Posted on June 21, 2010

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The Southern Avenger- The Return of the Real Right 16:26:49
Inspired by Wikileaks, Iceland Aims to Become International Haven for Reporters 23:50:48
Ron Paul Endorses Justin Amash! 16:26:48
The Florida Whig Party Endorses Snitker, Calls For Florida Press Association (FPA) President Ridings Resignation 14:18:57
Are We Going Down Like the Soviets? 12:16:33
Ron Paul Interviewed on the Ron Insana Show 13:23:47
Rand Paul 40 Minutes Interview on KY Radio 11:34:25
Ron Paul on the Lew Rockwell Show 6/22: Gold, Oil, and the Dollar 11:36:13
Schiff qualifies for Republican primary for U.S. Senate nomination 11:33:01
Ron Paul on growth of libertarianism and whether he would run in 2012 11:44:11
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DOCHOLLADAY is a DP'er and One HECK of a singer.. 23:04:14
Exceptional New Rand Paul Moneyblast Video! 22:47:52
Martin Luther King would not have voted for Obama 22:40:38
Is U.S. Now On Slippery Slope To Tyranny? YES 22:21:18
A Democrat's moment in time. Senator Byrd's against the war in Iraq. 22:06:37
VIDEO: When False Flags Don't Fly 21:49:31
A protest against the Federal Reserve - December 23, 2010 21:41:13
Salbuchi - Report on Bilderberg Conference 2010 21:00:01
I'm Having an Argument with an Against-the-Truther at Military Website 20:57:29
BREAKING: Schiff qualifies for November ballot. 20:48:11
How to complete your RNC Census 20:45:37
Palin calls Emanuel 'shallow/narrowminded/ political/irresponsible' 20:33:16
Debit/Credit Card Swipe Fee Deal: Merchants Beat Wall Street 20:23:34
Lots of sharks, Lots of oil off the coast of Alabama 20:00:41
Happy Solstice, DP! 19:53:39
Peter Schiff "We're on the ballot, let's win this thing" 19:41:53
Judicial Watch Files House Ethics Complaint against Rep. Bob Etheridge for Alleged Assault 19:35:14
Peter Schiff: We're on the Ballott -- Let's win this thing 19:21:25
52 people were shot in Chicago 19:17:19
Rahm Traded Favors with Blago 19:07:48
Must Read: MASSIVE, Ten Page neoLiB Lexington Courier Journal Hit Piece Against Rand 18:53:48
Media Keeps Outright Making Stuff Up: Rand Paul Supports Bartering for Health Care (The Hill) 18:53:38
Leonard Nimoy Honoured by the town of Vulcan, Canada 18:47:01
241,000 illegals arrested at Arizona border each year! 18:16:15
So, I Go To Wendy's For A Quick Bite To Eat... 17:41:10
BP Oil Well = A Geothermal Vent? 17:30:23
US and Polish Troops In Chicago -INFOWARS.COM EXCLUSIVE -PICS/ VIDEO CLIP 17:30:23
The reason Obama will not secure the boarder 17:21:10
Video: Lots of Sharks, Oil, Dead Creatures Seen of Alabama Coast 17:05:53
Calif. license plates might go digital, show ads 16:47:30
Washington trying to pass the DISCLOSE Act. Contempt of moral conscience! 16:30:22
Rand Paul Warns: Obama 'Shakedown' of BP Part of Larger Agenda 16:17:16
WRAPUP 1-U.S. House agrees to put consumer watchdog in Fed 16:13:50
9 More Die In Afghanistan 15:30:51
FEC Launches Attack on Campaign for Liberty 15:30:18
Cops being Cops 15:28:49
MUST SEE VIDEO- Kyl Says Obama Told Him... 15:05:59
Supreme Court Upholds Law Banning Even Peaceful Support for Terrorist Groups 15:01:23
Ron Paul: Too Much Government in the Gulf 15:01:02
Constitution Shirts and Caps? 14:47:28
STOP NUCLEAR TESTING.... We are KILLING ourselves! Watch video 14:04:18
