Posted on July 16, 2010

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URGENT: Call To Action in Toronto! 16:53:07
RJ Harris's Latest Advertisement 15:56:11
Video: All Out War! Gun battle on the Texas Border! 13:04:48
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Millions For Stimulus Signs With Obama Campaign Logo 23:45:34
Deaths of Mexican illegals in Arizona desert soaring in July 23:22:57
Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit 23:21:35
Harry Dent - DOW going to 3,800....PLEASE listen and learn 23:14:13
Maine awaits the arrival of Obama and a... 22:59:18
Down and Dirty Weekend Watching! Youtube Channel 22:54:19
Such nice people 22:47:05
It's like a 50's "B" flic... Return of the SPAM 22:04:36
I just did a check on the spammers name 22:00:54
This Is So Out There I Had to Post it 21:49:07
Anybody know where I can buy a watch? 21:47:47
Alleged Cop Killers (Kanes) Innocent!!?? 21:39:45
The KY GOP asked Jeb to speak at the Rand Paul event. 20:47:27
Patriots... BUY AMERICAN... if you can... This is our only option 20:34:11
Is anyone else here an Hour of The Time listener? 20:24:13
Call BOMB for Peter Schiff this Sunday July 18th 20:22:15
Facebook deletes Alex Jones' page because it had Gadsen flag on it 19:58:54
Spread the word about the CALL BOMB for Peter Schiff with your facebook friends. 19:47:07
Seasteading 19:45:21
Reputable scientists are concerned 19:30:50
Is Mel Gibson being attacked for his political views? 19:14:01
Obesity Rating for Every American Must Be Included in Stimulus-Mandated Electronic Health Records 18:48:12
Who was arrested for assault? 17:47:15
Is Israel our ally? 17:45:46
'Econophysics' points way to fair salaries in free market 17:26:53
Brilliant Film: Dir. Christopher Nolan's "Inception" 17:25:38
War of words between NAACP, tea party escalates 17:22:33
What to Do with my Roth??????????? 17:17:26
How to get your Facebook page deleted: put a Gadsden Flag on it! 16:46:02
Jeb Bush to appear at Rand Paul fundraiser in Ky 16:24:38
Austrians, Keynesians and Price Target for Mining Stocks 16:07:47
Has Jeb Bush quit the New World Order? 16:01:03
Rich people Support Conway, Regular People Support Rand Paul 15:53:52
Justin Amash Campaign Leads in Fundraising!! 15:43:18
‘Mystery plumber’ may have designed the new BP containment cap 15:26:54
US intervention in Iran continues... 15:16:04
Why Term Limits are a Bad Idea 15:02:51
13 year old made 870 calls for Peter Shiff! What are you doing? 14:26:45
WA State - $15 MILLION subsidy to asparagus farmers 14:20:51
Stefan Molyneux on Russia Today (RT)! 14:18:11
Stating the Bleeding Obvious 14:17:49
Utah wants to prosecute whistleblowers 14:16:46
Breaking: New Rasmussen Poll - Didier climbs over leftist Murray in one month... 14:13:50
Law: An Inescapable Concept 14:03:19
Heroic Iroquis do not compromise their 6 Nations sovereighty! 13:59:16
Your Recovery Dollars at Work 13:43:53
Obama: BP oil disaster is not over 13:38:49
Murdoch's Paywall a Failure? 13:18:05
22 Stats That Prove The Middle Class Is Being Systematically Wiped Out Of Existence In America 13:16:55
Providence? Rare 3.6 magnitude hits Washington, DC 13:06:22
DC Quake: Scalar Warfare? 13:04:24
Schwarzenegger orders National Guard to U.S.-Mex. border 13:02:04 declares war on Ron Paul, Ron Paul supporters, and like minded candidates 12:50:34
CoIntelpro- Digg User Profile 12:42:15
Peter Schiff's Weekend Challenge! If a 13-year-old girl can do it, so can you! 12:30:26
Man tries to run down lawnmower, mower driver fires shots 12:04:01
Education Indoctrination: video shows how easily kids are manipulated 11:46:17
Vaccination Not Mentioned in this article ---But I bet it will be tracked also! Should we be concerned? 11:39:52
PLEASE, thank this judge for standing up for the Constitution. 11:38:52
213,625 pennies 11:29:45
RJ Harris has Tom Cole on the Ropes and Fighting for His Political Life 11:18:07
Stocks sink as bank revenues, Google disappoint 10:59:57
Rockefeller Study Envisages Future Dictatorship Controlled By Elite 10:00:39
JobCorps.GOV - Anyone Heard of This Before? 09:51:14
De-classified Transcripts Show Senators Knew Gulf Of Tonkin Was A Staged False Flag Event 09:33:40
Justin Raimondo: The Shahram Charade 09:28:16
Hundreds of Contractor Deaths in Afghanistan Unreported 09:23:04
Schiff to McMahon: We owe Republicans a primary debate! Spread The Word! 09:03:09
Financial Reform Bill Was A Stunning Success 08:56:13
Its a job 08:42:03
Proof that The Middle Class Is Being Systematically Wiped Out Of Existence 06:43:57
Blame Central Banking Not Banks 06:42:14
Schiff to McMahon: Get in the ring and debate. Call 860-244-2010 today!!! 01:48:49
*Urgent* Downsizer Alert! DHS sneaks out 'National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace right before July 4' 01:47:34
This site is not for entertainment purposes only 00:57:01
Grigg Nails Obamacare 00:33:14
How much you want to bet the CIA was behind his one.... 00:31:47