Posted on July 13, 2010

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Towne's square: Independent says he's got signatures to get on 15th District ballot 19:07:25
The Southern Avenger: Is Palin a Neocon Puppet? 09:14:50
"The Phoenix Rising" 7-23-10 / Nightingale for Governor! 08:47:28
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TYRANNY News: UAE's The National- "Israel paves the way for killing by remote control" 23:42:20
Off Topic: Patrick Boivin (Indy French-Canadian Animator)- [StarWars] AT-AT Day Afternoon! 23:32:35
Today most Americans consider the United States to be the "superpower" - From RUSSIA with love 23:31:30
Mexican Drug Cartel soldiers shot in Arizona desert: Los Zetas officer says shoot to kill Americans in retaliation 23:20:09
Video of First U.S. Senator Publicly Supporting Obama Birth Certificate Lawsuits!!! 22:03:58
Anyone watch the movie "Eyeborgs"? 21:44:36
Youtube video: Social Security Myth 21:24:38
Watch Peter Schiff Make a Phone Banking Call Himself 21:15:05
82 police officers injured in Belfast riot 21:07:04
The WAR on Arizona by Patrick J. Buchanan 21:06:00
Water shortages in Massachusetts cause mass panic - Mainstream media ignores story 20:55:37
Five Truths that Republicans Hate 20:43:29
Many docs don't blow whistle on colleagues 20:28:36
If you're a gamer and want a laugh, check my website 20:25:47
Mike Maloney: Nothing Will Prevent the Coming Currency Crises 20:23:43
Iowa Tea Party puts up billboard equating Obama to Hitler and Lenin 20:05:14
Ed Thompson Exceeds Petition Requirements 20:02:31
Native Americans Against Obama- The Color of Tea 19:45:53
Viral video from the makers of > Trillion $$ bailout 'for dummies' 19:09:51
Tom Woods: How to Resist Federal Tyranny 18:21:01
TARP watchdog to audit Obama Adminstration's Housing program 18:17:17
BREAKING : Rand Paul Campaign Chairman David Adams leaving the Rand Paul campaign. 17:36:39
3 officers plead not guilty in Katrina shootings 17:08:19
Welcome to HELL, Afghanistan 17:01:42
Black Activists Condemn NAACP Resolution Against Tea Party Movement 16:56:57
Racism buzz 16:54:35
Rand Paul on Fox News 7/13/10: Top Three Issues- Debt X3 16:50:29
Aspartame has been renamed and called "AminoSweet" 16:27:24
TED Environmentalist Explains The Oil Spill and How Thomas Jefferson Was Right! 16:26:31
Federal deficit tops $1 trillion with 3 months left in budget year 15:57:54
Another well-earned insult from China - derated from AAA to AA 15:51:23
Frickin' Amazing! Court Strikes Down FCC Indecency Policy 15:34:20
Outstanding Niall Ferguson Lecture - USA biggest powder-keg pig 15:23:03
Reid: Final vote on bank regulation on Thursday 15:08:32
Chipping away at the 1st amendment, Quorum Court bans protests outside funeral for soldier from Harrison AR 14:56:00
Hail Caesar! Queen Gives Marching Orders To The UN 14:37:33
Galveston’s Alternate Plan Offers Insight into U.S. Social Security’s Problems 14:32:10
Ordinary Man - Payday Monsanto 14:16:49
King Tut’s DNA is Western European, maybe - Updated 14:10:11
Chinese rating agency strips Western Nations of AAA status 13:59:29
**NEED your Help WISCONSIN Dane Deutsch for Senate** 13:30:35
Washington's Summer Interns are Cordially Invited to a Special Seminar: "How to Fight Corruption in Washington" 13:25:41
Divide & Conquer Dept. 13:16:31
Need links to current "median income" data 13:05:46
Nancy Pelosi Challenger, John Dennis, Endorses Tom Cole's Opponent RJ Harris 12:52:41
Rain in North Dakota Kills Fish? 12:32:25
NH: Romney volunteer defects to Ron Paul 12:23:54
ABC Oil Cap Feed VS. AP Feed!! Hilarious 11:54:46
Freshman lawmaker Jason Chaffetz goes against Republican grain on Afghan war 11:54:35
Peter Schiff Supports Preemptive Attack on a (Theoretical) Nuclear Iran 11:48:56
Nationalism is EVERYONE'S problem 11:44:57
MO State Senator Chuck Purgason removed from Senate committee so FORD bill can pass 11:38:38
Is Silver really a "great" investment? 11:27:00
Great End The Fed Song 11:25:03
Poker Face On The Recent Targeting Of The Band By The ADL 11:07:08
Rand Paul Under Fire For Saying Poor in U.S. Better Off Than Poor Elsewhere 10:41:14
Are We Ready? for Daily Paul Radio! 10:26:01
Peter Schiff unravels on Alex Jones show, advocating preemptive strike on 'nuclear' Iran 10:00:19
NRA takes flak for ties with left 09:41:39
Majority of Americans lack faith in Obama: poll 09:36:49
The Ridiculous European Union 09:29:01
Former GA Governor Roy Barnes Says Stem Cell, RFID & Nullification Bills Laughable 09:24:08
Rand Paul and Israel 08:45:38
Big Brother 08:18:42
America: hooked on war and getting poorer 08:03:47
NYT: Crisis Awaits World’s Banks as Trillions Come Due 07:59:07
Esquire magazine: "It's Impossible to Dislike Ron Paul" 07:39:04
Judiciary Overwhelmed By Frivolous Debt-Collection Suits, FTC Urges State Reforms 07:23:58
The War on Arizona by Pat Buchanan 07:16:26
Michelle Obama Rouses NAACP Before Vote Condemning ‘Racist’ Elements of Tea Party 06:37:19
Youth for Human Rights - United Nations Propoganda 06:32:01
MSNBC: American People Are Perfectly Happy With A Slave Culture Of Illegals & Outsourced Slaves In China! 02:42:39
The Graphs That Bode America’s Downward Spiral 02:42:35
Renaissance 2.0: An extraordinary enlightenment with Damon Vrabel 02:16:24
David Stockman Endorses Ron Paul for President 01:09:41
Van Irion Moneybomb July 19th! 01:07:21