Posted on August 3, 2010

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Time To Stand Upright 20:02:55
Rand Paul on Hannity, 8-2-2010 03:52:31
Ron Paul on Business TV: SEC Transparency Act, 8/2/10 21:30:40
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Virginia goes beyond Arizona Immigration Law, also targets Obamacare 23:25:03
High court trims Miranda 23:20:37
The Speech That Led to JFK’s Murder 23:01:45
Prop C (Freedom in Healthcare) passing in Missouri 22:47:30
what do yall think of these "dangerous" supplements? 22:45:08
Hey Ayatolla, leave those kids alone! 22:34:06
This guy might win!!! Tennessee Race! Youtube Sensation! 22:31:23
I'm trying to HELP Glenn Beck... 22:26:52
Rep. Rogers Wants to Execute Manning, But Voted for Taliban Funding 22:26:41
Florida reneges on 52.7 Million owed to Taxpayers (Suckers) 21:50:13
Punjab 21:31:36
Justin Amash ahead, polls are closed 21:30:40
Stephan Lendman eviscerates 4 Liberal Media stars 20:46:09
Florida Libertarian Party US Senate Candidate Alex Snitker August Events 20:35:46
RT: Legalization to End Drug War? 20:30:21
America's National night out against crime a.k.a. "Police state" night occurring in small town with force 20:24:28
Re-cap of United National Peace Conference in Albany 20:24:10
FOX: Google Earth Helping Big Brother Spy 20:13:54
US Tycoon Buys Newsweek For $one 19:47:08
David Ratowitz's Obama Birthday Money Bomb 19:39:11
Voting in Missouri 19:17:38
AJ: Injection will Cure Stress with Chemical Lobotomy 18:59:16
Student loans - the next "mortgage meltdown" crisis? 18:56:15
AJ: Injection will cure stress; AKA chemical lobotomy 18:55:21
Glenn Beck: In 10 Years, The U.S. Will Be Either Libertarian Or A Third World Country 18:45:08
The AP and the Charleston Gazette LIE about Rand Paul's statements in the Details article. 18:37:53
Scientific Study 17:59:18
"Our own government has become our enemy" 17:55:43
From the DHS 17:44:35
Five killed in clashes on Lebanon's border with Israel 16:48:40
The Government can't even run an amusement park. 16:29:00
Brilliant Interview! -monetizing debt, etc. 15:54:33
'Just Say Now': Left-Right Coalition Launches Campaign To Legalize Pot 15:53:08
Pat Buchanan: Dont Vote For Pro-war Republicans 15:35:41
4409- Campaigns sign Ideas for upcoming elections 15:12:19
Where’s the oil? It’s oozing out of the Louisiana ground (with video) 15:02:31
Restore America Is Happening - Tim Turner et al Now In Silence For A While 14:51:49
Attack Iran? Don't even consider it 14:45:33
Politics Daily Declares: Kentucky: The Most Important Race of 2010 14:41:44
Panel clears way for construction of Islamic center and mosque near Ground Zero 14:37:28
Map of Dead Zone along LA. Coast 14:35:55
NOW AVAILABLE: T-shirts, Buttons, Posters to "Free Bradley Manning" 13:54:34
Make 50 calls per day and get a chance to be with Peter Schiff the day of the Primary 13:23:06
Have You Ever Seen This Map? 13:16:47
Lots of Peter Schiff in the active forum topics, is the old hard charging dailypaul back? 13:13:28
Peter Schiff talks about Schiff Storm and new prize to the perosn who makes the most calls. 13:13:10
Amnesty For Some Banned Daily Paul Members 12:59:54
Peter Schiff talks to Norwich Bulletin Editorial 12:49:30
The federal government can do anything it wants in this country, Constitution be dammned. 12:48:35
Drilling moratorium: Paleontologists among worst hit group - NY -- Update 10/12/10 12:46:44
Watch what you say about friends in "public" (email, Facebook, etc.) 12:45:56
WELCOME TO THE RECOVERY!!--Op Ed in NYT By Timothy Geithner 12:32:16
Ron Paul: Feds killing 10 civilians per "terrorist" in Pakistan 12:15:59
“Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy”--Chuck Baldwin 11:57:56
BREAKING: border clashes reported between Israel and Lebanon 11:55:15
12 step plan to fix america 11:53:59
Peter Schiff Hit Piece 11:52:15
Peter Schiff to be on Sean Hannity! 11:41:18
Gerald Celente on Fox: "Obamageddon" 11:36:26
Announcing Our Marijuana Legalization Campaign: Just Say Now 11:32:43
Approx 1/2 of Americans have less than $2000 saved 11:30:00
We win EVERY argument...but yet! 11:28:14
Another plea for help. 11:14:33
Media hitpiece on Colloidal Silver and more... 10:13:30
Rand Paul: Democrats want to 'drag me down' 10:06:29
Gold Price Could Slip with Recovery 10:04:39
NY Times: Origin of oil is mostly from microscopic organisms 09:40:32
Illegal immigrant who killed nun in accident was released by feds 09:14:33
Fla. Lawyer who Refuses to pay Income Taxes is Disbarred 09:02:30
Virginia AG OKs Immigration Policies Similar to Ariz. Law 08:44:35
USA Today Poll: Support for Afghan War is Plummeting 08:30:38
As Housing Programs Falter, Administration Weighs New Refinance Plan 08:19:03
Daily Paul gets a little attention 08:01:01
Geithner To Bankers: Don't Fear Reform 07:30:15
Survey: Economic Stress Rose in June After Four Months of Improvement 07:08:47
Virginias Challenge to Obamacare may Proceed, Judge says 07:08:29
Obama's US Assassination Program? Part 2 by Chuck Norris 07:01:38
GOP Blank Check for War? by Pat Buchanan 06:56:50
Bernanke Says Rising Wages Will Lift Spending 06:51:57
Need help to make a video with the Pretender in a Sombrero 06:50:23
War Zone in Arizona 03:57:00
TYT: Senate Cracks Down On Pot Brownies 03:37:01
Join Schiff Storm Event on Facebook- Be part of the "in" crowd 02:56:07
Video: Judge Andrew Napolitano At His Best 02:50:03
Promote Schiff Storm on Facebook- Be part of the "in" crowd 02:37:31
The FED is planning on stimulating an election rally to stave off the Tea Party in the Nov. elections. 02:02:56
Ron Paul 2012 01:38:41
I don't understand Dr. Paul's foreign policy 00:30:29
So why are we at war, and who is benefitting? 00:24:07