Ryan's Social Security Bill? 22:12:47
New Libertarian National Committee Members Leading by Example 22:08:42
The Southern Avenger- Nikki Haley and the New Conservatives 22:01:42
Is the Oil mess causing acid rain, destroying crops in the south? 22:00:12
Election spooks lawmakers, curbs Congress spending 21:35:49
The Peoples Voice Media 21:07:45
(Updated) Thread of its Own-1914 the Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand Set in Motion World War I, II, the Holocaust and... 20:58:05
MoxNews- Helen Thomas Would Have Gotten Less Grief If She Had Shot 9 People Dead In International Waters! 20:57:39
Progressives criticize White House, Democrats 20:25:00
Anyone else read this tripe? 20:13:41
Why Government hates Gold Texas Straight Talk 20:12:47
Defending the indefensible: a how-to guide 20:02:49
Rand Paul breaks silence with talk show interview 19:48:18
Two women use handgun to hold off would-be thieves in Springfield MO 19:30:26
MoxNews- 38 Of 40 Polling Stations Closed In Arkansas Day Before The Election! 19:15:08
Never Forget Rachel Corrie 19:10:07
Egypt to keep open border with Gaza 19:02:46
RT: Obama's crackdown on whistleblowers targets press freedom? 18:26:29
Unemployment checks halted for thousands 18:17:40
Iran's Ahmadinejad to visit China 18:13:06
Stash Cash for Next Stock Market Flash Crash 18:11:00
Former Nato Secretary-General Admits Bilderberg Sets Global Policy 17:52:13
Melt-Up Time for Gold & Silver: Monetize Your Future 17:47:06
Precious Metals Decoupling 17:17:05
Rand Paul on Cavuto Show on FOX 17:10:58
Cody Willard leaving Fox Business Network 16:35:21
Love Liberty Life 16:32:55
Milton Friedman on Donahue Lots 16:26:17
"PURITY PATROL" Purely Innocent Criticism or Pure Political Attack?? 16:00:05
US military detains soldier linked to Iraq video 15:50:08
Guantanamo Resort & Casino $500 Million Renovation 15:13:26
Financial Reform Goes to Committee Without Dr. Paul 15:12:07
Benzene pollution – a health risk in Gulf BP Oil drilling disaster 15:08:52
US Politicians Worst Nightmare - The Question 14:57:07
A Keynsian gives the Keynsian solutions 14:52:25
RT: Iranian aid ships to sail for Gaza escorted by Iran's Navy 14:49:48
Rand Paul: Ban Federal Contractors From Lobbying 14:38:46
No escape: Mish see's inflation! 14:35:52
Defining a Path to Economic Recovery 14:33:05
Another Justice Scalia gem-commenting on Congress 14:29:27
If 1 + 1 Still Equals 2 Then Gold Will Explode! 14:09:38
Peter Schiff: The Wrong Way to Buy Gold (VIDEO) 13:36:41
CNN: Israel admits doctoring Gaza flotilla tapes 13:26:26
Global Empire 13:23:47
Great FREE public thread to read! 12:59:05
Michael Savage defends Peace Activists and Attacks Israeli Response 12:56:43
The Fruits of NAFTA 12:36:43
Helen Thomas Retires Immediately 12:33:31
Rock band Rush orders Rand Paul to stop using their song 12:31:13
Jake Towne: The Latest in Government Tyranny 12:28:07
Rand Paul: I Was Sullied by "Lies and Innuendo" 12:25:26
RT- Obama now requires reporters to reveal confidential sources 12:24:15
Afghan War is now Americ's Longest War 12:20:46
Bank of America to Pay $108 Million in Mortgage Abuse Case 12:08:12
Mystery Crop Damage Threatens Hundreds Of Acres with Video 12:07:55
Oil eating microbes 11:41:53
WHAS 11 in Kentucky posts write up and moneybomb video for Rand Moneybomb June 28 11:28:54
Report Slams WHO Over Swine Flu Scare 11:19:36
COPS NOT WELCOME! Cafe Owner Bans Police From His Business. Rachel Maddow? 11:12:55
Oil, Corexit, Chemtrails or ? 10:57:51
Photos of wounded Israeli soldier receiving care from flotilla passengers 10:55:02
Suspected Army Whistleblower Arrested in Wikileaks Probe 10:46:47
Iran Offers to Escort Next Aid Convoy through Gaza Blockade 10:39:34
Are You Anti-Collectivist or against Collectives that are Against your Collective? 10:34:41
"Establishment" Media *Will they help us defeat the Establishment?* 10:29:40
Building What? 10:28:13
Is Sharron Angle Someone Ron Paul Libertarians Should Support? 10:14:39
Running Against the Neocon Eric Cantor 09:40:39
DOW behaving strangely today 09:39:15
Bestselling Author and Congressman Ron Paul's Books Now Available Exclusively in the Kindle Store 09:38:44
RT- Israeli Navy kills 4 'terrorist' divers, Iran to send aid ships to Gaza 09:26:45
Justin Raimondo: Our Enemies, the Israelis? 09:13:23
Were our Founding Fathers Wrong old rp article worth rereading 08:17:22
Things are poppin’ all over. 08:12:35
Pat Kielty: "The Real IRA? They're not the real IRA. They're the government." 08:06:22
Denver International Airport installs 30 foot statue of the Egyptian God of Death 07:51:49
Tea Party's newfound electoral viability, not "racism," is reason for smear 06:42:44
MISH: Ron Paul for President/Chris Christie for VP 06:32:22
Rand Paul's Road to Victory Moneyblast 06:31:49
Wow! The Campaign for Liberty has 450,000 Members 06:24:11
One Out Of Every Ten U.S. Banks Is Now On The FDIC’s Problem List – Do You Know If Your Bank Is Safe? 06:06:44
College Students This Is Your Future: High Unemployment And Student Loan Hell 06:04:12
Judge Napolitano on Chaotic Courts and 'Unconstitutional' Justice 05:58:02
U.S. Debt Poised to Overtake GDP by 2012 05:54:13
Advise please: help me send a message to Michael Steele and the RNC 04:35:58
My alternative energy experience, past, present, and future. 03:50:35
Roughed up marine talks about Flotilla trip 02:45:26
Bilderberg 2010: Why the protesters are your very best friends 01:37:06
Rahm Emanuel tied to BP adviser 01:25:05
Suicide Tops 2.8 Million Years’ Work: William Pesek (Update1) 00:49:23
Let the world unite behind Iran in it's humanitarian effort for Palestinians. And Let the US stay out of it. :) 00:22:46
Barack O’Bilderberg: Picking the President 00:21:05