Posted on July 21, 2010

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GM, Eclipsed at Home, Soars to Top in China 22:58:55
Must Listen: Matt Simmons on King World News 13:02:51
This is It! RJ Harris Fundraiser Finale 12:46:34
How to Increase Traffic at The Daily Paul 12:29:15
Jim Grant on the New Federal Reserve Governor Nominees 10:56:15
'The Pentagon's New Map.' Globalist's book by naval professor advocating / explaining the STRATEGY for the NEW WORLD ORDER. 08:34:14
∞ Dear fellow thinkers 08:14:45
World’s First Pirate ISP Launches In Sweden 04:44:44
Ron Paul - Financial Services Hearing on Coinage 7/20/2010 22:59:55
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My July 3rd Tea Party Speech! 23:13:08
How falling prices can ruin the economy 22:53:12
U.S. Navy Successfully Uses Laser to Shoot Down Drones 22:34:48
The Video BP and Big Oil Don't Want You To See 22:30:43
Sen. Blunt (MO) All the money he votes to spend is not spending? 22:24:19
Forty-ton whale lands on yacht during Cape Town sailing trip 22:11:00
Ground Zero in Nevada 22:07:55
For all the Chemtrail buffs......this is something 22:07:39
Sen. DeMint introduces bill blocking net neutrality, perceived FCC overreach 22:00:16
China: The US Is "Insolvent and Faces Bankruptcy" 21:55:23
Chief of Police Abruptly resigns in Detroit 21:41:58
The Joke's On Us: The $600 IRS Filing Provision in the Healthcare Bill Is the "Mark of the Beast" 21:40:14
Bad news for Peter Schiff? Simmons Is Back in Conn. Senate Race 21:23:57
RJ Harris Featured in the Army Times 21:12:32
Hilarious Drawing: The OSHA / EPA Cowboy ! (Over-regulation) 20:34:25
The Power of the Boycott - Max Keiser on Economics 101 20:11:14
Ron Paul - Tribute to an American Patriot 19:41:50
Move over Rubio and Crist - Alex Snitker is movin' on up in Florida U.S. Senate race 19:40:42
Insurance Industry is a scurge upon the face of humanity 19:14:46
We Texans Pillars of Liberty Symposium with Tom Woods July 24th Austin 19:11:12
Keiser Report №61 19:00:26
WNPR Connecticut Interviews Peter Schiff 18:51:15
Rise Like Lions After Slumber 18:22:52
2012 and the Verichip / Collapse of the Dollar / Mayhem 18:19:04
Chinese warning shots across the bow 18:13:04
Dollar Collapse Preparation Thread: My Low-Budget Steps + What Steps You Have Taken To Prepare?! 17:33:20
Idea for new campaign: "Let's Fight Them Here!" 17:00:38
Afghans shooting Americans 15:45:53
Who Are the KINGMAKERS? 15:29:39
Haitian FARMERS REJECT Monsanto Earthquake Relief Donation and BURN GMO Seeds 15:28:13
Statue of Liberty evacuated 15:23:02
What WE could do with .25% interest rate the big banks get 15:20:27
How I Clobbered the Census with Planning, Kindness and Transparency 15:15:22
Bernanke Says Fed to Act If Soft Recovery Falters 15:11:38
Fed chief open to new steps to keep recovery going 15:03:56
AOL's "Politics Daily" lies about Rand Paul's Rasmussen poll results (7/21/10) 14:57:10
Bernanke says economy is "unusually uncertain," market drops 120 14:34:42
Great Quotes from Bunning: The last episode of the Bunning and Bernanke show? 14:16:44
Update: Lawsuits Filed Against Fremont, NE Over Immigration Law 14:08:41
Bailout Reaches $3.7T - Watchdogs: Mortgage Program Not Working 14:04:35
CONGRESS, people & MONEY 13:55:21
Done deal: Obama signs financial bank-reform bill 13:15:56
Oakland Votes To Permit Large Marijuana Farms 13:15:47
Why should immigration without the permission of the political class be illegal? 13:15:01
Ridley Report- NH reps fight courts using innovative "petition" process 13:06:19
Congressman Stark on Border "You Design the Wall, I'll Sell a Whole Lotta Ladders" 13:01:21
Barbara Boxer In The Fight Of Her Political Life 12:26:52
Socialist Oliver Stone: US should nationalize US oil resources 12:26:42
Now a tax on selling money? 11:42:14
Realism, taken to its logical end, is non-interventionist 11:31:31
"You Are Too White To Be American!" Brown Berets In California Scream At Patriots 11:27:34
Rand Paul 49%, Jack Conway 41% in Latest Rasmussen Poll 11:26:15
A Puzzling Collapse Of Earth's Upper Atmosphere 11:22:16
Afghan heroin 'sponsored' by West 11:10:40
Bernanke to testify today 7/21/2010 11:10:17
Ron Paul Endorsed US Senate Candidate Clint Didier Moneyblast today and tomorrow (July 21/22nd) 11:05:58
99 weeks unemployment benefits -- but not even in U6 after 52 weeks 11:02:37
Mass. Senate passes debt collection measure yo Protect Debtors 10:43:39
USA vs US 10:39:37
I have been inspired to COPY the Daily Paul! It will be called THE DAILY..... :0) 10:37:12
Mike Maloney: We Haven’t Had Free Markets Since 1913 10:24:29
Federal challenge to Arizona's illegal immigration law heads to court 10:19:34
Napolitano Fox and Friends: Obama's Authority To Assassinate Americans? 10:19:19
Enough Talk - Let's ACT 09:56:33
Michigan Says Enough To Fed: Starts Using Own Currency...And Gold 09:45:13
Growing China oil spill threatens sea life, water 09:44:55
Silver Is Not Money... Yet. 09:35:16
First Jake Towne Online Poll Please Vote 09:25:20
BP sinks oil with deadly Corexit to keep from paying fines. Corexit linked to WH, Nalco & Blackstone. 09:19:03
Real Life V for Vendetta 09:01:58
Glenn Greenwald: The Real U.S. Government 08:50:30
Morgan Freeman tells us how to End Racism in America 08:33:46
Pro-Israel group attacks Sestak in Pennsylvania Senate race 07:22:24
Liberal journalists suggest government shut down Fox News 07:16:52
Goldman Sachs Denies links with global Food Crises 07:12:10
Right-Wing Media Critic, Offers Cash For Assault On Alan Grayson 07:08:27
How Financial Reform Discriminates -- Unless Your Daughter Goes to Wellesley 07:06:22
$15 million in stimulus money spent on road signs touting stimulus spending 07:00:52
Peter Schiff: Why Not Another World War? 06:55:52
Justice For Dunkin Dog 06:19:22
Texas Governor's Race: Arizona Law a Wild Card 05:59:23
Peter Schiff - The Solution on August 10! He`s Going To Win! Let´s Help Him! 04:09:44
VIDEO: Toronto G20 Exposed 03:21:39
Must see information!!! 03:00:17
Protests in CA Town Triggered by City Manager Salary of $800k 02:47:56
165 million Car License Plates Tracked 01:39:29
Clinton unveils $500 million for Pakistan 01:19:17
25 yr old Staff Sergeant Faces 16 Years for Videotaping Ticket 01:17:31
How the Market Creates Jobs, and the Government Destroys them by Walter Block 00:25:49