Posted on August 17, 2010

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Dr. Ron Paul on Huffington Post 21:50:36
Ralph Nader: Where Left and Right Converge (Anti-Corporatism) 21:17:59
Chalmers Johnson: We Face a Choice Between Coming Home and Economic Collapse 20:55:14
Associated Press reports on the upcoming Rand Paul Moneybomb! - This Needs to be Big! 16:48:05
Candidate To Accuse Opponent Of Racism, Just To See What Happens 12:27:11
Video: "No Guns For Negroes" 09:10:34
10 Signs The U.S. is Becoming a Third World Country 08:10:50
Video: Do not fall asleep during this Great Revolution! 17:39:51
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Take down your Gadsden Flag or pay fine up to $100 per month in violation... 23:55:53
compilation of art 23:48:10
A compilation of art 23:41:12
Getting prepared for 2012 with canvasing. 23:32:25
Full Youtube version of The Creature From Jekyll Island 23:02:59
Did Rand change his stance on medicinal marijuana? 22:39:17
Ron Paul's 2008 super long limo was damaged but.... 21:56:38
Has anyone here heard of this woman? 21:46:27
Palin will 'actively help' Sharron Angle in Nevada 21:00:34
Geithner: Fannie, Freddie losses were 'avoidable,' pledges bipartisan overhaul 20:41:52
Double-digit jump in Bankruptcies 20:39:12
"Cocaine should be legal" President of the Royal College of Physicians 20:19:36
Arizona shelves idea of changing immigration law 19:45:51
Stefan Molyneux on "The Edge with Max Keiser"! 19:28:27
Rediscovered videotapes show 9/11 suspect being questioned 19:01:39
Gov. Rod Blagojevich guilty on just 1 count as Feds vow retrial 18:45:30
Rand's Lead over Conway Narrows: 45% - 40% w/ 4% Error Margin 18:14:57
Military Now KNOW Israel did 911 17:36:37
CNN Jack Cafferty Mentions INFOWARS Article on the Situation Room 17:31:52
Tea Party Founding? 17:26:23
Daily Kos trying to change rules to end filibusters forever 17:00:22
RT- Kicked out: Private contractors given 4 month deadline 16:05:15
Sheriff Richard Mack on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano 16:03:22
25,000 Jews live in Iran 15:47:14
Frank, Paul Plan To Reduce The Deficit Through Military Spending Cuts 15:22:51
Justice Dept. threatens to sue Ariz. sheriff Arpaio in civil rights inquiry 15:05:52
Senator Carl Levin gets a pie in the face 14:56:16
Sheriff Richard Mack coming to K.C. & St. Louis on Oct 1 & 2, 2010 14:51:31
Judge Napolitano's History of Liberty (Video Series) 14:48:28
Give Obama-Bots a Reality Check 14:37:00
Do You Know What This Symbol Means? 14:19:25
Man shot 23 times by cops, held without bail 14:01:49
Are Countercyclical Housing Downpayments A Dead-Simple Tool For Ending Future Housing Bubbles 14:01:14
Gulf Loop Current stalls 13:36:58
DRUDGE: Russian Scholar Warns Of 'Secret' U.S. Climate Change Weapon 13:33:07
15 Economic Statistics That Just Keep Getting Worse 13:18:02
Jake Towne: Statement on Ground Zero Mosque 13:09:08
Bolton: "Israel has '3 days' to hit Iran" 13:06:46
The Obama Deception In 16 Different Languages (links) 11:49:00
"Why shouldn't I vote for Mike Huckabee?" 11:38:42
'No Precedent' For Proposed Cuts To Food Stamp Benefits 11:29:21
Mounting Opposition to GMO Crops: The World’s People Reject Genetic Pollution 11:15:56
None Dare Call It Tyranny 11:12:52
Technical Analysis That Precedes Stock Market Collapse Spooking Investors 10:57:56
Listen to Liberty Candidate David Fitzgerald on 10:56:05
I hate Paul Krugman 10:52:18
Politico: Obama the one-term president 10:41:44
This Is Your Race On Drugs: Conway, [Rand] Paul Clash Over Drug Enforcement In Kentucky 10:29:20
Does anyone here have this book? 09:54:27
Ron paul video titled shark eats dog. too funny 09:30:30
Ron Paul's Cong'l District has one of the Lowest % of Seriously Delinquent Mortgages 08:41:42
QUESTION: How many people discovered Dr. Paul then became an anarchist after continued study? 08:39:28
John Bolton: Russia's Loading of Nuke Fuel Into Iran Plant Means Aug. 21 Deadline for Israeli Attack 08:00:12
The Elites are Dismantling the Constitution by Thomas Sowell 07:32:30
Conservative group calls on GOP for “emergency intervention” to block Obama legislation 07:24:02
9th Circuit Appeals Court Indefinitely Halts Marriage For California Gays And Lesbians 07:10:32
The Ecstasy of Empire By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS 07:06:07
Rand Paul vs Jack Conway on The War on Drugs 04:57:15
Rand Paul at Coal Fed Families 03:46:29
Struggling Blumenauer Calls in Big Guns as Lopez Moves Within Striking Distance 00:36:59
The Atlantic: Gary Johnson Deserves To Be Viable in 2012 00:31:57
"The Swim Was Staged," claims progressive Stephen Lendman 00:18:55