Posted on June 22, 2010

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RT- "Afghan war is lost and US government has to face it." 16:29:26
Ron Paul Endorses Van Irion for Congress 14:42:44
Corbett Report: The Meaning of Austerity 11:24:59
Financial Cost of War Since 2001 Tops $1 Trillion 23:28:53
Trouble at the Top: Gen. Stanley McChrystal Called on the Carpet by Obama 10:59:08
Ron Paul iPhone App is Losing Steam 14:47:52
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange Emerges from Hiding; "Some fear for my life. I'm not one of them." 00:00:16
John Dennis on Anti-War Radio 14:49:47
Ron Paul: Too Much Government in the Gulf 01:50:27
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Rand Paul seeks money from bailout Senators 22:05:22
Libertarian-Republican Haley Wins Nomination for S.C. Governor 21:10:16
Anyone else hear a rumor of second leak? 20:42:10
Faisal Shahzad: Exhibit A for Noninterventionism 20:30:28
All Wars Will End 20:19:26
Las Vegas hotel owner Steve Wynn splitting headquarters to Asia 19:04:34
Check Out The New York Fed's Amazing Comic Book Guide To Inflation 18:30:28
Most would move to Canada if they could: poll 18:16:43
Another government abandons the idea that it can spend its way back to prosperity. 17:58:54
This song cheers me up when times are tough. 17:48:59
Have Acts of Terrorism Been Covered Up ? If So, Why? 17:13:09
RT VIDEO: Paul Craig Roberts 'AIPAC purchases US elections' 16:57:03
Ron Paul will be on CNN Situation Room & FOX Biz Tonight Tuesday June 22 16:54:37
BP worse than Lehman - Jim Sinclair - CIGA Pedro 16:45:45
McCRYSTAL to RESIGN TUESDAY (Re-updated) Confirmed 16:36:28
Judge blocks offshore drilling moratorium by Obama Admin!! 16:15:46
Global War Racket Exposed: Funding Our Enemies 15:46:31
Is BP Smarter Than a 10-Year-Old? 15:22:44
Regarding the Kyl Revelation - Who Do You Believe: Kyl or Obama? 15:19:29
Huffington Post: Another hit piece on libertarians 15:15:56
"If the plot against Falcon Dam had succeeded..." Would This be Grounds for Impeaching Obama; Failure to Secure Our Borders? 15:09:24
Europe's tough measures expose trans-Atlantic rift 14:54:46
A Brilliant Exposition on the Effectiveness of Nullification 14:49:15
FDIC Holds off Raising Bank Insurance Premiums, Expects Bank Failures to Peak in 2010 14:46:45
Mexico asks court to reject Ariz. immigration law 14:43:04
Excerpts from Times Square bomb plot plea hearing 14:39:41
BREAKING NEWS: Mexico Files Suit Against AZ 14:34:42
Judge block Gulf offshore drilling moratorium 14:13:44
Real Estate?? Are you pulling the trigger? 14:06:36
Have you seen HBO's Documentary "Gasland"? 13:54:41
Rasmussen: 12% See Secession Attempt as Very Likely in Next 25 Years Or So 13:49:12
Libertarians: The Paranoid Style In American Politics 13:29:20
Meet Your Strawman 13:22:48
House Maj. Leader Hoyer: Permanent Middle class Tax Cuts Too Costly 12:59:12
Rolling Stone 12:56:05
Special Message From The Big Brother 12:41:21
Is it time for the Arizona (civilian) home guard? 12:34:10
Limbaugh: "They don't even like it!" 12:24:28
Federal Reserve Charter 12:06:59
I just trashed all my threads. 12:01:03
Best article I've read on Obamacare 11:47:55
What's Wrong With the Sun? 11:13:33
Gerald Celente: The Entire System is Collapsing 11:07:08
Peter Schiff Discusses the Chinese Yuan and US Treasuries 11:06:00
Silver, ‘Gold’s Little Brother,’ May Advance to $23 11:01:38
Austin, Tx - Oil Spill Cleanup Solution sitting on sidelines as Government and BP look away 10:52:25
Let's Get Jake Towne On The Alex Jones Show 10:45:23
Woman, black seek to become firsts in SC runoff 10:38:26
ooooh! PLAYBOY exposes DIRTY tricks of Tea Party... 10:38:21
Milo Minderbinder in Afghanistan 10:34:21
Angle debuts online ad in warmup to Nevada senate race 10:20:23
Global War Racket Exposed: Funding Our Enemies 10:05:19
Israel's Planned Attack on Iran from Caucasus Base 09:57:51
US Tax Dollars Funding Taliban 09:53:41
White House summons US general to explain himself 09:41:22
IMAGE has to do with the word, PROPITIATION.. 08:50:41
Ron Paul iPhone app is losing steam 08:40:57
I made our local paper today over zoning.... 08:10:40
The Tim Bridgewater Attack On Jim DeMint Continues 07:35:58
Four Day Work Week 07:29:47
The Fed Emerging Intact From Challenge to Its Power 07:22:01
What Price Afghanistan? By Patrick J. Buchanan 06:58:27
Anonymous 'Confessions of a Tea Party Consultant' author speaks 06:54:23
Amid Crises, Obama Declares War--On Arizona 06:46:13
Barney Frank Agrees to Put Consumer Finance Bureau at The Fed 06:40:51
Democrats spend big to lure Obama's minority and young voters back to the polls 06:39:04
Nebraska City Passes Law that Bans Hiring Or Renting Property To Illegal Immigrants 06:35:13
Germany urges Obama to focus on debt cuts 06:31:30
Five Times As Many Homeowners Bounced From Obama Plan To Slow Foreclosures As Granted New Relief 06:23:55
Ayn Rand on Socialism and Dictatorship in America 05:38:38
My email to Louisiana Governor Jindal 05:28:14
Video: Debtors Prison in America 03:38:39
Stop USPS PO boxes from contributing to your indebtedness 03:02:32
OMG have you heard about "Gasland" A guy lights his tap water on fire! 01:45:46
Get ready for a little jolt 01:35:22
David Wilcox - 2012 - Positive, and Refreshing Take on Whats Goin On. 01:28:49
Fascism has arrived in Wisconsin-State DOT installing lockdown gates on all On Ramps of major Highways 00:03:28