Posted on July 9, 2010

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Breaking News: Ron Paul Endorses Clint Didier For US Senate 21:16:52
HuffPost: Ron Paul's Reflections on HR1207/S604, Alan Grayson to the FED: "We'll be BACK!" 18:39:14
Please Help to Make Schiff's Phone Banking Strategy a Success 16:13:46
Fed shifts $4.4 Trillion of toxic debt to...? 15:07:43
BBC: There is no Al Qaeda 14:48:06
Debra Medina will speak on behalf of RJ Harris 13:44:00
Alex Jones Video on Drudge Front Page ... 10:58:57
The Southern Avenger: Michael Steele Talks About Fight Club 09:28:43
CNN: Palin, Paul and the 'Rift in the Tea Party' 00:31:49
American Dream Elusive for Generation Y 00:25:28
Rand Paul "Liberty is Too Big to Fail" NYC Rally - July 12 10:48:23
Dr. Ron Paul on CNN - Wolf Blitzer - 7/7/10 00:15:14
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Friendly FDIC reminder...IT IS FRIDAY.....4 banks down so far. 23:52:07
80% sure I am going to the gulf and Fla next week 23:16:19
Must See: BP Oil Spill May Cause Volcanic Tsunami and Poisonous Gas 23:05:23
Gen. Mattis "It's Fun to Shoot Some People" 22:25:35
America's Militias Respond to 3-Day Muster Along Deteriorating Arizona Border 22:20:45
Researchers Confront Shasta County Air Quality Office About Spraying 22:10:21
THis guy speaks the truth....get is coming 21:45:53
Census Taking in Britain Scrapped After 200+ Years 21:17:34
I'm Allowed to Rob You...... video 21:16:45
Fox and Glenn Beck wages war with RT - RT strikes back 21:00:47
Bob Inglis' parting thoughts. Hand him a Kleenex & leave your "good-byes!" 20:51:29
Where are all the investigative reporters? 20:50:31
Constitutional Candidate for CA Governor 20:32:45
Rahm Emanuel: Afghanistan is 'America's war,' Steele comments on conflict 'horrible' 20:25:39
Pictures of July 4 Tea Party 20:16:19
Ron Paul Endorses Clint Didier for Senate 19:23:45
Marijuana advocate Christie, Update !! Hawai'i 18:44:36
Black Panther/DOJ "controversy"... 18:44:32
Clear the air regarding sovereignty. 18:31:00
I owe the DP community,Mr.Nystrom,and Bluecream an apology 18:26:04
Another Human Being Joins The rEVOLution! 18:25:25
Something to think about 18:23:26
Doug Wead: "Thomas Jefferson Lives, He's Ron Paul!" 17:57:22
Chuck Baldwin : America Is In A Societal Meltdown 17:36:19
Nelson Mandela autopsy painting sparks South Africa row 17:36:14
Phone Bank for Schiff (new video 7.9.10) 17:17:53
Alan Grayson To The Fed: 'We'll Be Back' 16:56:46
Labor Dept. Estimates $7.1 Billion in Overpayments to Unemployed 16:51:17
Bad for the Economy - Marijuana Prices to Crater If Legalized 16:50:31
Our first undeclared "war" (with France) 1798 (disturbing) 16:30:53
Keep Us Solvent: Defund the Baby Boomers 16:30:49
*ACTION ALERT for Alexander Snitker 16:11:54
Ron Paul, Saturday on the Situation Room. True? 15:35:10
Let's give them a November 5th that THEY WILL NEVER FORGET! 15:14:16
Dr Connett; Tale of 2 Taps, Pensacola Fluoride & Gulf Oil Gusher(TV Show) 15:09:55
Ron Paul: What If _ Remastered 15:02:20
80+ arrests in Oakland protests after Oscar Grant verdict 13:45:22
Banks are betting on graph? 13:20:15
Love Is The Currency For The 21st Century 13:18:09
This has to be one of our first slogans: "Ron Paul can win!" 13:04:36
Half of Americans oppose Obama's immigration lawsuit 12:58:39
Doug Wead not banned from Fox News 12:07:14
The ever growing government bloat: Race, Gender Quotas In Finance Bill 12:04:29
PPT's - Are They Real 11:55:54
WAR on The World: Rothschild League’s 30 Facts of Evidence Showing Gulf Oil Disaster Was Planned‏ 11:53:15
San Francisco Votes to Ban Sale of Pets 11:52:53
RT- Call a plumber, US's $19 Million toilet broken on space station 11:42:14
1972 Miami Dolphins versus the 2008 Detroit Lions 11:40:10
Downsize DC to candidates: "Put up or shut up!" 11:34:45
Are the Chinese people waking up? 11:33:13
A Little Local Help 11:31:43
Ann Coulter vs Bill Kristol 11:01:50
10 Big Name Brands That May Disappear in 2011 10:41:17
Liberals use bad economic news to push for more stimulus 10:35:05
Octopus oracle named "Paul" picks Spain to win World Cup 10:23:33
Watch Christopher Hitchens Get Waterboarded (VANITY FAIR) 10:22:12
Appeals court Rejects U.S. request to Restore Oil Drilling Moratorium 10:09:49
Is Democracy Overrated? by Patrick J. Buchanan 10:06:36
Mark Of The Beast Rears Its Head In Pennsylvania 09:59:24
Contempt for government.... the best and most powerful weapon 09:36:04
Gold and Government Debt: The Only 2 Things Still Going Up 09:31:53
Christie recommends massive privatization of NJ services 09:13:04
Obama slams Sharron Angle in Nevada, crowd calls her a ‘lunatic’ 08:35:06
So, what's the deal with the Russian spies? 08:24:48
Nothing to see here - NSA claims "Perfect Citizen" is purely R&D 08:17:05
Prohibition 08:07:44
Prohibition 08:07:25
Peter Schiff - Volunteer Phone Banking Demo 02:20:01
I wasn't finished with this conversation! 02:05:41
Hillary Clinton’s Latest Lies 00:45:20
Biggest distribution of truth in the history of the world - Ron Paul campaign 2012 00:22:42
Ron Paul is My Hero 00:21:07