Schiff Earns Spot on Primary Ballot 13:53:50
Rep. Darrell Issa - Serious about fighting corruption? 13:52:18
Moderator Clashes With Nameless DP'er {Updated} 13:49:09
Ron Paul to co-sponsor legislation lifting the drilling moratorium! 13:40:11
U.S. pullout from Iraq triggers epic garage sale 13:37:35
Women Only Flotilla planned 13:37:15
Cato Exec. VP David Boaz 13:29:38
Why are we not pushing Liberty candidates from ALL directions? 12:56:01
Fundraising for Success in Upcoming Elections, etc. 12:52:38
Gaza Flotilla reaction 12:33:18
Hopi Prophecy 12:21:32
FEC Launches Attack on Campaign for Liberty 12:16:45
Chemtrails Up Close Video 11:59:27
my school just hired a member of the CFR as it's new president... 11:55:16
INTERNET...When the END becomes the BEGINNING !!! 11:53:09
Israeli ship blocked from unloading, in OAKLAND, CA! 11:50:22
The Cult Of Victimhood 11:50:11
Monsanto wins again 11:43:57
Helicopter Ben by Chris McGraw 11:22:54
Bread and Circuses (Again) 11:19:00
Ron on Gold, Oil, the Dollar 2012 and the Shaky World Financial System 11:17:02
Criminal Investigation of BP Staged Oil Spill Vital - Alex Jones 10:58:44
The Daily......oil? 10:57:04
Oops!!! Lieberman and Obama blow it and reveal too much! 10:47:19
For those here with reservations about Rand, have you read the 'local fish wrap paper's' attack piece on him? What they attack 10:44:56
Oath Keeper Dave Freeman Fresno Tea Party 10:41:42
In N.C., you can let your gun show 10:33:34
Let's E-mail the Courier Journal and Ask Them the Source of their Statements on Rand 10:31:51
Canada's good economy: lessons learned 10:18:59
RT- BP rig worker reported oil leak weeks before Deepwater Horizon disaster 10:16:51
Generating money for Liberty Candidates 10:08:55
Texas Dems Grapple With Their Own Alvin Greene 10:06:17
MSM solution to double dip recession: ignore reality 09:56:25
Full video - Al Queda's Adam Gadahn 09:53:27
LCL Report- Survival Expert Explains when it is time to bug out of your home! 09:08:56
Oil Coating Sea Floor, Killing Fish, Crabs and the American Dream! 08:36:11
Unconstitutional IRS practices that deny Due Process: Idaho Rep Phil Hart's case 08:02:33
Middle Class--Not the Rich or the Poor--Pay Majority of Federal Taxes, Says CBO Data 07:59:01
New Peter Schiff iPhone app needs downloads 07:40:32
Psyops? 07:33:53
Violent Radicaliztion & Homegrown Terrorism PREVENTION Act 07:33:43
Deficit Terrorists Strike in England - USA next? 07:26:56
Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard in U.S. part of ‘rogue operation’ 07:01:58
Ron Paul says GOP will be more open to libertarian-minded nominee in 2012 06:55:07
The Wild Gold Price Bull Ride Has Begun 04:06:58
Toxic winds? "it was burning my nose a little bit." 03:16:39
Just took a Zogby Poll! 03:10:16
Glenn Beck has to admit that he's more in line with Ron Paul than Sarah Palin 03:05:28
BP Burning Sea Turtles Alive!! NOOO 02:36:01
This could work for oil spill containment 02:17:21
Peelers asking BP for bailout 02:12:31
Record Gold and SILVER approaching $20 an ounce. 02:12:06
What's with Kucinich's position on rights? 01:59:58
New Video - "Devil's Oil" -- Music video re Oil Spill & BP/Corexit/Monsanto etc. connection 01:47:37
You guys gave me a marketing idea Price in SILVER 01:41:46
Voters in NY Town Allowed to Vote Six Times for One Candidate 00:36:57
The Hedrick Money Bomb 00:06:49