Posted on July 10, 2010

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The Southern Avenger: Bruce Fein on "American Empire" 22:58:32
Ron Paul Weekend Video Roundup, July 10, 2010: FreedomWatch & Nightly ScoreBoard 15:35:54
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A Dictionary of libertarian ideas - Book TV, C-SPAN2 1AM EST tonight 23:20:44
Cheers to Capitalism 23:08:23
Building Web Sites. Our Big Mistakes, and How We Made Them. 23:05:32
The Handwriting is on The Wall 23:01:07
The entire 45 minutes of Freedom Watch with Ron Paul, Lou Dobbs and Sharron Angle 23:00:27
Effects of a Brazilian Oil Spill 10 years ago 21:58:08
Nader interviews the Judge - Tonight at 10 PM on C-SPAN2 BookTV 21:32:52
Texas, Travis Co. Deputy constable accused of beating, exposing woman at school 21:14:13
Peter Schiff debate with The Young Turks!!! 20:43:59
CNN: Sheriff Arpaio SWAT raids his political enemies, 19:18:19
Question on state deadlines for signatures for Independents to get on ballot 19:08:30
Liberals finally take notice: RAWstory- "More and more Americans preparing for social collapse" 18:48:05
Off Topic - Weekend Chuckle Involving Cats :-) 17:46:00
Howard Houchen Endorses RJ Harris 17:40:56
Is democracy overrated? 17:12:41
Computer data banks article from 1968 16:42:07
Doug Wead: No, I have not been banned by FOX because of Ron Paul 16:16:36
7-9-10 - RP on FoxBiz - Majority of Americans Believe Obama is a Socialist 16:09:34
Gerald Celente on WHAS Morning Team, June 30, 2010 16:04:57
The BodyArmor of the Future is here. 15:29:38
Soylent Green? 15:27:54
People making a differance, in the eco disaster in the Gulf 15:04:26
TheOnion, or Chinese Propaganda? NY Magazine: "Taliban’s Terrifying Army of Monkey Terrorists Effectively Ends War" 14:43:30
Number if nuclear explosions from 1945-1998 (cool video)...USA 1032, Russia.. 14:36:01
Gone in the Night 13:38:52
Sheriff Richard Mack: Fed's Can't Tell States What to do 12:53:49
A Judge getting somthing "right" for a change 12:31:04
Update: Do you support Arizona's tough new law on illegal immigration? 12:18:32
Protesters Demand Public Inquiry Into G20 Security 12:18:00
AJ- Obama Commits Act of High Treason; Sides with Foreign Power Against Arizona 12:10:14
Fisherman -- Oysters all Dead 11:45:26
Race: It's what's for dinner 11:41:55
82 year old man facing serious charges for shooting at thieves 11:33:40
Chomsky on libertarianism and Murray Rothbard 11:28:53
Yesterday 11:13:52
Specific property rights question regarding sounds and smells. 10:29:35
Missouri to vote on nullification of the federal healthcare law 10:24:46
Toxicologists: Corexit Ruptures Red Blood Cells Causes Internal Bleeding... 09:45:25
Jobs boom in Canada 09:32:31
Privacy group files lawsuit to block airport body scanners 09:01:59
E-mail CON. CON. request?? 08:03:33
Stefan Molyneux on Ron Paul's Philosophies 07:25:39
I'm a Skeptic 03:09:10
For the most part DC is nothing but overhead 01:31:28
Lets go on the offensive... 00:24:47