Posted on July 11, 2010

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International Banking Cartel & Federal Reserve Planning to Start World War 3 22:27:39
DPer Carpavel: On my way to the Gulf 17:42:14
"Where is Jack?!" Rand Paul in Frankfort, KY 12:38:07
Gadsden Flag & Our Grassroots Liberty Flag Front of Toronto Police Brutality Protest 12:27:47
Debra Medina on Behalf of RJ Harris 21:15:00
CNN: Ron Paul Ponders 2012 Run: "... thinking about it all the time." 21:13:41
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‎82 yr old charged with attempted murder in defense of property 23:15:01
Her you go folks..the answer to our economic woes 22:58:14
2008 Vote Fraud: “Was Obama Selected Rather Than Elected?” 21:50:08
John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy (May 29, 1917 -" November 22, 1963) 21:18:33
Lead story at Drudge: Democrat governors to Obama: Obama vs.Arizona 'TOXIC' 20:46:29
Shooter on AJ 19:49:09
If I pay 50% income in taxes does that mean I'm only 50% free? 19:43:18
Ron Paul endorsed candidate Van Irion: You help him win money by voting... 19:40:15
Do you really owe(income) taxes?? You probably don't? Look! 18:24:36
Bitcoin Releases Version 0.3 18:11:06
TX Straight Talk - Ron Paul: No More U.S. Tax Dollars for Corrupt Afghan Officials 17:58:02
Found this on another site, Thought I would share. 17:49:06
AT&T has my social security number! 17:25:22
ATTENTION to anyone who is facing or dealing with foreclosure ... ruling may impact!! 17:22:38
Troy Reed - Electric Car Surge Technology 16:57:10
NSA Launching "Perfect Citizen" Surveillance Program to Monitor Private Networks for Cyber Attacks 16:47:40
Maybe she can sing at our next Rally for the Republic! 16:22:43
Florida U.S. Senate Liberty Candidate Alex Snitker Meet and Greet - Tampa Bay 15:29:54
Pollsters and Media control exposure of 3rd party candidates like Snitker 14:12:41
NOAA: Gulf seafood tested so far is safe to eat 13:56:53
Ernie Hancock + Stefan Molyneux (interview mp3) 13:13:07
24 types of authoritarians--hilarious cartoon 12:30:28
The Financial Con Of The Decade Explained So Simply Even A Congressman Will Get It 12:02:40
A Brutal Case of Backwards Justice in America 11:55:25
Racial and Religious UNITY in our Republic for LIBERTY... 11:51:51
Taxpayers Help Poor People Get Free Cell Phones, which they dub "Obama Phones" 11:27:49
BP/Gov't Collusion is BEYOND criminal. 11:22:41
Greyson jumps on the "Rand" Wagon and Unites for Paul in Kentucky 11:10:20
Lieberman, McCain and Graham in Israel making more threats against Iran 07:48:09
NY Woman Questioned by U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agents Again and Again Due to ID Mix-Up 06:21:20
Schiff For Senate Phone Banking -- Making Progress but need more! 03:57:08
Schwarzenegger puts 200,000 state workers on $7.25 per hour 03:07:03
"The Majority of People Will Administer Lethal Electric Shocks, Just Because a Guy in a White Coat is Telling Them To" 03:01:02
How Libertarian is Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels? 01:27:55
America vs Rockefeller Morgan Warburg 00:22:14