Posted on June 13, 2010

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The Washington Post is calling Ron Paul's gold investments a 'conflict of interest' but it won't let me post comments 23:28:47
Ron Paul: Authoritarianism is Bad for Your Health 22:41:52
Video: Jake Towne on Nullification 22:27:12
Video: FBI Visits Peace Mom About "Pre-Crimes" 20:30:13
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Ron Paul Song by Roy Shivers 23:42:30
Videos: Rand at Republican Leadership Conference 23:39:52
Vast mineral riches found in Afghanistan 23:24:09
Good Night Daily Paul. Here is a song for your spirit. "Now We Are Free" 23:03:42
Obama Begins "Lifestyle Health Modification" Program 22:44:16
Positive New York Times Review of Freedom Watch 21:49:56
Who wants to make MILLIONS of Federal Reserve notes with me???? 21:39:00
Senator Scary Reid - Our Tax system Is a VOLUNTARY tax system 21:11:57
Schaumburg fights Crook county Red Light Cameras - Roll Call Vote 21:08:26
banks and swaps 20:58:12
WOW!!! Holy Shaking Subsurface BATMAN, LOOK AT THIS! 20:53:31
HAARP and Haiti Induction Magnometer readings show man made earthquake 20:48:42
Iraq's Central Bank attacked today 20:45:25
Video Proof of Gaza suffering! These poor people. 20:41:10
Think of the Children. The World is Run by... 20:10:38
Insurgents storm Iraq's central bank 20:08:14
MoxNews- He's Not A Terrorist! He's Just Stupid! 19:58:52
Call your Senator help stop the oil spill. 19:47:15
RonPaul -Texas Straight Talk- Obamacare Is Bad For Your Health 19:02:11
Report: Pakistani Spy Agency Supports Taliban 17:44:51
Rep. Brad Sherman Threatens to Prosecute Flotilla Survivors, They Show Up at His Office 17:42:34
Abolishing Department of Education isn't extreme; Reid calls Angle a "kook" 17:07:55
Ron Paul was just on Alex Jones 17:07:41
New Radio interview for Delia Lopez on the Invisible Hand 16:37:22
The Bottleneck is Always at the Top 16:23:05
Weekend Watching: Uplifting Ron Paul Videos 16:21:09
Atlantic's First Potential →OILCANE← Of The Season 16:09:29
If an Agent Knocks - Federal Investigators and Your Rights 15:46:02
Saudi Arabia: We will not give Israel air corridor for Iran strike 15:42:07
"I See Rand People" 15:03:27
Are there more oil- & gas-related accidents lately? 14:42:43
Obama wants $50B in emergency funding to save jobs 14:33:00
Ron Paul : Gun Control? Disarm The Bureaucrats! 14:31:50
Weekend Meditation: -- Walling In Or Walling Out 14:25:21
BP Official Admits to Damage Beneath Sea Floor 13:53:58
Rand Paul - Citizenship Amendment 13:42:31
Jake Towne Live on Robert Scott Bell NOW! 13:33:59
Ralph Nader Says Reinstate Helen Thomas 13:33:03
Who likes Gore Vidal? 13:27:55
My weekend Video 12:43:45
Monday June 14th Help Keep Government Honest With FIJA Activism 12:40:27
The Fully Informed Jury Association Florida Needs Your Help To Keep Government Honest 12:37:31
TV Alert! Capitalism instead of Warfare/Welfare? 12:24:18
Deepwater Cap and Trade -The Movie- 11:59:03
Video: Israel Defense Force video of siege of ‘Mavi Marmara’ Hoaxed! 11:44:59
Maybe It's Time to Stop Using Internal Combustion Technology 11:17:27
Clarity on BP, Corporations, Environmental Legislation, Government Schools 11:06:14
CAMPAIGN WATCH: Rand at Louisville GunShow, plus shoots FULL AUTO @ Knob Creek!!! 11:02:45
Congress Mulls Bill to Revise Birthright Citizenship 10:58:38
Another Battle Won In Our War To Unseat The GOP Entrenched Old Guard In Texas 10:55:55
Did anyone catch this commercial during the USA England match up at half time? Very cool! 10:29:08
Liberals and Libertarians need each other: 10:29:06
Human Experimentation "The Heart of Bush Administration's Torture Program" 10:02:41
MoxNews- Coast Guard Gives B.P. 48 Hours To SPEED IT UP! 09:44:36
Echoes of Mengele: Medical Experiments, Torture and Continuity in the American Gulag 09:29:50
Leaked Emails About Gulf Of Mexico Shorts 1 Day Before Disaster! Must See! 09:29:34
HOTT song!! youtube sensation with the right message 08:32:21
Prince of Persia = our Ron Paul [Prince of We-The-People of this Planet] 08:16:09
Documentary: Welcome to Lagos 07:01:44
Could BP have cracked a mantel shelf? Get the videos before they get pulled! 06:34:12
Oil spill threatens 'total destruction' ... Must read!! 06:07:44
Israel looted Flotilla, activists say 04:52:43
Strange Video of Media Being Blocked by BP 02:21:05
Smoking Teeth= Poison Gas!! 01:57:11
Texas Libertarians Nominate Kathie Glass for Governor 01:13:43
No more paper checks! Obama Administration to Start Direct Deposit 00:56:57
VIDEO: BP OIL SPILL, Day 54 , where are we at? 00:22:02