Posted on June 15, 2010

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Video: Ron Paul Crowd Sends Condolences to Sue Lowden 17:47:16
Barney Frank Announces Proposed Fed Audit Will Be Materially Curbed 16:55:22
Jim Rickards on King World News: IMF Creep Towards a New Liquidity Pump 11:45:49
Financial Reform Bill Now in Conference - What we said was AUDIT THE FED! 10:15:02
Jake Towne Money Bomb - 50K by June 15 00:55:20
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It is high time we start Loving and Praying.... 23:39:59
I want a Ron Paul bumpersticker 23:39:52
Hundred trillion dollar Zimbabwe bank notes for sale on eBay!!! 23:35:15
They Have No Intention of Stopping the Leak...Yet 23:09:32
National Inflation Association Releases Meltup Update Video 23:04:41
Gerald Celente: US Financial Markets to Collapse by End of 2010 23:01:13
We're Not Dead Yet! End the Mandate Before It Ends US :HR 4995 +Private Option 22:58:45
RAW video (aerial) of the oil won't see on MSM 22:39:04
Wolf and the Other Blitzers: WWIII Begins November 8th 22:29:51
New Pro-Liberty Hip Hop Track 22:25:56
Peter Schiff talks Ron Paul and addresses the Ron Insana comments 22:09:28
I had an idea to expose the income tax 21:56:37
A question about the role of government regulation and the BP oil disaster. 21:43:31
Scientists: Oil leaking up to 2.52M gallons daily 21:17:41
On Israel, congress still obedient 21:05:49
Denver 9NEWS : Scientists say planes can cause rain, snow 21:04:04
Pres Obama Oval Office Speech On Gulf Oil Catastrophe 21:03:12
HOUSTON, I think we have a SERIOUS problem in the GULF. 21:01:29
George Clooney given lifetime membership in CFR 20:59:14
Maine candidate for congress. Hoping for some thoughts. 20:55:13
Petraeus Faints Today at Senate Hearing on Afghanistan. 20:50:45
I really cannot stand Obama 20:40:41
MoxNews- Dolphin Tour Guides Trying To Guide Dolphin Away From Oil Spill 20:33:54
Hey Adam, What Now? (Kokesh) 20:33:33
President Obama Addresses A Tearful Nation 20:20:29
Did you all watch Obama? 20:19:27
Outsourcing at it's finest: U.S. Passports Made In Thai Factory 19:59:43
Nickelodeon promotes 'naughty' games to kids 19:41:29
Wikileaks Soldier Reveals Orders for "360 Rotational Fire" Against Civilians in Iraq 19:28:55
Mark Anderson: Inside the Mainstream Media 18:52:14
MoxNews- Why Is Voter Fraud In South Carolina NOT On EVERY "News" Broadcast? 18:32:32
Obama To Push Nightmare Carbon Tax In Oval Office Speech 18:31:07
Schiff Report 6.15.10 - Markets, Ron Paul, Rubini, BP 18:11:25
CIA, Knights of Malta, Alex Jones and Bill Cooper 18:06:25
MoxNews- Seattle Cop Punches Teen Girl In The Face Over Jaywalking Incident 17:41:44
Changing Perspectives In The US, But Is There A Breaking Point? 17:11:25
ROV films oil leak coming from rock cracks on seafloor. 16:51:48
Florida county ignores Federal Government, takes control of oil cleanup response 16:47:59
URGENT ALERT: NRA cuts deals to limit free speech 16:43:15
Sign this petition: End the Drilling Moratorium 16:22:31
This is how Goldman knew days before the rig explosion 16:12:10
Ron Paul Endorses Mike Lee for Senate 15:56:39
Checkmate 15:43:32
A bolt of lightning struck the ship capturing oil from a blown-out BP well 15:30:32
Has anyone else realized yet that it is "all over"? 15:11:59
Rand Paul's campaign promise "no longer operative" 15:09:28
Glenn Beck's new thriller is all about the NWO and an inside job 14:45:09
Sheriff: Mexican Drug Cartels Now Control Parts of Arizona 13:53:28
General David Petraeus has a seizure during Senate Armed Services Committee! VIDEO!!! 13:53:21
UK Economy: Chief Economist says "if that's not inflationary I am a banana" 13:51:26
Check Out this Air Quality Control Report for Louisiana Coast 13:25:54
Obama administration plans Oil Spill related evacuation of Gulf Coast postulates Mother Jones 13:15:04
DP Poll: Is Being a Porn Actor or Actress Morally Wrong? 13:05:11
Insane Insana: Ron Insana's Vicious Attack on Ron Paul 12:58:08
Now Michelle Bachmann?! Iowa state GOP convention turning into a liberty lovefest 12:15:08
Oil leak compared to others...for all the doomers and "planned" event people 11:58:48
Help stop the GPS tracking of our cars. 11:53:14
Gold and Silver just took a jump...Hmm $1232.25 11:49:36
Florida Keys Residents Plan Their Own Oil Spill Cleanup... Proactive Solutions! 11:20:44
Coincidence ? 11:19:29
Profit Motive: Americans Get Most Medical Radiation in the World! 10:57:38
Conspiracy?: Fitch downgrades BP to near-junk rating 10:48:04
I think the oil disaster is the end of life as we know it...Update #6 JUST IN 10:25:11
John Spritzler's "People As Enemy: The Leaders' Hidden Agenda in World War II" 10:12:47
Builderbergers get a lesson from Bill Gates on how to get Big Brother installed into the home 10:12:47
Idea Box -- getting lefties 10:07:35
BP engineer called doomed rig a 'nightmare well' 09:49:49
Israel National News: There was No Humanitarian Aid on Mavi Marmara 09:09:09
Glenn Beck's NEW BOOK; The Overton Window... 09:03:18
Washington Post Poll: 92 Percent say Helen Thomas should NOT be removed from White House Press Room 08:51:55
Best Practices for Running Libertarian Party of Florida Liberty Candidates and Campaigns 08:38:46
Ireland expels Israeli over forged passports 08:34:01
Ohio Jesus statue struck by lightning, destroyed 08:29:20
BOOK WATCH: Jeffrey Miron's NEW Book: Libertarianism A to Z 08:19:53
Default, Civil Unrest, World War III ? 07:23:39
American Man Who Tried to Kill Osama Bin Laden Arrested in Pakistan 07:19:46
When will the Insanity End? 06:55:53
RJ Harris CD04 OK well received in Cleveland County Straw Poll 03:41:46
Attn. liberty minded writers 02:38:29
International protest groups take up ‘Tea Party’ flag in Moscow, Tel Aviv and the Hague 02:22:16
Reality of the Reptiles... 00:17:38