Posted on June 8, 2010

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Tom Woods on Glenn Beck 6/8/2010 17:05:05
Top Israeli Navy Officers Slam Government for Blaming Activists 16:41:10
Audio: Rand Paul on Hannity Show Tuesday June 8 14:31:12
Mexican Multi Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price Mentions Ron Paul in King World News Interview on Sound Money 11:46:30
Jake Towne: Lessons from Greece 10:23:41
Could the Oil Spill Mean the End for BP? 10:18:42
Dr. Ron Paul: Why Governments Hate Gold 09:54:20
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Overdose:Next Financial Crisis Movie 23:35:05
U.S. Marine fires back over Shariah loans 23:10:33
Pilot Shot Between The Eyes Lands Helicopter & Walks Off To Get First Aid 22:55:39
Live election results for John Dennis 22:47:16
Gerald Celente: We Have Losers Leading Us 22:39:24
BP: Fishermen getting bulk of compensation checks 22:35:56
TODAY IN HISTORY: USS Liberty (June 8th 1967) 22:31:10
Border Patrol agent kills 15-year-old boy in Texas after rocks were thrown 22:21:29
MoxNews- The Fed Gov Has Issued New Rules Governing Everything! Congresswoman Foxx 22:07:25
MoxNews- One Trader Almost Brought Down France's Second Largest Bank 21:36:27
"The Road to Serfdom" is #1 on Amazon 21:33:22
CIA Presidents 'Own Personal Gestapo' 21:17:16
Schiff qualifies for Republican primary for U.S. Senate nomination 21:00:19
What would you as an Individual do beyond 1-1/2 to 3 years from now- If Someone was very good at 20:20:13
UK Telegraph: "Britain will default unless government cuts public sector pensions" 19:46:04
What One Man Can Do For Peace & Liberty 19:29:55
A Christian's sagacious view on Rand vs. Maddow 19:26:30
Great Video 19:18:38
Welllll-California Governor Prospect not afraid of Chemtrail Talk-Wow!! 19:18:01
Obama admits on 6/8/10 that he has "NOT spoken" directly with BP CEO 19:08:22
ARKANSAS -Live Election COVERAGE Nevada/CA Live Link 19:06:30
Constitution/Declaration Now Comes With Disclaimer! 19:03:04
Report: U.S. Puts Bull's-eye on Iran 18:50:51
MoxNews- BIG SOLAR STORMS! 18:46:18
US involved in the attacks 18:45:49
Obama Moves to Silence Gun Groups and Other Political Opponents 18:15:06
Two more Palestinians killed by Israel wash ashore 17:58:01
AR- Lincoln faces test as voters choose fall matchups 17:35:26
Atlantis Oil Well~ BP's Next Looming Disaster Could Dwarf the Deepwater Blowout 17:32:43
MAJOR GENERAL Paul Vallely Calls for the RESIGNATION of OBAMA aka Soetoro, and New Elections... 17:24:21
Tom Woods is on stupid Glenn Beck right now 17:23:40
BP paying out $2.63B in dividends on June 21 17:14:32
Can Democrats avoid the summer curse? 17:11:37
Gold to Reach Parabolic Top of $10,000 by 2012 - Yes, $10,000 by 2012! 17:00:29
N.H. and U.S. Constitution class interactive on line 16:56:54
Census Bureau Harrassment 16:56:19
Galileo's lost tooth, fingers go on show in Florence 16:47:40
Why McMaster is dangerous, far more dangerous than Haley. With Haley, you can opt out, you can't opt out from a police state! 16:43:18 16:42:02
Mexico president condemns border killing, ties it to Ariz. immigration law 16:21:34
Arrogance Defined: Goldman Sachs 16:15:45
Sharron Angle # 7 on Yahoo search today 16:13:25
The USS Liberty, a flubbed-up false flag 16:08:05
This Will Give You Hope 16:06:49
Federal Budget and Simple Math 15:48:19
Is the oil spill and the Gaza flotilla distracting attention away from Haiti? 15:47:51
BP Oil Rig Not the Only One Leaking in the Gulf!!! 15:40:45
Who's that peeking in my window, POW, nobody now 15:32:01
Tax Idiots just absolutely baffle me!!! 15:29:19
If you use a feedreader or facebook... 15:02:55
Devastation: You Can Smell The Oil From A Helicopter And Birds Are Frying! 14:54:34
Obama's plot to by pass the people. 14:07:12
More guests for the Freedom Watch Tea Party Summit: Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, others 14:03:22
Nationwide Phone Bomb For Freedom Today! 13:55:35
State Sen. John Kissel is backing Peter Schiff 13:46:51
*BREAKING* Remember the recent "Censorship" Hub Bub? Oil Spill, Israel, Helen Thomas 13:44:59
Paul Craig Roberts Schools Progressive on Income Tax 13:13:31
There are Trillions at stake in the Financial Reform Bill now in negotiations!! 13:01:12
Iranian President calls for New World Order 12:40:36
Judicial Watch Uncovers New Documents Detailing Mexican Government Incursions 12:25:38
The MSM is After RJ Harris 12:08:36
Living life as a "Freedom Outlaw" 11:55:03
Don't Tread On Me: Unifying a Movement 11:53:06
UBS tax-evasion deal rejected by Swiss lower house 11:32:01
Nullification makes a comeback—and not just on the Right. 11:10:57
Investment Banker: It’s Going To Get Nasty – Buy Land Barbed Wire And Guns 11:10:32
I had a problem voting in S.C. 10:59:39
Tea party contenders surge in S. Carolina, Nevada 10:45:23
Rick Santelli today... Gold and the Tea Party 10:38:16
Video: Global Warming Causes more Sex? 10:32:18
Dow now below "Fat Finger" crash low; Gold soars 10:25:04
Gates may get lift from tea parties 10:15:02
Rand Paul has fired the first shot in the great battle of the next generation: against cruel, corrupt liberal injustice 09:47:00
The Phantom Recovery By Peter Schiff 09:42:51
Helen Thomas says 09:30:17
The Southern Avenger - Nikki Haley and the New Conservatives 09:29:58
deleted 08:32:43
Peter Schiff; apparently "We The People" haven't SUFFERED enough??? 08:23:37
Obama's Job Offers: Misdemeanors—or Crimes? by Pat Buchanan 06:55:08
Obama Administration Pushing To Reopen New Offshore Drilling Exploration In Shallow Waters 06:45:51
Hid flotilla raid pictures in underwear, Canadian activist says 06:24:00
Goldman Sachs May Explain Plunge Protection Team’s Vanishing Act 06:20:49
Bernanke Says Recovery Unlikely to Lower Joblessness Quickly 06:06:41
GOP bad dream: Birther on ticket (in California) 05:08:10
BP Well Bore And Casing Integrity May Be Blown, Says Florida’s Sen. Nelson 03:56:12
Tea Party Organizer Dana Loesch Schools Chris Matthews 03:47:48
John Stossel defends Rand Paul on the right to discriminate 02:10:13
Breaking: Osama bin Laden and top aides are hiding in Iran! 01:23:32
This one floored me. 01:17:33
Gold vs. real estate 01:08:17
Why Governments Hate Gold By Congressman Ron Paul 00:10:43
Florida Libertarian US Senate candidate Alex Snitker: It’s Time For America First Foreign Policy 00:00:00