Posted on July 1, 2010

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The Southern Avenger- Was Reagan the Ultimate Hawk? 23:19:18
Campaign Launched to Educate Youth About First Amendment 17:49:12
VIDEO: War With Iran? - Paul Craig Roberts on The Corbett Report 15:44:19
Freshman Award for Ron Paul 23:56:48
EXCLUSIVE: Naked Pictures of the Daily Paul! 14:43:47
Ron Paul, Judge Nap Discuss Financial Reform on TV - 6/30/2010 13:30:25
Rand Paul's US Senate campaign raises over $1M for Q2 2010 11:45:31
Dylan Ratigan Calls the Stock Market a Fraud 09:34:56
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Why Did I Just Put A Story Up About Prince William?? 23:55:07
Calgacus speech to his troops before battle with the Romans in 83 AD 23:45:31
DP family in Springfield, MO, I'm asking for some help 23:02:52
Payback? Consumer lawsuits against bill collectors skyrocket 23:02:15
We Face Two Choices - Obey or Abandon God's Word 22:23:53
If It Was My Home 22:21:35
The 911 Conspiracy is the linchpin of the U.S. undoing. 22:10:56
CA Governor Orders All 200k St. Worker's Pay Reduced to Minimum Wage 21:44:29
Gunfire From Mexico Hits El Paso City Hall Prompts Texas AG to Ask for More Troops on Border 21:31:21
Ron Paul: Washington D.C. Out of Touch with The American People 21:19:10
George Gordon's School of Law 20:29:29
Methane Fears replay from Coast to Coast radio 20:14:00
Live CPAN Coverage of War Debate and Vote 20:08:23
Kucinich Votes Against HR 1207. See How Your Rep Voted. 19:51:56
Hindsight's 20/20 if you're venturing... 16:49:53
Travelers sue to get taken off No-Fly list 16:23:23
*ACTION!* - Stop stealth legislation today 16:13:21
Future U.S.-Canada joint arctic security and control 15:58:02
Pelosi just said that unemployment benefits create jobs! 15:15:40
MSNBC’s Ratigan: Stock market an ‘obviously corrupt’ fraud 15:02:18
Rusian Scientists Warn Gulf Of Mexico Sea Floor Fractured Beyond Repair Video confirms it. 14:53:32
The Problem With "Libertarianism". 14:22:33
RT- Ditch the Buck! Dollar demise 'a matter of months' 14:20:44
Washington State Senate Candidates Rossi vs Didier On the Federal Reserve 14:11:00
The Constitution And Freedom Series by Judge Napolitano 14:10:28
Where are metals going tomorrow? (Friday) 13:52:39
Would the House of Representives be Changed in Any Way, if Ron Paul Were Elected Speaker in 2011? 13:48:29
The Toronto G20 Riot Fraud: Undercover Police Engaged in Purposeful Provocation 13:01:08
In U.S. Bailout of A.I.G., Forgiveness for Big Banks 12:29:41
Dr. Ron Paul On Alex Jones (7/1/10) 11:54:48
Gerald Celente Forecasts Devaluation of US Dollar 11:45:20
Well mannered crowd here 11:39:14
What would happen to economy if we stopped the war machine? 11:38:05
Mammoth ship arrives to fight Gulf oil spill 11:33:01
RT- Poison Spreads: Gulf air turns toxic after oil spill 'relief effort' 11:13:09
Spirit of '76 - #1 on AMAZON Thank You, Thank You, Thank You 10:46:53
On Sale: Your Government. Why Lobbying Is Washington's Best Bargain 10:25:32
Texas Governor Rick Perrys Secret Slush Fund Junket to Israel 10:18:09
DJI : 9687.11 10:16:03
Obama film debuts in Jakarta 09:45:27
Progressives Joining Our Tea Party? 09:31:45
472,000 people lost their jobs last week 09:18:22
Last Year's Swine Flu Scare-$260 million plus for unused vaccines being put in the trash 09:15:04
AIG Manipulating Metals 09:14:09
Smart Pipe Company Inc-Proposed Solutions for Gulf Oil Spill 09:05:40
Candi Cooper (kopbusters) Arrested 09:00:18
Jim Rogers Holds Gold, But BUYS SILVER 08:33:58
Scott Brown-same as the rest of them. 08:16:07
Tea Partiers revolt, but Government still wins 07:41:32
Tea party power swaying centrists? 07:24:42
TARP Could Make Its Exit Early 07:18:32
Peter Schiff: The New Ideological Divide 06:59:12
Goldman Sachs can't say how much it made from housing crash 06:51:40
MISH: Changing Attitudes on the Value of an Education 06:38:46
Judicial Activism vs. Liberty 06:32:27
Ron Paul's attempt to Audit The Fed Fails 06:29:26
The Fed Made Taxpayers Junk-Bond Buyers Without Congress Knowing 06:10:59
Who Will Pay, Wall Street or Main Street? 06:00:47
Don't Blame Obama; Blame The Fed 05:59:21
Will Ron Paul run for president in 2012? Carol Paul: Yes. 05:16:09
Rights group files suit over U.S. no-fly list 04:52:07
The tiring nature of guarding liberty and informing the American public. 03:49:12
Asian stocks looking pretty rough 03:15:52
NAIS (National Animal ID) funding drops to Zero. 02:56:48
Coast to Coast Now STREAM Here 01:08:46
Chuck Baldwin: FEC Attempts to Shut Down Campaign for Liberty 01:01:13
Autotune the News. Elena Kagan, Pot, Obama and BP etc. 00:57:19
Methane gas fears in the gulf on CoasttoCoast tonight 00:27:26
Stock Market, Dollar, Gold - All Hammered! 14:48:09