Posted on July 7, 2010

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The Move Your Money Campaign. Have you moved your money yet? 23:09:11
New York National Guard Units Scan Vehicles For Gun Confiscations 13:03:11
How to win over conservatives on the war on drugs 16:23:05
RNC confirms Michael Steele will remain chairman 13:03:10
Congressman Paul's Texas Straight Talk: MORE POWER FOR THE FED 12:48:07
The Southern Avenger: Tom Woods and "Nullification" 10:11:25's Eric Garris on RT: 'Wars on the American People' 09:46:03
Why the Neocons Hate Michael Steele by Pat Buchanan 07:32:55
Goldman Sees "Disturbing Signs" If Government Does Not Bow Down To Krugman 07:17:01
The Government Has an Online Identity Plan for You 04:21:16
Book Bomb - "American Empire: Before the Fall" by Bruce Fein, Published by C4L 09:21:20
Ron Paul on John King USA: Michael Steele, The BP Oil Spill and Rand Paul 07:33:55
Senate Race in Washington: Establishment vs the Patriots 13:49:28
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Real meaning of the Wizard of Oz - Must See 23:33:14
Paul Craig Roberts: Military has more power than the people (Video) 23:18:36
SEN. ROBERT BENNETT admits willingness to ignore Constitution 23:14:40
North Carolina U.S. Senate Poll Shows Libertarian at 10% 22:53:48
Carl Bruning, a RP r3VOLutionary CANDIDATE for Sheriff in Colorado!!! 22:37:51
Enforcement at heart of Ariz. immigration lawsuit 22:22:44
Meet the new health-care rationing czar 22:19:57
Report: NSA creating spy system to monitor domestic infrastructure 21:59:52
Deal struck on Native Hawaiian recognition 21:39:39
Can Anyone Name the Neocons in Congress? 20:52:08
Wierd sighting 20:27:50
I just felt an earthquake in L.A., CA ... 19:58:48
Whoops! I just blew up the Strawman (Debunking the Strawman Theory) 19:15:21
My Favorite Liberty Rock Band: Poker Face 19:00:45
Ron Paul up on CNN next 6:15 pm EST 18:16:53
Muslim hate email flowing on the net... Cui Bono? War Mongers thats who! 18:03:31
Germany takes legal steps against Facebook 17:41:21
Help Sharron Angle Retire Harry Reid!!! 17:32:19
Any Ron Paul Supporters From Spain? 17:26:34
Keep them LIBERTY Money-Bombs a comin!!! 16:59:41
20th Century memes 16:43:36
British Hand Over Afghan Center Of Opium Production To U.S. Troops 16:10:09
Collapse Of Economy By Design 16:09:37
Black Panthers get an earful 16:09:25
Former CIA Spy Tells the Truth 15:55:57
Ron Paul - The War that is Not a War - the Video Version - must watch and share 15:54:23
Auto Dealers, Local Banks Avoid Cosumer Oversight--Great Lobbying Y'all!! 15:38:41
La. Gov. Bobby Jindal Signs 'Guns-In-Church' Bill Into Law 15:16:33
Vermont Secessionists in the Montpelier 4th of July Parade 15:00:48
RT- US nose in EU banks: Fight with terror or breach of rights? 14:09:40
CONGRESS & ALL GOVERNMENTs operating in the USA. OK you financial wizbangs ? 13:15:43
Arizona immigration law sponsor blasts feds over 'political' lawsuit 12:51:46
Amputee Has Artificial Leg Ripped Off By Police & jailed during G20 12:44:38
Judge Napolitano - Help VOTE for liberty candidate UPDATE 12:15:42
Ebay has a good idea to help fight internet takeover. 12:13:14
American Flag "graffiti" removed by state agency days before July 4th 12:11:16
CFR Richard Haass supports Michael Steele's Afghanistan Comments? 11:53:32
Why is Gold dropping in Value? 11:43:54
RJ Harris Polling 11:35:29
Police State In Canada! 11:32:09
Police State In Canada! 11:17:22
Mitch McConnel Slams Obama on the DOJ Lawsuit Vs. Arizona's Immigraton Law 09:56:20
RT- British troops withdraw from Afghan province over deaths 09:54:03
New Eugenics and the Rise of the Global Scientific Dictatorship 09:50:36
Interview with Rep. Ron Paul [Transcript from John King Interview] 09:40:26
This time it's oil trouble for Lake Pontchartrain 09:06:49
Strange Clouds over the Gulf 08:53:33
Today marks 5th year anniversary of 7/7 bombings – NO official ceremony scheduled in London 08:20:37
VIDEO: Ron Paul Teams up with Barney Frank to Cut Defense Spending 07:45:21
Barney Frank on Morning Joe Talks About War Funding: Wed. July 7th 07:35:32
Mish: Why Government Stimulus Fails 07:04:56
RJ Harris Money Bomb RJ Harris Money Bomb Winning the Primary Wins the General Election 05:43:28
IMPORTANT! Let Freedom Ring - Schiff for Senate Phone Banking! 04:25:18
Woot! Pokes Fun at The AP 03:27:40
Hope! 30sec vid. Kids are catching on. 02:57:21
BREAKING: An underdog joins the race for Texas Governor 01:45:29
A scary question about GOLD. 01:39:47
Heirloom Seeds 01:27:26